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motorola moto g (2nd gen)

  1. T

    Root Using a Moto G 2nd Gen running 6.0, is there a safe way to root without a computer?

    I have access to a macbook but I don't understand the guides and tutorials I've looked at. Can't even unlock the bootloader, lol. I got the powered-off-volume-down screen though. I just tried KingRoot but it fails to root at 30% and tells me how 8000ish requests came through.. So, could...
  2. C

    Root Motorolla Mota G2 Dead PLEASE HELP!

    Hi, I tried rooting my moto G2 running in Marshmallow today with a root made for the lollipop version and it failed, but i was able to access my phone by accessing the TWRP menu since my phone was unlocked to bootloader. From there, I installed Android Kitkat 4.4 on my phone so that I could...
  3. L

    Official Stock Firmware for the Moto G 2014 XT1069

    I was searching for the official stock firmware for the Motorola Moto G 2014 XT1069 PT-BR, but I didn't have much luck yet. I've first tried searching Motorola's official website. There the only thing I've found was a set of "recovery images", and unfortunately those were just for the newer...
  4. L

    Help Moto G XT1069 stuck on "Warning bootloader unlocked" screen

    I'm facing a problem with a Moto G 2014 XT1069 device. What happened is as follows: this friday the device did shutdown and wasn't powering up by just pressing the power button. Because of that another person tried to help, she powered up in fastboot mode by pressing PWR UP + VOL - and then she...
  5. M

    Unknown audible notifications

    When my phone is close to my wifi router I get a three different note sound at frequent intervals and I cannot find what it signifies. I also get a three note notification, all the same tone, which coincides with the arrival of an email. I cannot find any reference to these notifications in...
  6. wooky69

    Low storage

    Hi all. Since my Moto upgraded to Marshmallow it is really low on storage. I really don't have many apps installed, how can 8gb be filled by the ROM and a few apps? (Most annoying) Other than rooting the phone is there any way to clear some space. Thanks.
  7. C

    Frustrating Touch Screen Issues

    Posting here as I seem to be having a very specific problem with my screen. It works on and off at random - sometimes totally unresponsive, can't unlock phone (but oddly I can always hot power off button no matter how unresponsive screen is?), sometimes just small area in bottom left corner...
  8. J

    Help Bluetooth using too much power?

    My bluetooth is using way more power since upgrading 6.0.1 It uses 30% of power. over twice as much as anything else. It never use to, it was at most 10%. The way I use it has not changed.
  9. R

    GPS not working [Marshmallow, 6.0]

    My GPS doesn't work. It almost always says "GPS signal lost" on apps like Waze and Pokemon GO; it's like it works and then suddenly loses signal and never gets it back. However, it DOES work on Google Maps and it seems it works perfectly there; so I don't think it's a hardware issue. My phone...
  10. M

    Malfunctioning SD / not updating?

    Hi there, my phone doesn't seem to be able to update the apps messenger, Facebook or Snapchat. When I attempt to update them, it ends with the phone telling me that the app "couldn't be installed". The first time this happened, all three of the apps appeared to disappear off my phone, followed...
  11. B

    Chinese Letters coming below screen \ My phone Hacked?

    From yesterday evening am getting this message below in the screen.Often this error in my phone My phone has hacked or some thing So body help me soon See the attachment Chinese user or like Chinese script language users help me
  12. D

    Multiple Problems. Malware?

    Woke up after seemingly no updates, and now my Moto G has a myriad of problems. The home/return button doesn't work, notifications don't work, lock screen is disabled, can't turn on developer options, not receiving calls, and my factory reset button seems disabled. No scanners are detecting...
  13. Blurple8

    Need help to get rid of software updates.

    I use stock Android 5.0.2 and keep getting notified to get Marshmallow. I do not want Marshmallow because I like using Lollipop and it works fine for me. I get this annoying popup and want to get rid of it. I do not want to root to get rid of it. I tried disabling MotoOTA but it didnt work. I...
  14. davesnapper

    Bluetooth will not connect to other phones

    My moto g (2nd) gen's bluetooth is very strange. It will connect to my car's bluetooth and my bluetooth speakers just fine, but when I try to connect it to other phones it fails to connect. It can pair with them just fine, but when I tap on their name to connect with them the my phone indicates...
  15. M

    Need help with Moto G ASAP

    Ok, so my friend was watching a video on my Motorola Moto G (2nd Gen) when I decided to go to to toilet. While I was there, My friend says that the phone froze and he could not put it off. As he thinks that he is a technological genius, he decided to use what he thought was the "reset button"...
  16. TheDroidd

    Root Motorola Moto G (2014) — Indian Moto G2 Dead [i think]

    This is all I did- I rooted my moto g2 which was running marshmallow but something went wrong so somehow I managed to install kitkat on it [ maybe that was custom] . So after using it for a month, I faced many problems like Internet Issue, Google Play Store issues. So I un-rooted it again, and...
  17. M

    "No command" issue....

    Hey guys, I moto g 2nd gen was updating an app and then randomly froze, so I shut it down and when I try to recover, it gives me the No command screen with the dead android bot. I hear that I solution to this is the wipe everything back to factory settings and then reboot the phone. However, I...
  18. J

    Help Marshmallow nightmare - ringtone stops and can't enter recovery mode

    My phone is a disaster ever since Marshmallow was installed. The ringtone stops working every day. So I turn off the phone, restart it, and the ringtone works until sometime at night when it stops. It still vibrates, but the ringtone won't play. Even when I select a ringtone in Settings, it...
  19. J

    Help Not automatically connecting to wifi

    Ever since Marshmallow was installed, my Moto G stopped automatically connecting to my preferred wifi network when I turned wifi on, and I have to manually tell it to connect every time. Before, when I turned wifi on, it searched for available networks and then automatically connected to my...
  20. M

    moto g 2014 can't connect to wireless office network.

    moto g 2014 can't connect to wireless office network. I'm not sure if this occurred before or after marsmallow upgrade. I was able to use the network w.out a problem for a while before this issue. I select the wireless network and int prompts for certificate. I don't have the name for...
  21. W

    Gmail download intervals

    Posting this here but it's not a specific Moto G question. Not long ago I changed the download interval of one of my gmail acounts and I cannot remember where I changed this. I've looked at gmail on my laptop and at various settings on my mobile. I have done this before but cannot remember /...
  22. H

    Can't find pics and can't find music

    i have a moto g 2nd gen, I did an update which it's been asking me to do for awhile. I'm sorry I let it run now because now my phone is up the left! When I put lead into phone and into laptop, it's coming up empty and can't find anything. I've tried going into settings, apps then tried to clear...
  23. J

    Ringtones not working in Marshmallow

    My ringtones stoppped working after I installed Marshmallow. Any idea on how to get them to work again? Thanks. JEP
  24. M

    no notifications on lock screen after the marshmallow update

    I don't get any notifications on lock screen after the marshmallow update. I have tried all settings changes that I'm aware of but no change. Also, when I get notifications on screen (but not on lock screen), there are no Hangouts notifications, although Hangouts works fne and is my default SMS...
  25. J

    Moto G not reading any files

    Since I installed Marshmallow yesterday, my phone isn't reading my internal SD card. And when I connect the phone to my computer and use Windows Explorer, the SD Card folder is completely empty. However, the SD card is NOT empty. When I go to Settings/Storage & USB in the phone itself, it says...