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nvidia shield tablet

  1. Android News

    NVIDIA prepping Spectre vulnerability patch for SHIELD Tablet

    Nvidia has already released a patch for the KRACK vulnerability that was discovered, but the company is now getting ready to deploy a security patch for the Spectre vulnerability for the SHIELD tablet.
  2. Android News

    NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet, Tablet K1 Updated With KRACK Patch

    The SHIELD Tablet and SHIELD Tablet K1 from NVIDIA are receiving updates this week, patching the KRACK vulnerability and including the November security update.
  3. Android News

    LineageOS now available for Moto Droid 4, Nvidia Shield TV (2015) and more

    LineageOS has added support for a handful of new devices, including the Nexus 9 LTE, Moto Droid 4, Moto Droid Bionic, Moto RAZR, Moto Droid RAZR, Nvidia Shield TV (2015), and the Nvidia Shield tablet.
  4. Android News

    Latest NVIDIA Shield Tablet update improves charger compatibility, fixes GPS, and more

    NVIDIA is rolling out a new update to their Shield Tablet and Shield Tablet K1 owners that brings its firmware up to version 5.2 and comes with the following changes. . . Fixes to GPS crash Improved compatibility with non-standard chargers Overall stability & security optimizations...
  5. Android News

    NVIDIA is rolling out Software Upgrade 5.1 to the Shield Tablet and Tablet K1

    NVIDIA has announced a new update is rolling out to both the Shield Tablet and the Tablet K1 that come with the following changes. . . - Fixes issues with the included Launcher3 - Addresses a problem with the cursor when using a mouse - Several other minor stability fixes
  6. Android News

    The NVIDIA Shield Tablet should get its Nougat update in a few weeks

    NVIDIA just announced their Nougat update for the Shield TV console, but many were wondering when or if the Shield Tablet would receive the update. NVIDIA has responded to this question and says it will get the update in a few weeks.
  7. AngelG44

    SD Card Problem

    Hey, everyone! So, I've been using my Nvidia Shield tablet for about 6 months now. I got a new SD card when I started using the tablet. I formatted it to my tablet and have been using it to store my apps, photos, videos, downloaded files etc. ever since. Well, for the past month or so I've been...
  8. T

    Found a solution for my shield tablet slow down

    Like a lot of people with the Shield Tablet, mine was getting very laggy and slow. It was at it's worse when it had been sitting idle for a while (and when not on a charger). Since the "doze" function in Marshmallow sucks, I suspected that the slow down was a result of the tablet not executing...
  9. Android News

    NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet and Tablet K1 updated with Vulkan improvements

    The NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet and SHIELD Tablet K1 are both getting an upgrade today. The two upgrades share the same changes, though none are on the terribly exciting side: - Conformity with Vulkan CTS - Fixed boot loop issue with certain SD cards nearing their capacity limit - Fixed...
  10. Android News

    CyanogenMod 13 is now available on the Shield Tablet, Moto X 2013, Aquaris M5, and more

    A number of smartphones (and a tablet) have just received official support for CM13 nightly builds. If you own the NVIDIA Shield Tablet, Moto X 2013, Aquaris M5, and the Xperia Z, Xperia ZR or the Xperia ZL, then you can finally download CM13 for your device now.
  11. Android News

    NVIDIA announces a new OTA update for the Shield Tablet and Shield Tablet K1

    NVIDIA has been working on an OTA update for both the original Shield Tablet, and the Shield Tablet K1. That update is rolling out to devices as we speak, and comes with the following changes. . . - Conformity with OpenGL ES 3.2 - Additional optimizations to Android Doze - Fixed issue with...
  12. W

    Tablet won't boot up/ optimizing apps/ black screen/ endless reboots

    I woke up this morning and my nVidia Shield tablet is acting funny... It booted up to a screen saying "Android is Starting" "Optimizing App xxx of 141" and when finished, reboots, and repeats. I looked at a bunch of stuff online, and I found people having this problem in relation to Lollipop...
  13. Android News

    Borderlands 2 is now available for NVIDIA SHIELD TV and Tablet

    After 4 years, Borderlands 2 has finally launched for Android. The game is available exclusively to NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV and SHIELD Tablet owners for $14.99. This includes the full game, and even the ability to play co-op as long as you have enough extra SHIELD controllers to use. The game...
  14. Android News

    NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet gets version 4.2

    The NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet has gotten upgraded to firmware version 4.2. The update brings Vulkan graphics enhancements, Professional Audio Requirements for Android 6.0 Marshmallow, as well as various other bug fixes and performance improvements.
  15. Android News

    NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet with LTE is getting its Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow upgrade

    NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet with LTE was one of the last in line to get Marshmallow. It's finally receiving that upgrade today. Alongside Marshmallow, the update brings support for the Vulkan graphics API, as well as a number of other changes and fixes.
  16. Android News

    The original NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet is now getting Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow

    After the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet K1 got its Marshmallow upgrade, the original model -- simply named NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet -- is now seeing the upgrade. Alongside Marshmallow, the update brings the Vulkan graphics API, which should improve graphics performance overall.
  17. Android News

    NVIDIA hosts a Valentine's promotion and discounts select games for the Shield TV and Shield Tablet

    NVIDIA has discounted a handful of games on both Google Play and their GeForce Now gaming service. On GeForce Now, you can getThe Park for 33% off and Submerged for 25% off. On the Google Play Store, these following titles are on sale. . . - Juju - 50% off - Dustoff Heli Rescue - 50% off -...
  18. Grrrrrrrrr

    Can I send texts to phones?

    Is there awway to text with someone on an iPhone from the Shield tablet? I tried looking around and all I can find is adware. Skype is not an option I had an account with them once what a total nightmare that was. I would prefer a free option as I'm using my own internet service that I already...
  19. Android News

    NVIDIA halts SHIELD Tablet Marshmallow update due to WiFi bug

    NVIDIA has halted the upgrade to Android 6.0 Marshmallow for SHIELD Tablet users. The stated reason was a WiFi issue that caused it not to work.
  20. Android News

    NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet gets upgraded to Android 6.0 Marshmallow

    NVIDIA has announced that the original SHIELD Tablet is now getting Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Aside from the changes that come with Marshmallow, NVIDIA has included an improved camera app and brought a few other performance and stability improvements. The SHIELD Tablet K1 is also getting a...
  21. T

    Help swipes very slow, even taps are slow

    Just got one of these, updated it to Marshmallow immediately. Noticed that swipes are very slow... Not really a swipe, usually a hold and drag instead of a swipe...for notifications, to put away apps, etc. Sometimes taps don't work or the screen is unresponsive or I must try several times with a...
  22. Android News

    NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet returns as the SHIELD Tablet K1 for $199.99

    The NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet was recently taken off store shelves due to a mass recall, but the company has been hard at work refining the thing. The tablet has been relaunched as the SHIELD Tablet K1, and while it's mostly the same device under the hood it comes with some minor hardware...
  23. TripleOmega

    Shield tablet recall...

    So, I recently recalled my shield tablet. And I read a lots of posts that when you get the new one, the old one will be disabled. I just thougt if root can fix it. Is it possible to save the tablet before disabling by root?
  24. Phases

    If you own this tablet - fire hazard? Please see this

  25. R

    Help SD card won't work

    I just bought a Shield running 5.0.1. I bought a generic 128gb micro SD card. The first time I put the card in it worked and I was able to move apps and copy stuff to it. I didn't reformat the card first. Later the card didn't show up, it did give option to unmount or erase but it showed as...