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pantech flex

  1. E

    Help Pantech P8010 Flex Unlocked but no service

    My Pantech Flex freshly out of service from AT&T. I contacted them and received my unlock code. Put my Verizon sim in, was asked for my unlock code which I entered and got the message Successful unlock. However I can not get any cell service. I understand I must be doing something wrong? I would...
  2. phonedum


    What is 4.1.2?? Dont know whay kit cat ice cream mean
  3. phonedum

    Root idk what i arm doing Help

    Need walked throu rooting PLEASE
  4. X

    Help Google Maps causes massive overheating? (Android 4.1.2)

    Basically, whenever I have the Google Maps app running, my phone gets incredibly hot. I'm talking to the point where I cannot leave it lying on my thigh because it just gets too painful, even through a full layer of pants. I've checked and this issue occurs whether in the car or not, whether...
  5. E

    Help Is it bricked?

    Ok so I bought 2 used pantechs off Ebay for my daughter. Put a battery in one and it worked great only thing was it was locked to AT&T. So I bought a code entered it and it unlocked was able to use walmarts t-mobile sim. Worked for 2 days then just froze. have to pull battery to get it to shut...
  6. rmcphiex1

    Unlocked, rooted Pantech Flex P8010 But no Internet

    Ok I have a rooted and unlocked Pan-tech Flex P8010. It originally was an AT&T locked Phone till I unlocked it (semi-successfully) and hooked it up to my current T-Mobile account. AT&T refused to give me an unlock code, so I bought one online. Worked smooth as silk for everything, well...
  7. R

    Help how do i move/copy notes from my phone to my computer? help please!?

    how can i move/copy notes from my notepad/memos in my phone to my computer?? I know its possible because i did it once before but cant remember how to and cant find any help online ugh!! Help please!? I just want to backup my notes!!
  8. R

    Help help please with lock&sync and 1 other thing!!

    problem/question #1 when i plug my phone (pantech flex P8010 android version 4.1.2) into my computer and on my phone i go to settings/google/accounts and click sync it works fine (usualy)..but how/where do i see the things that synced in my computer?? i cant seem to find any thing in my...
  9. J

    Help Screen Calibration

    Is it possible to calibrate the screen to use a small- tipped Nintendo DS-type stylus? Or can the Flex only respond to fingers and squishy styli? Sank you.
  10. T

    Help SD Problem when activating USB Mass Storage

    When I try to activate USB Mass Storage on my Flex I get the following error message: USB Operation Unsuccessful There's a problem using your SD card for USB mass storage. Any thoughts on how to make it work? The SD card is fairly old (and outdated, I imagine). Do I just need a new one...
  11. 1


    How do I tell if I have a key logger installed on my phone......and how do I uninstall it. basically here is what iI have observed.....lots of static/echoing on some calls. When send out most text msgs screen will jump. go on phone one morning, yes password protected, then walk dog. When I get...
  12. L

    screenshot gosms

    I have a pantech flex & I have tried everything someone please tell me where I can find tha screenshot for goSMS on a pantech flex.!!!! HELP.!!!!! 
  13. M

    Help MTP / USB driver

    Does anyone know how to get MTP working in XP or Vista with the Pantech Flex? I have googled this to death and cannot get it working. I have the Pantech Suite already installed. I have tried pointing the Found New Hardware Wizard popups to the Pantech USB drivers folder, to Windows\inf, to the...
  14. freeop

    Root What does this mean?

    When I hold the Power and Up volume on my phone, I get the Android Robo Logo but it is the little Green Bot lying down on his back with the front of the chest area open and a Big Red Triangle with a "!" in the middle and that is all. Nothing happens after that and I end up having to do a Battery...
  15. M

    Jelly bean update

    Phone updated today. Seems to use less ram than ics so far. Process done using wi_fi, and took less than ten minutes total. So far , no problems.
  16. N

    Help Pantech flex bricked- software? Hardware? Fixable?

    First let me say hello, just joined the forum moments ago and glad you all are here. I'm new to Android, far from new to Linux, and brand new to this Pantech Flex sitting in front of me. Got it from a friend who figured it was just dead, but I can't let things sit and die, and I know it can be...
  17. L

    Help not enough memory to complete previous operation

    I can't send pics from my phone gallery...but I have more than enough memory. I have tried going through different internet browsers...but nothing works. The pics are not large either. This is on a new Pantech Flex.
  18. R

    Help Android updated on my phone now web keeps freezing

    Hey, I just got an android update last night (except it hasn't changed from 4.0.4?) and now the web browser doesn't work correctly. It keeps freezing and if I choose to wait instead of force quitting when given the option, I can't do anything on my phone without restarting. I use web on my...
  19. T

    Help Group messaging

    Ok So I'm really annoyed with all the group messaging and replying individually to each. I have the PANTECH flex and love the phone but hate the messaging. Can I update the interface or do I need to get some kind of app. Really don't want to go back to an iphone.
  20. L

    Root Pantech flex lost ability to see/connect to wifi

    A few days ago my pantech stopped being able to connect to my school's wifi. I thought this was strange, but when I went home it connected fine. In the next day or so it not only stopped being able to connect to the networks but they vanished from the list of available networks or came up as out...
  21. D

    Help Rooting in San Diego

    For the love of God, I can' figure out how to root this Pantech 8010. I have the XDA guide but I don't have Linux/unbuntu. Looking to pay somebody a few bucks to do it and save me the headache. My problem is I need to unlock the WiFi tethering on the phone so that I can use it with another...
  22. M

    Help PANTECH Flex stopped vibrating?

    :confused:Okay so last night I got pickle juice on my phone, it didn't get soaked. Just a little damp and was immediately dried. I noticed later on that night that my vibrate wasn't working. Not sure if the two are linked because everything else is working perfectly. I have restarted the...
  23. D

    Help Can't get files to download to sd card by default. Please help a brotha out. Pantech Flex, unrooted.

    NHey guys. Could someone please help me out. I recently got the Pantech Flex, through ATT. I love the phone. My problem is I can't seem to get video, music and pictures to download to the 32 gig micro sd card by default. I can move the files there after they have downloaded to internal memory...
  24. I

    Root root?

    How do i root my pantech flex with windows????
  25. D

    Root This is how you Root the Pantech Flex P8010

    I have successfully rooted this phone please see my thread at XDA for a how to. I will post them here too if there is a need but I need to find a good place to host my files first so until them please follow the link below and read the directions. Happy rooting...