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samsung galaxy mini 2

  1. Q

    Update Using ZIP File

    I'm having all sorts of problem (mainly google play store has stopped unexpectedly) and spend hours doing everything on the net to fix it. Nothing works including multiple factory rebuilds so I thought I would upgrade from Gingerbread to a later version. I have downloaded the zip files and put...
  2. primator

    Help Youtube app endless sync

    My mini 2 is syncing continuously. I already did a factory rest, after updating all apps the issue had returned. I found out is is the youtube app. Didn't used it, but it still had over 2 hours of activity in one day. Only after i removed the updates form the youtube app, the endless syncing...
  3. A

    Help Wifi error

    I recently discovered that my phone gives me wifi error. Problem is when I turn on wifi it says "Turning on..." and than after few seconds it changes to "Error". I don't know what that means. I have tried rebooting it, hard reset and code *#526# (WLAN Engineering Mode) and it shows me this...
  4. F

    Help Dubious software update

    Hi, Being in a hurry, I have just executed a strange software update, without looking much at what was to be installed. The dialog window (quite different of usual dialog window for updates) mentioned something about Kies but I didn't remember what it said. As the update required phone...
  5. L

    Help Switches off frequently

    Hi, my Mini S2 frequently switches off and restarts. The problem is that I do not realize it and as long as I do not introduce the pin code of the SIM, I am not reachable; Very annoying. Does somebody have an idea of the problem?
  6. P

    Help android.process.acore not working

    when i try to save a new contact i get androi.process.acore has stopped working. I tried all what is said in these fora, clear contacts, uninstall whatsapp, fb, viber, skype,... Still not working
  7. L

    Help I have forgot my password for Vaulty App Need suupport

    Hello, I have been using Vaulty app since 3 months and forgot my password. This App is stored in phone memory. Can some one please advise how can I get back my all files hide in this app. I read another post for where we can restored photos if the Vaulty app stored in storage/memory card...
  8. R

    Root Package erur

    Hello I have a problem updating some programs. Fault is in the package Samsung galaxsy mini 2 gt-s 6500d Android 2,3,6
  9. S

    S6500 battery out of power fast

    My Galaxy Mini 2 S6500 powers off even when the it is charging. It acts like the battery is out of power after only using it for no more than half hour. Lost my only spare battery, bought from Mpj 3 months ago, somewhere between school and house last month. Can this problem be fixed with a brand...
  10. P

    Help Android doesn't connect with bluetooth module

    Hello Perhaps isn't the right place to post this... but... I don't know where to put it... Few months ago, I've bought the following bluetooth module - 'JY-MCU' I usually use it to stablish communication between Arduino and my Laptop, without any problem. It happens that now I'm trying to...
  11. B

    Recover a rooted GT-S6500D

    I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 (GT-S6500D), I rooted it with the help of this video youtu(dot)be/94vIeinaddQ. I had no problem , but after a few days there was an update for the phone and I clicked on "Install". And the phone was rebooting , when the clockworkmod recovery appeared...
  12. J

    Help Soooo frustrating!!

    Hi all I have a Samsung Galaxy mini 2. It seems impossible for me to download images from my Skydrive account to my phone so I can send MMS. I have the Skydrive app on my phone. When I want to send MMS I open messages choose new message then click attach, I choose picture then I have the option...
  13. P

    Help Stuck in bootloop

    Hello everyone. I recently installed a custom rom on my S6500 (CM 10.1) and wanted to go back to stock. After i flashed stock rom through ODIN, it gets stuck at boot loop and won't go into recovery (volume UP + home + power). I flashed CWM recovery but still nothing happens. I have no idea how...
  14. D

    Help Can someone help?

    Hi there I'm new here. I think I need a little help please. I have had my Galaxy Mini 2 now for well over a year and up until about 4 days ago I have not had one problem with it. The problem now is that for some strange reason my Mini 2 can no longer to connect to my home WiFi. I have tried...
  15. M

    Bluetooth headset

    Is there a way to increase the range of my bluetooth headset? I get about twenty feet now. Just curious.
  16. P


    Whenever i open my phone camera it will pop up a message written Error Message Handler (-1).....:(:(:(:(:(:(:(
  17. C

    Help samsung galaxy mini 2 won't start

    Hi Today I was on whatsapp on my samsung galaxy mini 2.I discovered than the wifi was not working anymore so i turned it off and on,but it turned off automatically.So i restarted the phone,long pressing the power button. But the phone didnt start anymore.What happend ? I tried to plug the...
  18. A

    Help HELP Samsung s6500D wifi driver problem or my phone is broke

    HELP Samsung s6500D wifi driver problem or my phone is broke Hi I have an problem with my S6500D. When i activate wifi, it say error.iF i try activate again the phone is rebooting. my phone is That it the begin error showing. after that my wifi not working ---...
  19. N

    Root introduce my self

    hi friend.. im new android user..so please help me if i have some troble.. my phone is jena(galaxy mini2)
  20. G

    Help Serious lag and overheat

    Hello Andriod forums. My phone is actually an Ace Q but it's a very rare phone and I have heard it's innards are very similar to a mini 2. So I just decided to post in the mini 2 forums. So about 2 weeks ago my battery started to overhead about 10 degree (celsius) over the average temp so I...
  21. D

    Root Phone is in recoveryloop, can't connect to Odin

    I've used factory reset on my phone, now it won't boot is stuck in recovery loop, and I may have turned debugging off. Am currently updating kies, but no hope of Odin being able to connect. Anyone has a solution? I have to use a BB for the time being, but I would really love to have my Jena...
  22. J

    Help Headphone Jack won't fit properly

    Hello, Recently when I tried to put my headphones into the jack of my phone,they did not go properly into the jack.Nothing is blocking it,it just stopped working
  23. D

    Help Connecting to an Email Server

    Hi, I work to a company , and most of time i am off my office , and i need to connect my phone to an email server from our domain server. My email is not an Google (Gmail) email adress. Is there any posibility that i can connect my phone to that server , that any email , recived to give me...
  24. M

    Help connection dropping during calls

    Hi everyone. when I make phone calls on my galaxy mini2 the calls keep dropping and I cant figure out why. I will be talking away and suddenly there is a bleep and my call has dropped. can anyone please help. thanks in advance
  25. Q

    Help Gmail

    Hi how do I delete mail frm my bin box I cannot se a delete botton can any one advise me please