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Root Light at the end of the tunnel

Dude i think the cliq2 peeps on this forum are bunk.
Theres no activity here and that wont help the cause!
I really love this fone and wish more people would post and what not.

Nice find tho!
Id try it but i dont think its gonna work so... id rather wait.

I will try it when i get home.... it wont stick fosho so you willl have to reflash it each time but if i can get to it and flash a custom rom we all good

This is still a newish phone and once moto releases unlock codes at the end of the year it will open it up to alot of developement...... i am in the process of writing a letter on how they are violating the gnu gpl 2 by encryping and not releasing source..... btw i stumbled across a dump of the rom so that will help me with the rom.....

There is no activity across the internet not just here

This forum will get going once i get a rom to stick haha as no one is working on it across the internet.... trust me by the end of the year this forum will be as active as the lg ally forum
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Yeah your right.
Knowing me ill have a new phone by the end of the year though!

A me too but if i were you keep it as a dev device
Btw the people at tmo forums as jerks... some guy was callin me retareded and stupid as he thinks i dont know about the moto blur..... i shut him up though when i told him what i was doing..... he told me that a shipped cliq 2 is not a stock cliq 2 what a moron
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