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samsung galaxy ace plus

  1. H

    Problems connecting to a Honda Handsfree

    Am trying to get my Galaxy Ace Plus to show the phonebook in my friends new Honda Odyssey. It pairs Ok and I can ring into it Ok and ring out also but the phone book wont show up. Rang Honda who werent much help other than saying numbers had to be either in the phone or on the sim. I put them on...
  2. S

    Multiple SMS being received

    I have a Galaxy Ace Plus and I'm with Telstra (Australia). I have been having this problem, for sometime now and I've replaced the Sim Card, tried the Sim Card in another phone (Nokia) and Telstra staff reset my phone. It's still having the problem. It's not all the time, it appears to be...
  3. E

    Titanium backup question

    Does titanium backup get removed when resetting to factory default?
  4. E

    Cyanogen mod and recovery issues

    Has anyone been able to get cyanogen mod working for this device? Also.. How can I get stock recovery without factory reset?
  5. F

    Help Cannot connect to PC in dowload mod

    I use Kies. Normally can be connected. I want to make root and then ROM. Thank you in advance!
  6. K

    Root Safe Deletes

    Has anyone come up with a list of apps that can safely be deleted after rooting? Thanks
  7. E

    Help Help

    I want to factory reset my galaxy ace plus but need to delete my samsung account but dont know how please help
  8. T

    Cannot open gallery and open music

    Phone: samsung ace pluss Problem: cannot open gallery and view it... Hm someone pls let me know why this happen... Urgent! Thank you!
  9. T

    anyone know Galaxy Ace Plus S7500 2500mah battery?

    Hello frd, I have noticed my Galaxy Ace Plus S7500(been used over one year) battery life seems to be getting worse. Found an extended battery, however it cannot ship to my country, so I have to continue to look for and the MPJ 2500mah battery with same size as stock caught my attention. Anyone...
  10. T

    Help Settings Stopped Unexpectedly

    when i tried to open the 'Location and security' under settings, its gave me an error message saying 'The application Settings(process com.android.settings) has stopped unexpectedly.Please try again', i have a rooted smartphone and this problem never occured untill now, any suggestions?:confused:
  11. X

    barely run one day

    Ace Plus is my first smartphone got this March. After about one month of using it, i think the battery got drained quite fast. Assuming it was an issue with the numerous features of the phone that drain my battery, I started to monitor the battery and it lasted for a little longer after...
  12. S

    Help Android system problem!!(I think). Please, someone help me!

    How should I start..I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus, OS: Android 2.3.6 gingerbread and one day it suddenly decided to go crazy. I don't even know if it's a software or a hardware problem. When I plug the charger in, it will always show 99%, whether it is fully charged or not, when I unplug it...
  13. W

    Help Wrong Missed Call tone

    I have an on going problem with notifications on my samsung. When I miss a call it plays a strange, harsh telephone ringer type tone. I have my notifications set to a different tone but it ignores the setting in favour of this tone, which does not seem to be listed in the available tones. I...
  14. A

    I have a problem

    Hello Everybody ! I bought this mobile about eight months ago , It's so fantastic and everything is good : Applications , Games , Camera , Sound and so many advantages I like on it ..... But there is a problem faced me :- When I take a photo then I want to delete it , it's not deleted and...
  15. P

    Incoming call volume automatically shuts after phone call

    Hi everyone, I have a problem with my phone after an accidental movement that i am trying to consider what it was. So every time i change the volume control for incoming call to max or near it, after the first call that i can hear the phone ringing, when even i or the other side hangs-up...
  16. T

    Using proximity in smartphone is a good option ?

    if i use app to switch off and on my phone using proximity sensor will it be problem in future.... because i have already repaired my power on off button for two times in a year..... what other option i can have to avoid damaging my power button .. .thanks in advance. . .:) please suggest me...
  17. B

    Galaxy Ace duos GT-s6802

    I have a Samsung Galaxy ace GT-S6820. When i tried to install jellybean update through update-cm-10.1-20121231-UNOFFICIAL-cooper.zip from the sd card after rebooting in recovery mode and wiped date, cache, dalvik cache, and battery stats. then selected install zip from sd card and picked...
  18. M

    Storage capacity shown in windows explorer

    Hi everyone, I just bought the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus model GT-S7500L. I thought this model has 3GB storage capacity, but when connected to the PC, using windows explorer, it shows the total capcity is 1.83GB. From the Samsung Kies software, it also shows the total capcity is 1.83GB...
  19. R

    when will we get the android version as jelly bean?

    if we can't get the jelly bean then atleast you can increase our ram memory. we can't use games,apps,etc.because of insufficient ram memory. so i request you to increase our ram memory.
  20. P

    Incoming call ringtone duration

    I have got two Ace+'s (1 mine , 1 wife's), the problem I am having is when I get an incoming call, it rings for ages and then goes to answerphone. When my wifes phone gets a call, it only rings for about 10 seconds before going to answerphone. I don't know what settings are different to make...
  21. S

    Keyboard Freeze

    Hi, The keyboard of my Galaxy Ace Plus frequently/daily freezes up midway through writing something. I could be doing a text, google search, messaging, using an app. Out of the blue the keyboard will freeze. After it freezes I sometimes can't type anything, or even more weird can push in the...
  22. gksiddharth

    Root stuck at recovery mode of my phone

    excuse me.......could somebody help me out........there's a problem with my samsung galaxy ace plus ......i have accidently deleted my android_secure files and i am stuck in my CWM-based recovery (v5.0.2.8)... whenever i turn on my phone it gets into the recovery mode....... please advice....
  23. B

    Help Bluetooth connection

    At 76 I find these smart phones a little bewildering and unless I'm doing something wrong, not as smart as some of my previous phones. I have the phone paired with my Visorblade via Bluetooth but find that I have to physically connect every time I get in the car. Is this right or is there...
  24. S

    hidden files showing in recent files though hiding in go launcher ex

    hidden files showing in recent files though hiding in go launcher ex Previously it had worked but from past 3 days when im trying to hide t app in hide apps list It is hiding..but it is been seen in recent files. before it use to hide in recent files also..but now its not hiding.. Plzz...
  25. J

    Help [Q] Rooting my Ace Plus S7500 - Please help

    Hi, I am fairly new to this forum and did the read the noobie section first, so I hope I am abiding by any rules. Firstly, I have a Samsung Ace Plus S7500 on EE Network running gingerbread. I am fairly good with computers and have had experience in some basic things so I should be able to hold...