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nexus 7 (2013)

  1. J

    Help Poor battery life lately

    Hi all. I've noticed recently that my battery seems to be draining quite quickly. As in, unplug from a full charge and a couple hours later after nothing but standby, it's on 91%. That seems very wrong to me. I turned on the setting to disable WiFi during sleep, thinking this would help with...
  2. A

    root Nexus 7 tablet

    when will there be an app that truly roots a Nexus 7 right from onboard??
  3. RonaldH

    Security Updates

    Whilst I read that this excellent tablet will not get the latest Nougat 7 software, will it continue to receive monthly security updates. Haven't seen it for this month, September 2016?
  4. S

    Youtube and GIFs not working

    For the last few months I have intermittently been having issues viewing Youtube and certain GIF types. They just won't play. Youtube just keeps saying that there was a problem while playing. Does anyone know how to fix this? I am running Android version 6.0.1
  5. Bearsyzf

    1 Question

    What do I need so I can watch stuff from my Tablet on my TV ? Is it just some sort of cord ?
  6. J

    Keeps losing WIFI

    My Nexus 7 (2013) keeps losing its wifi. I either says that the local wifi is saved bur won't connect, or else says that there is no wifi, when everything else (phones iPads etc) can see the wifi. The only solution I have found is to power on and off, and then it finds it OK. It's now happening...
  7. J

    Help What's happening to my battery life!?

    Hi all. I've had my Nexus 7 for about six months and I've never noticed any issues with the battery drain until lately. But now the battery seems to go fast. The other day I went to bed with it at about 30%, and when I woke up the next morning it was at 6%. More recently, I charged it about a...
  8. S

    Problems after screen replacement

    Hi! So my good old 2013 Nexus 7 digitizer cracked, about a year ago. So it was almost a year without any use and a completely empty battery. Finally i ordered a replacement screen + digitizer from ebay (definitely not genuine), swapped it and at first everything seemed to work just fine, it...
  9. E

    Is it still worth buying?

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum. Can you please tell me if it is worth buying the Nexus7 2013 32gb tablet new? Or should I think of buying something else? Thanks
  10. Bg260

    New mod fixes touch screen issues [Root Required]

    Nexus 7 (2013) ParrotMod Touch Screen Patch [APP] [ROOT] A new mod came out 5/10/16. I have personally installed it and had noticeable improvement immediately. I am actually typing this message with it. I can delete 1 letter at a time instead of mashing backspace in frustration and deleting an...
  11. X

    Root ROMs. Please chime in.

    I want to breathe new life into my tablet (wifi version). What ROM would you suggest? I'm on latest stock update. Root twrp and busybox. Also anything N related in the works that suggest it'd be better to wait?
  12. J

    Is it possible to replace motherboard on Nexus 7 Wifi with board from Nexus 7 LTE?

    Background Suddenly my Nexus 7 got stuck - booting stops at Google logo. Nexus 7 2013 Wifi, stock image, no root, no nothing. Bootloader is locked. (basically as it is out of the box) When trying to get into recovery mode I get the same result. Stuck at the Google logo (no Android with...
  13. RonaldH


    Encryption set on my tablet would make it secure unless you enter the password. Without encryption set I still use password access. Why is encryption more secure given that access in both cases described requires a password?
  14. -=Jeff=-

    Help LTE at 5.1.1 LMY47V I would like marshmallow

    problem is I needed to use wugfresh to get the latest version as I NEVER got the OTA,.. same with this version any suggestions?
  15. RonaldH

    Low Sound input/output levels

    Skype to Apple users ... they complain that my sound to them is low, even when their tablet is at max volume. Is this a recognised problem of the Nexus 7 tablet and is there some way I can test its microphone output level other than (say) using 'Easy Voice Recorder' where the volume of my...
  16. kilgetty

    Can I print?

    Is it possible to print from my Nexus 7 tablet to my Canon MG5450 wireless printer? I have tried all sorts of applications without any success. If it is possible could you please give me step by step instructions.
  17. N

    Cannot Flash Stock Firmware - Bricked for Good?

    Alright, I'm at my wit's end here. I started today to install NetHunter on my Nexus 7 2013 WiFi. I ended today trying to figure out why the heck I can't even flash the stock image anymore. Here's my situation: I can no longer boot into Android on my Nexus 7. I can access the bootloader and...
  18. B

    Soft Bricked Asus Nexus 7 2013 Tablet

    Hi everyone, I screwed up the OS of my tablet and am now stuck in a bootloop. After a lot of trouble due to my inexperience, I managed to get a rooted but otherwise unaltered Android 6.0.1 on my tablet working correctly. I also managed to get Clockworkmod Recovery installed which seems...
  19. N

    Root Nexus 7 root help

    Ive got a nexus 7 marshmallow that I want to root but don't no how to. Can any1 help please. Thanks
  20. E

    Help unable to connect to pc to view files and folders after 6.0.1 update

    Have windows 7 64 bit. When I connect my Nexus 7-2013 to the PC there are no files or pictures to view, it is blank. I was able to view prior to the 6.0.1 update. Any suggestions to solve this?
  21. F

    Help 5.1.1 broke my nexus - need help resetting

    After downloading the update, my tablet now gets stuck when booting normally on the "Google" screen: It will stay here forever until I unplug and let it die. However, I believe it can be salvaged somehow, as I can still get to the bootloader/fastboot and select from these options: When I...
  22. A

    Help photo import/export

    Hi Just upgraded tablet to Android 6. How do I import and export an image to and from the photo app with a computer ? I can no longer "see" the tablet file structure using Windows Explorer Thanks
  23. N

    Root Help!

    Hello everyone, I have recently tried to un root my 2013 ASUS nexus 7 using nexus root toolkit and I'm having issues. I think the process could of somehow got interrupted but now all I get is the Google screen with the lock at the bottom. I was careful to read the options but I wouldn't...
  24. H

    Root Bootloop adb not authorized.

    My nexus 7 is stuck in bootloop, apparently usb debugging isn't set (and it cant be because of bootloop) and in recovery mode all i get is an android with his hood open displaying a ! in a triangle.
  25. K

    Help Nexus 7 won't charge wirelessly any more

    I use a RAVPower Qi wireless charging pad to charge my Nexus 7 and this has always worked absolutely fine, up until a few days ago when I noticed that it wasn't working properly any more. When I place it on the charging pad the pad beeps to show it is charging and the screen on my Nexus says...