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samsung continuum

  1. P

    Help Help with external SD card.

    Hi Forum People. First post here. Although I'm normally tech savvy, I can't seem to figure out how to set the ext. SD card as the default storage location for the camera/videos/%everything%. On a related issue, I'm unable to get the default music player to navigate to the ext. SD...
  2. eargasmicgiant

    Help samsung continuum sleep button works only when it wants to

    my continuum is sleep button works sometimes but mostly it does not, ive flashed it a couple of times using this tutorial http://androidforums.com/continuum-all-things-root/457453-oh-crap-i-screwed-my-phone-up-recovery-guide.html and its been fine some roms a little lag but all of a sudden the...
  3. eargasmicgiant

    Root samsung lags and sleep button is unresponsive alot

    i have a samsung continuum unactivated i use for fun and learning something new
  4. C

    What's the latest Andoid version that you can run on a Continuum?

    I've had my Continuum for 18 months now and am getting really frustrated with the lack of OS upgrades. I'm still running the Froyo update that Verizon pushed out almost a year ago. Its making me seriously consider rooting it to get a more recent (and more stable) OS. Some colleagues with S3's...
  5. J

    Root Can't Delete Stock Apps

    I used android terminal emulator and did the su, mount -o remount, ls /system/app, and wrote down all the apps I wanted to delete then went through and attempted to delete them all. Some of them said the app could not be found and others said nothing, which means it was deleted. After I was all...
  6. R

    Help need help, My i400 is not botting properly

    My phone i use for work is not working. Last night, my battery was getting low, so plugged it in with the only plug i could find which was a usb to the wall adapter. so when i plugged it in to charge it came up USB attached, debugged. I left it plugged up to charge. This morning, i...
  7. C

    EG04 Gingerbread leak

    Check out xda
  8. M

    Root Attempting to root with SuperOneClick

    So, similarly to every other iPhone-lusting person out there, I've decided to try to root my phone and mess with Superuser to get emoji on my phone. I've been following a guide (because I can't post a link, it's the guide on 'makeuseof.com', titled "How To Root Your Android Phone With...
  9. J

    Help Bypass continuum activation FOR GOOD!

    I'll start off with I already know *#83786633, that's nice and all but I want to know if there's a way to not have to enter it every time I turn the phone on. It's not in service(it was my old phone from almost 2 years ago when it first came out, before it was even on commercials, ha, I'm like a...
  10. ukrkoz

    Help Can not put phoner into download mode

    OK, I can not put Continuum into download mode. Odin fails to load half way, shows "fail". Reinstalled drivers from Verizon, phone is recogbized by PC and Odin shows COM connection. No download mode yellow triangle on the screen. Help?
  11. ukrkoz

    Help New settings do not stick

    Hi all. My wife's continuum will not remember any changes done to settings or to contacts, or screens. Every time it runs out of battery, and she does that often, it goes back to factory presets and all added contacts, buddies, etc, disappear. Same goes if you siply restart it. Loses every...
  12. ukrkoz

    CWM recovery - how to?

    OK, believe it or not, I can not put our Continuum into recovery mode. I can't find any working directions. Phone has been rooted for almost a year by now, and starts glitching, all I want to do is to CWM back up and factory reset it. What is specific buttons sequence to put it into CWM? Please...
  13. Gajymojo

    Continuum doesn't want to unroot

    Okay so i've tried unrooting my phone and it definitely seems like it doesn't want to budge. It's running the Clean Continuum rom. Now i'd like to get 2.2(for Instagram and be up to date) but getting the OG firmware/rom for this isn't available anymore on XDA site so i'm kind of stuck. Is there...
  14. C

    Help Minor Problems after Rooting Continuum

    I've successfully rooted my Continuum, but I'm having some minor issues. First, it'll occasionally say it's connected to the USB when it's not. Second, when I unplug from charger, it still indicates that it's charging. Third, I can't seem to turn it on unless it's plugged into the charger...
  15. T

    Help Back, home, menu & search keys

    Unable to use phone., somehow the home, back, menu & search keys are appearing on the bottom half of my screen. eg:back key symbol in left top, home key symbol in right top, menu key symbol bottom left and search key symbol bottom right corner. I have tried powering off, removing battery...
  16. S

    Help Email not retrieving from Yahoo mail

    Hey all, Yesterday, my phone stopped getting emails pushed from Yahoo mail. If I check the Yahoo client the emails are there, but I am used to them popping up on the ticker and in the native app. Here are the steps I have tried: 1. Reboot phone 2. Clear data from 'Google Services Framework'...
  17. M

    Help Gps?

    Hi. New to android (coming from a webOS palm pixi). I just got a used continuum and have it working with Page Plus. It is updated to 2.2.2 (which seems to be the newest available, rooted or unrooted), and the phone is not rooted (I am open to rooting, but want to hold off in case I decide to...
  18. D-U-R-X

    Samsung Continuum FAQ's

    This is a work in progress and, as such, if you feel that there is anything that needs adding, please PM a guide or start a thread in Private Chat With Staff with your suggestions. Many thanks :) 1. General Android phone FAQ's? 2. How can I improve my battery life? 3. Are there any Continuum...
  19. K

    Help Problems w/ the twlauncher

    I'm having a problem where everytime i try to go to my home screen or my apps screen i get the message that the com.sec.android.app.twlauncher has stopped unexpectedly then it goes back to my messages screen... Any help would be greatly appreciated in fixing this as i would like to do other...
  20. D

    Help samsung continuum glitching...

    Help!!, I bought a used samsung continuum, and it worked fine for a week and half maybe. But now it glitching. every 25 secs maybe less the screen blacks out like it freezing than it goes back to the lock screen. i dont know what going on with it but its driving me crazy. i cant even get a text...
  21. J

    Help PIN Lock Not Available

    I have a user with a Samsung Galaxy S Continuum. We are requiring PIN-type screen unlock codes. However, the option is not available on his phone - only the pattern-type. It's from Verizon. And their own support page indicates that it should be able to be configured with a PIN code. The only...
  22. M

    Help Why does it keep locking up?!?

    My husband's samsung continuum keeps locking up real bad... He doesn't have a lot of apps on it. He has had this problem pretty much since he gotten it,but his contract is not quite up yet. Does anyone else have this problem with this phone? If so any suggestion on what to do? Thanks!!
  23. C

    Help How to sort apps?

    I've got a Samsung Continuum SCH-I400 with the Froyo update. It's not rooted and I don't plan on rooting it. I don't want to take the chance of turning it into a brick. As apps get updated/installed/removed, the apps screen gets out of alphabetical order making it hard to find things. How can...
  24. N

    Help tethering my Continuum to PDA etc.

    Hello, new here and am having some issues with my Continuum. It now has the Froyo 2.2 and will not connect to my computer via PDAnet or Tether. Whenever I hook my phone up via USB it shows that the adb driver isn't installed and doesn't recognize my phone. I have windows 7, 64 bit. This...
  25. S

    cannot send sms

    My GF has a continuum that as of yesterday is no longer able to send text messages. The phone is able to receive text and calls fine as well as place outgoing calls. I have looked over her text settings etc and cannot find a cause. Anyone have a suggestion? Edit: I have since had her try...