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motorola xprt

  1. K

    Root Rooting Phone Android 2.2.2

    Hello everyone. A few few years ago I bought a Motorola Xprt and loved it. It finally died and Sprint store bought me a new form from Motorola brand new. Before I activate the phone, I thought I would root it first. I never did this on the first XPRT, and thought I would ask hte Android...
  2. F

    Root help before wife kills me lol

    Is there anyway to unbrick from flashing something from stock recovery? I restored a backup and botlooped in the process. I have no current access to pc so.. Was just wondering. I had it rooted and had custom recovery, but it only boots to stock recovery with the m and r keys. Any help would be...
  3. I

    Motorola XPRT Gingerbread - Rooted in States

    Having to sell my XPRT which is in fine condition no scratches rooted in States so will accept any sim. Currently on Orange SIM (uk) with no probs. On Ebay! As you know this is the best qwerty alternative to Blackberry you can get. regards Tony S
  4. R

    Help Keyboard Problems

    I have had a problem for the last couple of months on my XPRT: When I attempt to type on the physical keyboard, it either doesn't type, or it puts 2-4 duplicates of the letter that I hit. I am getting sick and tired of all of the problems that this phone has. Also, I have tried the...
  5. K

    Help hate this phone help

    step by step to get my boost xprt to be a hotspot please....i am about to just give up.
  6. J

    Help Support - sticking keys

    So far I've gone through 3 XPRTs. Each time, the phone was great until the keyboard started doing weird things: basically the keys would start sticking. I would often get double key presses, at other times the keys would not press, etc. Is this a known issue with the XPRT? Or did I just get 3...
  7. J

    Help youtube problems

    i have my phone fully flashed to cricket...but i couldnt watch youtube...i went with a guy and he fixed it or so i thought...it worked well until i restarted my phone...it says "unable to connect to server" i tried it on wifi nd the app works fine...tried the youtube website nd its the same...i...
  8. MiguelAMX

    Root [Boost][Sprint-GB] Root now possible !

    Thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=32543146&postcount=604 Thanks to djrbliss, It is now possible to root Boost's Motorola XPRT and Sprint's XPRT recent GingerBread Update. Please thank him. Be careful with what apps you remove from your device. You can remove apps with...
  9. MiguelAMX

    Root Anyone alive out there ? CAN anyone hear ME?

    So its been about .. less than a month here and I noticed that not one single post has been created since I posted a link to the gingerbread SBF thread on XDA. Is anyone here actually working to find a root besides on XDA, or merely lurking around waiting for root, like myself ?
  10. F

    Help contacts

    I just got this phone for my wife (i have motion :) ) she had the blackberry 8530 i switched before i realised that google sync would add contacts from bb to android how do i do this with no service?
  11. djspade

    Help Moto Xprt to Virgin Mobile? Possible??

    Hello guys... I'm at a loss here. I've got a Motorola Xprt (sprint version) on Froyo, free and clear/clean esn that I want to flash for use on Virgin Mobile... I'm an old school cellphone guy who has rooted my current handsets so the terms and ideas aren't over my head. But I can't seem to...
  12. MiguelAMX

    Root [Boost] Motorola XPRT SBF

    I kept track of a thread on XDA. A user has uploaded the much needed Boost SBF file. I guess rooting is on the horizon ? Heres the thread: Boost XPRT GingerBread SBF - XDA Developers
  13. MiguelAMX

    No longer sold on Boost's site

    Shop No Contract Mobile Phones | Boost Mobile | Boost Mobile The Motorola XPRT went from "Out of stock" to disappearing from the site. What a shame, its a good phone. Just needs to cleansed from Motorola's crap :p I guess it's true that Sprint was getting rid of the XPRT from Inventory.
  14. W

    Help USB XPRT to PC no worky...

    Before I go into the main issue here, I want to give a short little review. If you don't have time to read the review, just skip review section and go down to the issue section... *** REVIEW SECTION *** So I go my XPRT last Thursday. Was real excited. I walked through the process of making...
  15. sjk2009

    Need a case that fits boost version

    I literally just opened this phone, and so far I really like it. I went to put the case I ordered on it and it just barely doesn't fit. I checked the advertisement again and it said for sprint/boost phones. Its a hard plastic case with a rubber outer layer, the type with the kickstand. This is...
  16. r3do

    Root split this forum Boost/Sprint

    can a admin do something here. or folks make sure to state Boost or Sprint, looks like most the phones from Boost are old sprint ones but with Gingerbread 2.3.5 Thank you again to all the great peeps here:)
  17. A

    Root for 2.3.5??

    Hey guys, I just got this phone today for Boost and it has 2.3.5 on it.. Is anyone trying to create an exploit? I will help test, I just don't know where to start... Superoneclick keeps crashing after it reboots.. and my computer can't find the drivers even though I installed them. So let's...
  18. S

    Root Boost XPRT SBF needed

    does anyone have Boost XPRT sbf file? plz share
  19. M

    Help XPRT original ROM needed

    Hello, I deleted , by mistake, the Framwork.jar file from my system folder, i tried to copy and paste the same file i saved from the SD card but the Boot explorer did not respond, tried many times with out a result. finally I Hard-reset the mobile by rebooting the device while pressing on R...
  20. W

    Any news re: Gingerbread? This is starting to feel like the Pre...

    Hey guys, I just got my XPRT on Sprint a couple months ago... I know it's nowhere near the top tier of phones these days, but it's one of the few phones that Sprint still sells that you can get away without paying the extra $10/month for the "Smartphone" data fee (in fact, it's the only Android...
  21. G

    Help Menus Keep Popping up while typing

    FOr some reason whenever I am typing random menus pop up. search menues etc. Does anyone else have this issue? or know how to stop it?
  22. B

    Help Text receiving issue.

    Hi all, I'm cross posting this between here and Boost's forum just in case it's a service provider issue. I just got my first Android recently, along with my boost service. I seem to have an odd problem. When I'm at home, I have 3 bars of service. For some reason, I can't receive text...
  23. C

    Help Stock SBF for the XPRT

  24. C

    Original Sprint stock of .apks for Xprt

    Greetings! Since I am new to Android and all things possible I was able to root and modify my XPRT. It works great so far! I removed most of the bloatware and haven't had any issues but I also didn't know how to backup/dump (I believe is the right term?) the original stock image of the phone...
  25. easytarget16

    Root XPRT Developers Wanted

    So, I recently got the hugely under-published Motorola XPRT for Boost. This is an awesome phone for $80... it has a working SIM slot, 1GHz processor, 512MB RAM, 5MP camera, etc, etc... HOWEVER, the development community is practically dead, as it has been for a year :confused: I've seen all of...