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Root How Do I Root Motorola Droid 3

Assuming that this is a Verizon Droid 3 at the latest software update, the only way to root it is to use Dan Rosenberg's MotoFail for the Droid 4 (which also works with the 3).

Security Research by Dan Rosenberg

Unzip the file you download. This will create a folder called motofail_windows, iirc. Run the "run.bat" file from within there and follow the prompts. Make sure that you have the proper drivers installed for the phone.

There is a Mac and Linux version as well. I've used the Mac version several times, and the windows version once or twice.
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I have tried this method with no luck!!! any more suggestions

It's the only method that works, but it does work. Are you unzipping the file that you downloaded and running it from where you unzipped? If you double click the zip file and run it from there, it will not work.

Also, make sure you have the Motorola drivers working. If you can't see files from your phone then you won't be able to root until you can.
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Doogald Is there any way you can Further assist me with this device?
I am now getting an error when i try to add a number to an existing contact or pretty much any thing to do with contacts call text ect. it has a error that says
"The application contacts storage
(process com.motorola.contacts)
has stopped unexpectedly. please
Try again
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