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samsung admire

  1. J

    Help Can't find CM7.2 kernel download link

    I know there hasn't been any activity in a while, but if anyone sees this, could I have a working download link for the CM7.2 kernel? I can't find a working one anywhere in this forum.
  2. DealerMan

    Root About phone: delete phone #/personal info before donation

    My trusty & bulletproof Admire running OA 2.3.20 / CM is being put out to pasture. I performed a wipe data/factory reset from CM, no problems. However, when I look into About Phone/Status, it shows my phone number and a MPCS user name (phone# @aaak.mymetropcs.com). I'm still using the...
  3. S

    Root Can't Root this?

    model #: samsung sch-r270 android version: 2.3.4 baseband version: s:r720.06 x.eh02 kernel version build number: gingerbread.eh02 hardware revision: r720.06 please help I need to root this phone to get rid of all the metroPCS crap, but I have tried everything and nothing works...
  4. O

    Root rooting failed.

    I followed instructions on http://www.addictivetips.com/mobile/how-to-root-samsung-admire-android-phone-guide/ My Samsung Admire did not get rooted. here's copy of screen. error: unknown host service " Triggering core dump..." error: device not found error: device not found error: device not...
  5. EemOwnz

    Root How to Root Samsung Admire

    how to ive used the one click but now its not working for me
  6. A

    Root Help me plz, Samsung Galaxi Admire R820

    Hi all, l need help plz, l have a MetroPCS samsung galaxy Admire R820 with Android 2.3.6 , l want use it in my country to CDMA but it say Red Movil Dont avalible all time ( Red Movil No Disponible) and dont have Signal but if l try call 911 it work fine. :S l have Tricom PRL and all right...
  7. brandonabandon

    Root {kernel}{swap}{cm}

    hello admire community. i added the swap function to the cm kernel. the swap function is working properly using my ported rom (gingerdx) source https://github.com/nicholasblock/samsung-kernel-admire **********YER WARRANTY IS NOW VOID, RESEARCH BEFORE MODIFYING YER DEVICE, I AM NOT TO BE HELD...
  8. brandonabandon

    Root {ROM}{PORT}GingerDx(PIE CONTROL)

    hello admire community. an admire was "donated" to me recently and i decided to return the flavor. i present gingerdx, a rom i originally ported to the huawei ascend2. built from playfulgod's cm7 source. the features of this rom are amazing and far surpass standard cm features. lets begin with...
  9. M

    Help Samsung Admire

    When I turn the phone on, the Samsung screen comes up. Then I get: Android system recovery <3> Enter Home Key - reboot system now apply update from SD card wipe data/factory reset wipe cache partition Does anyone know what all of this means? Do I need to throw the phone away now? Any and...
  10. E

    Root Metropcs tethering, whats best?

    What is the fastest, easiest, and cheapest metro phone I can buy that will allow me to connect to my usb and tether my internet? Thanks guys!
  11. M

    Root CWM backup Fails on Rooted Admire 2.3.4 /

    Clockworkmod and fails during backup of /System Rooted Admire with Android 2.3.4 Just installed CWM Recovery and failed backup of /system. Upgraded CWM to same problem. ( have another identical phone with 2.3.6 and CWM and works fine, flashed rom to...
  12. T

    Samsung SCH-720 Metro PCS to Virgin Mobile

    Is it possible to switch my Virgin account from a crappy pre-paid phone to my admire by flashing or changing MEID or other codes ? Both phones are CDMA 3G ect. My admire is already Rooted. Samsung SCH-R720
  13. Levi0187

    Root Working Screenshot on the Samsung Admire SCH-R720 ROOTED!!

    Hello, I wanted to throw this up as I've been able to find pretty much just failure on attempts t take a screenshot on this phone clearly. I have found a solution and the colors aren't messed up either. Drocap2 and it's free...
  14. K

    Help notification bar/ status bar missing/ Go Launcher

    My phone is not rooted. I downloaded the Go Launcher app and have had the app for a few years without problem. Today I noticed that my notification bar at the top of my phone that shows the time and battery status and all my notifications was missing. I looked on all my phone settings to see if...
  15. W

    Help Admire bricked???

    To throw it out there I'm a Noob at this. So here is what I got. One admire that will turn on but not get past logo screen. The computer will see it. Sorta. It will go in to boot mode but the computer will not see it. It will try to use the SD card to update from but I dont know what to load...
  16. Develop

    Help Windows 8 USB Driver

    I have downloaded the drivers straight from the Samsung website. I cannot get my windows 8 laptop to recognize the phone. Any suggestions?
  17. L

    Root Google Play wont connect on my samsung admire rooted! :(

    Since I have rooted My Metropcs Samsung Admire 2.3.6 my google play store will not connect. It says retry....>< I have.....PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!:mad:
  18. L

    Root Rooting Samsung Admire????

    I want to know if there is a current way to root the Samsung Admire 2.3.6? I have the drivers I have the Admire windows root zip and ive tried extracting the file and putting it back on my MetroPcs Samsung Admire nothing works please help!!!!
  19. twogbsd

    Root Anyone still here??

  20. M

    Root Google Play Store Crashing. Help?!

    I recently installed Gen Verbous Rom on the admire. Everything seems to work fine except Google play store keeps crashing. I cannot even open it. Does anyone know a fix. I tried downloading the newest google play apk and after trying to install it. It says app not install. Any guidance would...
  21. M

    Root Using Linux Swap partition

    I have a 16gb class 10 microSDHC card in my Admire. I partitioned the card into 3 part 1 = 14gb Fat32 storage part 2 = 1gb EXT4 link2sd apps part 3 = 512mb Linux Swap All partition are primary I used Swapper 2 but keep getting errors. I have followed all of the tutorials and guides I...
  22. M

    Root Need links to download Roms + help with Swap partition

    I have searched everywhere on the forums for links to the roms for the admire. Can someone please guide me to a link so I can download a few roms. I am interested in admiral Beast and a few other ones that can use the overclocked kernel. OA looks okay. Also, I have a 16 gb microSD card that I...
  23. P

    Root :::::::::help install twrp please

    "_____I finally rooted my Samsung admire sch_ r820... So last night I attempted the final step after rooting which is RECOVERY << an I FAILED LoL ...can sum1 whom knows what there doing help me with the ( #TWRP RECOVERY or #CWM )?? PLEASE! *_*
  24. Ionkiller

    Root ODIN not working?

    So, I rooted and installed CWM on my Samsung Admire earlier this year, some time before Summer. I know the process of installing CWM. So, earlier this year, I messed with the phone, and put it on, but I took a wrong turn and forgot to install a kernel or something and left the phone at...
  25. andriodadmirer

    Root confusion about the cm7's

    hey does anyone know if there is a version of cm7 for the admire that fully works ?