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motorola droid razr m

  1. Glitch Gaming

    Help USB Connections not working

    Every time I try to connect my phone to my pc, I get nothing. No noise, no notification, nothing. The phone wont charge if I plug it in with the micro usb last, but if i plug the phone in with the usb last, then it charges. Please help me fix this problem. I don't know what the problem is. I...
  2. Z

    how to uninstall verizon cloud

    I would like to uninstall verizon cloud but I haven't found information on the web on how to do it. I also haven't been able to find the name of the app. Help appreciated.
  3. emfpulse

    Root newb help-root my Razr M?

    I need my Razr M rooted to run a few choice apps. I'm having a hard time finding instructions on how to get it done. 182.46.15.XT907.verizon.en.us android version 4.4.2 Kernel Jul 29 2014 Thx for any help.
  4. alanhagg

    Juice Defender crashing/turning off

    Razr M, 4.4.2 build kda20.62-10.1 rooted I have been running JD, and clean sweep, ROM toolbox, ES File explorer for some time (1.5+years). Rooted almost as soon as I got it out of the box. Recently, the phone started shutting JD down, with no warning, no indication of what was wrong, jd was...
  5. S

    Help Recovering contacts from a broken phone?

    My Droid Razr M suffered a damaging fall a couple weeks ago. The screen is shatterd, the back shell piece is slightly warped and there are gaps where the front and back shell pieces would normally fit together. Remarkably, the phone itself appears to still be "alive". The screen doesn't...
  6. P

    Help modem

    does anyone have the non-hlos.bin flashable modem for xt907 im tryjng to use a t-mobile sim please and thank you
  7. N

    Can the Razr M be used on Verizon Prepaid

    I have a brand new in box Razr M, never used. Can I use this phone on Verizon's prepaid service?
  8. All Ears Woofie

    Help Wi-fi Troubles - My Razr M Cannot Connect to Home Network

    Hello, I hope you can help me. My phone was able to connect to my in home Wi-Fi for quite a while, and suddenly it won't so far as find it in range. However, the Wi-Fi works for every other device in the home, three of those things other phones. Phone Specs: Android version 4.4.2, Droid Razr...
  9. F

    Replacing front of Droid Razr M

    I need to replace the front of my Droid Razr M. I read that the glass and LCD are fused so I'd have to buy both correctly? I have never done this before so is there anything I need to be on the lookout for? I found the glass/LCD on ebay for $31, is that a decent price? Any information...
  10. R

    RazrM Miracast capapability?

    I am trying to figure out if my Razr M has the capability to connect with my DVD/streaming player that is Miracast enabled. Thanks!
  11. justin39325

    Root ROOT IS AVAILABLE on firmware 182/183.46.15

    ROOT is now available on xt907 firmware 182/183.46.15 and on xt907 luge 182/183.46.10! Here is the xda site for it: http://forum.xda-developers.com/droid-razr-m/general/root-droid-razr-m-xt907-183-46-15-t3030852 THIS ROOT METHOD is only for root! No way to unlock the bootloader yet...sadly.
  12. Moondoggy

    Help Boot stops at Droid eyeball - Any solution other than buying a new phone?

    Is there any hope of recovering my Motorola Razr M or is my only solution to toss the phone and get a new one? Late yesterday I updated 4 apps and downloaded the Microsoft Outlook email app. While I was test driving the Outlook app I ran low on juice so I plugged in my phone and decided to do...
  13. difinka2

    Help XT907 RazrM I never had a phone make me so happy!

    Hello, I have an XT907 which came from Verizon Wireless. I no longer have a Verizon Wireless account and there isn't service to the phone any longer. Verizon keeps attempting to get me to register my old phone number along with their update so they can charge me data charges. I do not use it as...
  14. Skynet11

    Official Motorola Droid Razr M User Manual

    Skynet11 submitted a new resource: Official Motorola Droid Razr M User Manual - The official Motorola Droid Razr M User Guide Read more about this resource...
  15. T

    Root carrier unlock and GSM

    Hi everyone, I bought my Razr M a few months ago, and applied the RadioComm unlock as linked by teddyearp above, to work on T-Mobile prepay. At the time it was working fantastic, stable and getting fast data speeds (H+ as reported by phone). Recently I had to re-image the phone. It wouldn't...
  16. T

    Help RazrM stuck on boot animation, not reading on USB

    Hi all. I have a bone-stock Razr M, the only mod is that I've unlocked the radio to accept a T-Mobile SIM. It started having an issue where it starts up, the boot animation starts playing with sound, then a couple seconds in the sound shuts off but the animation continues to the glowy idle...
  17. justin39325

    Root 182.46.15 unlock bootloader and root

    After some research I found out that I cannot root nor unlock the bootloader of my phone. My phone has the system version of 182.46.15. If I am wrong please correct me. But if after unlocking the bootloader and a reboot a message will pop up saying that you have unlocked the boot loader and...
  18. G

    "Message not downloaded" ???

    Anyone else having this problem with text attachments? Not sure what the deal is, I have it set to delete old messages when limit is reached so I don't think it's a space issue. What am I missing here?
  19. R

    Help Please Help me i cannot reset my motorola razr m!!!

    hi im a new member here im using my motorola razr m for a while i've noticed that the battery drains fast and its slowing down i decided to reset my phone the problem is i cannot reset my phone i tried 3 method 1.) in setting privacy factory reset when i the reset it will pop up...
  20. B


    FIRST THINGS FIRST!!!! P.S: I BRICKED MY 2 DROID RAZR M'S... AFTER 4 MONTHS I FOUND OUT WAY TO UNBRICK RAZR M WITH BOOTLOADER LOCKED YOU SHOULD FOLLOW ALL STEPS!!! ALL --------------------------------------------------------- Requirements: A Computer A wall Charger A data Chable...
  21. B

    Root Just need Last Help- RAzR M SOFT BRICKED!

    OKay as you guys know i have bricked my 2nd razr M! :( in this device (when bricked) bootlloader was LOCKED Recovery Was nOT OPENING (now i managed to open) Safestrap was installed but was not opening ------------------------------------------------------- here what happens: when i open...
  22. G

    Lollipop 5.0 for Razr M

    Anyone know if this is coming down for all phones or is it just the Nexus series? Android - 5.0 Lollipop
  23. T

    chrome has stopped

    Hello, when I try to open chrome I get the following message, "unfortunately chrome has stopped". I have tried uninstalling updates and re-intalling them, I've force stopped the app, I've cleared the data and the cache (several times), and I've powered the phone down and back up. Nothing seems...
  24. B

    Root Razr m wont boot past custom cwm recovery

    Hello, I have a razr m that wont go past CWM It will boot into boot loader and menu. It does all of this but it wont boot into android. I have tried adb but it wont recognize it. Even though the computer shows adb device connected. All I did was unlock bootloader and then used the app...
  25. B

    Root Help me to unbrick Razr M-- i ll give away 30$ to whom who will help me to get back!

    Ok here i am! This is my 2nd Razr M!.. and also got bricked :( AND I WILL GIVE 30$ who SOLVED MY PROBLEM!!! :) Details: bootLoader = Locked :( safestrap or any recovery= yes safestrap installed but it wont go there :( try with matt utility= Remote falure error RSD lite = wont detect my phone...