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motorola droid 3

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    Is there a Good Wallet style case for Droid 3?

    Question : Is there a Good Wallet Style Case for Droid 3 ? I am looking for a good case for the Droid 3, however most of the cases for this seem to leave the Screen unprotected. I would prefer to have a Wallet style case that has a place for credit cards, but has a flap to cover the screen of...
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    Root For Droid 3 what is the latest Version of Android it can run?

    Background : Ok, I have a Droid 3, I wanted a 3G phone, because if I have a 4G enabled phone, I have to put it on a more expensive plan at least $25 a month. where as with a 3G phone I can put it on a standard plan . When I am mobil, I use the phone for only brief calls, and can get by with a...
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    Root Safestrap won't flash ROM

    I've never had to post on a forum before so bear with me please. I'm old a droid 3 for now (Phone broke). The old gingerbread software is terrible so I need ICS. I did the whole usual root and install safestrap process but the issue is whenever I try to flash a ROM in safestrap, specifically...
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    Help Screen Cap help

    Hi; I have tried 5 different screen capture utilities and always get the following I have a D3 flashed to Bell Milestone. Does anyone know of a screen cap that works or how to fix this. I am having a contacts problem and need to show a screen cap for explanation.
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    Root Flashing radio firmware for domestic GSM carriers

    I have a rooted and unlocked (for global usage only) Droid 3 (xt862) with Cyanogenmod 9 on Verizon that I would like to use on another carrier in the U.S. The unlock code Verizon gave me only unlocked the phone for use outside the U.S., and I understand that the radio firmware needs to be...
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    Root Droid 3:Root & Firmware update question

    Hi, So I cleaned/wiped my phone and found out the hard way that a few of my apps no longer support my device!?! Of course.... So, I either need a new phone or update the firmware. My question is: if I root and update my firmware, will I be able to download apps from the play store that were...
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    Help stock D3 slow to initiate phone call connection

    My stock Droid 3 on Page Plus works very well, but has developed this problem when making phone calls. The phone responds as quickly as expected when doing anything until I do something that initiates a phone call. Then nothing happens for 10-15 seconds until finally the in-call screen pops up...
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    Root Some ROM questions

    EDIT: I didn't realize there was a subforum for this kind of thing, if a mod sees this and wants to move it I would be eternally grateful. So I just ended up breaking my new phone and happened to have a Droid 3 laying around so it's getting activated for the time being and I was going to go...
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    Help D3 won't fully turn on

    I have a Verizon Droid 3 phone (I actually have two of them that are doing the same thing) that won't fully turn on. It either will start to turn on, and freezes at the droid screen or just doesn't even try to turn on. The only way that I could get it to turn back off was to pull out the...
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    D3 custom contact notifications

    Hey guys, so I read up online how to set a custom notification for texting. It works well, and didn't need any third party apps. But, I cannot seem to set a custom notification sound per contact. I am running off of the stock OS, and don't want to risk turning my phone into a paperweight. The...
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    Help rebooting and other problems

    My Motorola Droid 3 randomly reboots it's self. It randomly locks up with a black screen. It randomly won't open some apps when icons are clicked on. It some times won't open settings, etc..
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    Help Droid 3 screen problem

    Hi, I have the following problem on my Droid 3. When i start the device, it doesnt respond to anything, no sound only colored snowy screen see photo in next post hard reset doesnt work power button doesnt work only way to shut it down is by removing battery. since i have a kit of...
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    Root How to wipe a rooted Droid 3?

    I'm selling my Droid 3 and would like to know how to it without damaging the device. I was helped here to root it, and so I apologize that I don't know how to do much else.
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    Root How Do I Root Motorola Droid 3

    I Need an up to date way of Rooting My Motorola Droid 3!!! Thanks in advance
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    Root Minimoto V1.7 xt860 questions/help please

    Hi; I installed minimoto 1.7 xt860 in slot 3 using safestrap3.05. Minimoto opens but it will not recognize my sim card. Is minimoto xt860 not based on Bell's Milestone? Is there a way to get it to recognize sim? I am using a carrier that uses bell.ca network. Failing that what is the proper way...
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    Help Desk Dock app

    Please members, I need your help with the Smart Desk app on a XT860, for some reason the music shortcut, when pressed makes the app to become unresponsive (it worked very good before). Sorry! The application Smart Dock (process com.motorola.smartdock) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again...
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    Root Safeswap 3.05 menu help please.

    Hi; I have Safeswap 3.05 installed with 2 Rom slots. I can not get to the Menu on start up to change between roms or stock. I have tried the suggestions on other threads with no luck. Pressing the menu button during bootup. Waiting until the screen dims slightly before hitting menu button...
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    Root Google Search

    On my Samsung Tablet Google search talks back to me. On my Droid 3 it does not. Is there anything I can do to make Google Search talk back to me on my Droid 3?
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    Root MiniMoto Keyboard?

    Hi; Slowly getting my d3 working again. Installed Minimoto v1.7 with safestrap 3.05. It does not appear to have a keyboard. What is a good keyboard to install that will work on a D3. Standard qwerty please. Looked at some in google play but they are "This app is incompatible with your device."...
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    Help Killed battery while rebooting after safestrap

    Hi, I was having problems with safestrap ver1, when trying to disable it, it killed my battery. When I plug in usb I get a small light by usb port, but it does not seem to take a charge. A couple times it started to power on, but it is stuck in safestrap and dies in less than a minute. Help...
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    my sister gave her Droid 3 to me

    I think the Droid 3( my sister owned it 8 months) is much better than my previous phone, but the battery life probably the only downside for me.I was having issues with my battery life. My friend told me the reason is that my stock battery was going to die... Then i bought a replacement battery...
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    Root MMS help Please.

    Hi; I have a unlocked Verizon Droid3 on PCMobile account in Canada. I can not receive mms messages. PCMobile tech says everything on their end is fine. Message is being sent to phone. I can connect and browse the web, recieve regular text etc.. When someone sends me an mms message i get 2...
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    Help MMS Apn

    Hi; Probably been answered but search will not recognize because mms apn is only 3 characters. Where do I find the settings for mms apn? I am on prepaid (pcmobile) with no data plan. I have been sent an sms with address card/ info attached, but can not get to it. When I hit download it says...
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    Root droid 3 wont start no lights nothing

    I have a droid 3 that is rooted, and now will not do anything. the last thing i was doing was messing with swapper 2, and i set the phone to use a swap partition, restarted the phone was working fine swap was working i just wanted to increase the amount of ram to swap so i changed a few things...
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    From the Nexus 4 to the Droid 3...

    Unfortunately, in the area I'm moving, AT&T and T-Mo don't work so I've been forced to switch to Verizon or Alltel. I picked up a Droid 3 with standard accessories and an additional car dock for $60 today and will probably be using this for a while. Of course, I've gone spilled off of some...