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notion ink adam

  1. J

    Help mobile network state = Disconnected

    Touble with.connecting to my data net 10.....problem is.mobile.network state is disconnected. how.do.i fix this??
  2. J

    A different development approach

    All this custom software and effort. It all seems a bit ambitious, especially in hindsight. What if another approach was taken: - supply a tablet with no software at all! ...and expect hackers to assemble the screen and load software themselves. At the end of the day all I want is a...
  3. P

    I should have waited....

    My goal when purchasing a tablet was to have something that was: 1: Improved battery life. 2: Better for entertainment. 3: Still be productive for remote server work (RDP) and taking notes in meetings. I first purchased a Viewsonic G-Tab. This had a poor screen, horrible software and was...
  4. xmr405o

    NI blog update includes GB and HC updates

    Just wanted to share the latest blog entry by rohan. He knows people are going to be skeptical so he also addresses that too. Here we are! Notion Ink
  5. xmr405o

    Root Honeycomb boots on the NI.

    Almost there. The tabletrom guys were able to boot Honeycomb on the Adam. There's a thread over there if you guys haven't seen it already. Very cool. I'm hoping it'll be ported to our gtab soon. :). There's still some kinks to work out but at least it boots. haha...
  6. S

    Root adobe flash issue

    i have a notion ink adam flashed with edenx rom. i use xscope mainly for my browser but on cbs sports im in a fantasy league and they have a chat window at the bottom to talk to other online members. the chat wouldnt work on xscope, anytime i tried to send something it says "error 603 cant...
  7. S

    Does ANYONE actually have one of these yet?

    Hi all, So I have apparently been granted the opportunity to ORDER an Adam (and have three days to do so). So, before I even contemplate whether to drop $549 on a potentially vapor-ware tablet, I thought I would see if anyone here actually has an Adam, and if it is good, bad, sluggish, fable...
  8. M

    Do you have one?

    Has anyone actually received there Adam? If so, how do you like it? Thanks
  9. Deviatore

    "Notion Ink Adam Used Stolen Idea in their Prototype Concept". Is this Real?

    I was browsing Reddit when I saw this article :- Shocking. Notion Ink Adam Used Stolen Idea in their Prototype Concept It says that the prototype interface which was rendered by NI and used for promotion was stolen from Enigma, a rainmeter theme. There's a little discussion going on it...
  10. G

    Crossing Adam off my list

    Sadly - I have decided to cross the Notion Ink adam off my list of tablets. I had sooooooo much hope and excitement for this tablet. Its innovative look. The promise of an awesome screen that would give me full color LCD inside and reading like an eInk outside. All the amazing spec's. this...
  11. crimton

    Root [video] Rooted Adam

  12. crimton

    Root Notion Ink Adam rooted with gapps

    just like the title says its already been rooted and eden plus has been created NotionInkHacks.com - Notion Ink Forums - Adam - Eden - Genesis | View topic - Eden Plus v0.1 - Root, Gapps it is believed that the adam is just as open as the g-tablet, which is great news for me :)
  13. xmr405o

    Root NI has APX mode and NV flash...good news

    Saw this at a Gtab forum. But this is great news for development for the NI. This is where it all began for the gtab. If your not familiar with NVflash and APX mode, google it. Top two advantages if this is anything like the Gtab, makes the NI virtually unbrickable and loading a custom...
  14. twospirits

    Accessories Stealth hard shell case for Adam

    One of our fellow staff members over at NotionInkHacks is a electronics manufacturer and like most of us, an Adam enthusiast. He is capable of producing cases with numerous manufacturing partners who have signed on board to create the first hard shell case for the Notion Ink Adam. Rohan and...
  15. Rambler358

    Notion Ink has started shipping Adam tablets

    I just checked my pre-order status page, and low and behold what I see - "Out for Shipping" :D My previous extimated ship date was Jan 9th, 2011.
  16. twospirits

    Accessories PadPivot

    Fellow mod gobluejd made a post over in the main Tablet & Mids section about this product. I think it will be perfect for the Adam. Go check out his post. TS out
  17. G

    Adam Q and A from XDA

    this is over at the notion addicts forum and was originally taken from XDA and can be found here http://androidcommunity.com/notion-i...ffer-20110112/ These are the questions and answers between can90 and
  18. G

    Tracking FCC approval

    I remember seeing in the incredible forums people who were tracking FCC approval for the phone. Can we do the same for the notion ink so that we can see when the first tablets should be arriving in the US? Also lets harass people in other countries who have already gotten one for some reviews.
  19. A

    Notion Ink -- CES 2011?

    Can anyone just tell me where the Notion Ink Adam was at CES 2011? I was there and tried to find it. I checked the blogs on Sunday and saw reports of hands-on use supposedly at the "PixelQi" booth. I looked -- the only such booth listed was a meeting cubicle tucked in the remote reaches of the...
  20. G

    NI Waiting until Pixel Qi in stock before selling LCD?

    Rohan said they *could* sell LCD today but are waiting until more Pixel Qi models are in stock. Why would this make sense? I'm really trying to understand why they would do this. I really want an Adam and would like one today. And its obvious many folks would pay for one now. What business...
  21. crimton

    Rohan's post-CES blog

    i really like his attitude, even towards is FORMER critics. :) http://notionink.wordpress.com/2011/01/08/slow-n-steady-but-with-dogged-persistence/
  22. twospirits

    And the Mystery feature is....

    Crunchgear, after much smack, saying that the Adam is vaporware and that it won't amount to anything, actually ran into Rohan the CEO at CES 2011 tonight at 7:11 EST after many fans were tweeting and urging for them to meet and review the Adam. In the interview, Rohan admitted that the mystery...
  23. twospirits

    The Notion Ink Adam Promo Video

    Class act promo video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mj-TfF3ge8Y&feature=uploademail Video may take a while to upload so to see it in YouTube click here. TS
  24. twospirits

    Accessories Possible Adam kickstand/holder

    Reading an article about CES 2011 and noticed that this company that makes a gadget grip for iPads may work for the Adam. Its not pretty by any measure but it looks like it can conform to the Adam size and keep it up for hands free viewing or typing. They will be at CES 2011 and the price...
  25. J

    looking for Adam or any Pixel Qi Android

    Greetings, love your forum, like a lot of you I am waiting for a fast, lite weight Android tablet 10" or larger with the Pixel Qi screen that can free me from laptops. I would love a tablet capable of HD streaming video and all the things Notion Ink promised with the Adam months ago...for my...