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samsung galaxy centura

  1. M

    Lost data on centura

    Centura froze, I took battery out and when I restarted it ,error message came up and I must have picked wrong option and it some sort of reset and I lost photos, texts and call history. I tried some recovery programs but when I connect phone to pc the programs say no device, I chose debug option...
  2. Dm47021

    Root Allow me to introduce myself, Developer, New Kernel, Rom

    I just got this phone to play around with from my little brother, as of right now iam working on a new kernel (my favorite thing to work on) that should just about make this cheap little phone rain fire and brimstone :) if interested, let me know
  3. G

    Help Broken screen.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Centura with a broken screen. It is a CDMA-V version through straight talk, I also have another, but it is a Samsung Galaxy Discover also through straight talk but it is a GMA-A version. Can I use the screen from the Discover on my Centura?
  4. R

    Help Connecting The Samsung to my Hyundai For My Playlists

    I have the Samsung Galaxy Centura (Tracfone) and wanted to connect it to our 2010 Santa Fe. I plugged in the phone to the car's MP3 port and the radio display showed "AUX connected". I selected a tune from my Amazon playlist on the Samsung and the phone played it. But not the car stereo...
  5. DanksF

    Help Home button lighting up but not functioning

    Hello. I am very pleased with my Samsung Centura. I have rooted it and de-bloated it and love the way it's running. Except for one minor detail. When I hit my hard home button it lights up but preforms no action. I can use my menu and back buttons no problem. I tried downloading ButtonMapper...
  6. P

    Root unlock bootloader

    Can Someone Send Me In The Right Direction For Help...?
  7. S

    Help Samsung Galaxy Centura Won't Turn Off/Other Problems

    I opened the Jailbase app on my Samsung Galaxy Centura today and doing that seems to have caused all sorts of problems. My screen turned dark except for some icons at the top of the screen. My clock is frozen and I can't turn the phone off. Does anyone know if it's possible to fix these...
  8. A

    Help Making wifi calls should be easy...

    Samsung Galaxy Centura, my first Android phone, so I'm a newbie to Android. I bought this phone from Tracfone and expected that when I make calls from my home, which has a private wifi network, the calls would go out over Wifi. That's apparently not happening because any calls I make, even from...
  9. The Sanity Inspector

    Help The old non-functioning MMS bug again...

    We all have tracfones in our family. My daughter and I have Samsung Centuras. I can send & receive pictures fine, but she cannot. Enabled mobile data: check. Turned off automatic download: check. Called *22890 & reprogrammed her phone: check. Still won't send pictures with the stock messaging...
  10. C

    Help New Battery Not Working...

    I have had my original battery bloat, and luckily didn't harm the phone, so I bought a new battery since the bloated battery was causing me some problems with the power and what not. I need my phone to be dependable for in case of emergencies. Anyways, the new battery has been on the charger and...
  11. N

    Root how to install custom rom on samsung galaxy centuria

    hey dudes i was wondering i have a rooted centura i rooted with poot my su app is superuser anyway my goal is to install a custom rom and get gapps
  12. N

    Root how can i get reboot on samsung galaxy centuria

    hey dudes i need to enable reboot directly from the power button menu? i am rooted stock rom
  13. E

    Help photo gallery help

    how do i stop all of those black squares from showing up in my download folder. when i go to find a pic for FB on the web my download folder ends up with like 200 of them, just from me browsing other images.
  14. B

    Help Custom Operating System

    This morning, I turned on my phone in my car. WiFi was off as was mobile data. There was a message on the phone that covered the screen asking if I wanted to install a custom operating system. Of course I could not get to the setting button as the screen was locked with the message. Is this a...
  15. J

    Root I tried to root my phone, but now I can't make or receive calls! Please help!!!

    So, I tried to root my phone because I wanted to record my screen and many screencasting apps, in some sense, required rooting. I was unsuccessful, and the next day, whatever call I make gets automatically disconnected. The problem grew worse to the phone that my mobile network is not available...
  16. Lisa_Charli

    Help PLS HELP Cannot Sync FB Contacts on Galaxy Centura DOES NOT SYNC PREVIOUS POSTS ARE NOT WORKING! :'(

    I have currently have my Google contacts on my phone, calls work fine, etc. I want to link current contacts with their FB Profile/photo. I have tried all the recommendations listed on this inquiry / forum, (i.e., Settings>Accounts & Sync> Add Account.... ) Nothing is working; reloaded FB app...
  17. H

    Root need help installing ClockworkMod

    hey i could use your help (i know am in the wrong thread but this was the only one i could find) anyways i need to install clockworkmod on my centura i heard about some development over at android area 51 but people say that that method has issues with poot.apk which i used to root the phone i...
  18. M

    Help Volume on samsung galaxy centura not working

    I droped my samsung galaxy centura out of my pocket and the volume does not work.it only vibrates.It wont ring or any thing.went into the settings and got avery thing as loud as it will go.But still dosnt work?
  19. M

    Help Help with Centura

    :mad:I am sick of this POS phone! I can't access WiFi in the field and now on 3G or at home I cannot make outgoing calls. StraightTalk tech support is a joke, so I have given up on them. Anyone else have this prob.??? I have downloaded all Verizon WiFi drivers, reseated the batt a million times...
  20. K

    Root need help plz

    hello i have a samsung galaxy centura i need a lit bit of help. i recently tryed to root my phone. so after using odin i tryed manully rebooting it after i did i see a samsung sign with a caution triangle and it just stays there how do i fix i cant figure out so is there away to get rid of it...
  21. S

    Help Freezing/shut off problem

    I've been having an odd problem with my galaxy centura lately. Atleast once a week I go take my phone out my pocket and hit the power button to unlock it, but nothing happens. At first I thought maybe the phone was shutting itself off, but the issue is it won't turn back on unless I take the...
  22. dyngar

    Root Working ClockWorkMod v6.0.3.6 for Galaxy Centura

    I have a pretty sweet working ClockWorkMod for the Centura now on my road to a custom ROM. It's version, it's got a whole bunch of features and whatnot. Just boot your device into download mode by powering it on with the volume down button pressed. Plug it into your computer and flash...
  23. T

    data usage signal

    How do i get the data usage off the top of my screen.the warning signal is there and i want to knoe how.
  24. G

    Help Help with SD Card

    Hello everyone! I needed to do a factory reset on my phone because it was acting weird. Before I did that, I connected my phone to my PC (Win8.1) and copied pic files from the phone to my SD card. Checked my SD card before resetting it, and the pics were all there. I reset my phone and all of...
  25. N

    Data Enabled, but not working

    Hey, my data is enabled, yet when I attempt any sort of internet connection when I'm out of Wi-Fi range, I get the error message that my data is not enabled. How do I fix this, please?!? This is on a Galaxy Centura through SmartTalk.