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motorola photon 4g

  1. Z

    Root Bootloader Generator code?/3rd party unlock??

    I had just gotten finished chatting with a Motorola person and she said that I could unlock my bootloader with a ''3rd party unlock code'' What is this?? Is she just trying to brush me off?? And I found this link: http://www.unlockphonetool.com/unlock-bootloader-code-generator/ Is this legit and...
  2. W

    Help USB Kernel wakelock

    I have a Motorola Electrify. For the first 18 months battery life was around 30-36 hours before I had to charge. About four months ago battery life decreased to about 12 hours. First thought was the battery had simply reached its end of life. However, I have since bought NUMEROUS replacement...
  3. Masterchief87

    Root Photon bricked(after 2.3.5 update) Rsd Lite fails

    I accidentally flashed a non compatible ROM on my photon 4g and now I can't get back into bootstrap recovery and the phone won't go any further than the Motorola dual core logo. Also my battery won't charge inside the phone. Luckily I have a 2nd battery and separate wall charger. Anyway, the...
  4. Masterchief87

    Root Please Help!! restoring stock recovery on photon 4g

    I tried to flash a custom recovery on my Sprint Motorola Photon 4g a couple of weeks ago and I seem to have messed things up. Since Motorola has the bootloader for this phone locked up tighter than Fort Knox, all I managed to do by flashing this recovery was make my phone unable to hard reset...
  5. P

    How do you install Facebook??

    Can someone tell me how to install Facebook and which is the best one to, on our photon 4 please..
  6. P

    Help Where did the text messages go

    It seems that the Photon deletes text messages to gain space. Is there a way to get the deleted messages back?
  7. F

    Help My Photon bootup problem after safetrap install Please help me.

    Guys please help me that When I install by mistakely Safestrap-Spyder-3.72 in motorola photon 4G and mnow My device not booting just showing Motorola dual core screen. NOw I wanna try reflash so my bootloader not unlocking When I try to flash sbf file via rsdlite so It's giving me error...
  8. S

    Help my electrify wont boot!!!

    OK, so i have a Motorola electrify running 2.3.5 and it wont boot i don't know why but it wont, when i turn it on it seems like its working but instead of going to the u.s. cellular screen it vibrates for a fraction of second and turns to a dark screen, it appears to be off but when you look at...
  9. suzukiparts1

    Newbie here, have a big problem

    Hello, and thank you for allowing me to be a part of this craziness you have here. I have a huge problem and was wondering if anyone here can help me. First, my phone is a Motorola Photon 4G. I have had it for a couple of years now, but absolutely love it. I have an application on my phone...
  10. P

    receiving message Saying cell phone is too slow. Saying I must clear cache And to get rid of junk fi

    Has Anyone receive this? and is it ok to do it. saying I must get rid of junk files . also leaves okay button to press to proceed. ? I have never seen this message before trying to find out if it is ok to do this.
  11. M

    Help straight talk?

    I rooted he phone fi now I wanted to know if I can use Straight Talk sims my carrier?
  12. P

    trouble with you tube Anyone having problems

    I can't play music on youtube anymore.it looks like a whole new format on my phone. All it does now is search and search. Anyone else experiencing this?
  13. A


    I don't know where to post this so i decided to post it here.. so here's the deal i got a PS3 slim 250GB im trying to sell but a friend wants to exchange it for a Motorola Photon 4G on sprint and $30 so i was wondering if that sounds like a good deal to you guys??
  14. B

    Test out the Motorola Skip

    Everyone has a cell phone password, and cell phone companies have been striving to come up with new and improved ways to make protecting your phone easier. It started with actual passwords and is now to the point where you draw a pattern with dots. What if you didn’t have to type anything...
  15. S

    Help Freezing on startup and restarting

    I have a motorola photon 4G, running cyanogenmod. phone restarted and will not completely startup. freezes on either the dual core screen or cyanogenmod screen then restarts...does this repeatedly. tried recovery mode, factory resetting and clearing cache. still problem persists. would like to...
  16. B

    Help Upgrade to 45.4.13

    Been an interesting day! For some reason, APPs started shutting down like crazy today. Finally and without my intervention, I received an upgrade to 45.3.6. Why? I don't know! But, I went with it. Afterwards and with APPs still shutting down, I get an upgrade to 45.4.13. So, again...I go...
  17. A

    Help Use an au Photon 4g on NTT data (iijmio sim)

    Hi guys, I bought my au Photon 4g (ISW11M) about 2 weeks ago, because the YouTube videos showed it was so easy to unlock and use with NTT Data with a iijmio sim card. It's also a super looking phone and feels great. Unfortunately, I've had NO such luck! I'm guessing that few if anyone here can...
  18. C

    Help Motorola Electrify SMS pop up question

    I won't beat around the bush and get straight to the issue. How do you disable the Motorola Electrify's darned stock SMS pop up? I've already disabled notifications in the stock SMS app, but I still get the awful pop up whenever I get a text. It's driving me insane and I've looked all over...
  19. F

    Help Google Music won't advance track

    Ever since Google updated their music app to include a subscription service, my Photon will not advance to the next track of an album/playlist. I do not have this problem on my Nexus 10. Anyone else experiencing this issue? Best, Ryan
  20. K

    Help Wifi!

    So Since I went from AT&T to XFinity. My phone now does this when connecting to the WiFi. Authicanting then Obtains the IP Then Disconnected? I had no problems with my old provider. I talked to XFinity and I reset my modem and my router. I re Id the router name. It did not help! Im running...
  21. B

    Help Black Screen

    I've had my Photon Q since November, and I'm on Sprint network. Not really sure if that matters, but whatever. Last Saturday, my power button stopped working. It wouldn't lock/unlock the screen or turn the phone off. No big deal, I can just unlock it by sliding the keyboard out. So I didn't...
  22. teerak

    Help Photon 4G No Longer Finding Particular Wifi

    Wondering if anyone has had this problem and been able to fix it. In the place where I'm staying I have WiFi with wireless router. When I first got here my photon was finding the signal just fine, no problems. The other day it was no longer able to find the WiFi signal here (my WiFi...
  23. P

    is there new best case for photon 4G

    Still holding the photon 4G. is there a new best case for photon 4G ?
  24. J

    Root ROM advice needed

    I'm not sure if there is another thread about this but I've searched through a ton of threads w/o finding anything. I am looking for advice for the best ROM to use and where I might find them/ rooting tool. Thanks guys!:beerglass::captain:
  25. N

    has anyone filed an insurance claim on their Sprint Photon 4G recently?

    Which model are they replacing the Photons with these days?