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samsung galaxy note 10.1 2014 edition

  1. G


    Lately when I am using my fully charged tablet, all of a sudden the charge message comes on after about 2 hours of game playing, any answer to this
  2. S

    Help Screen wont light up, except after restart. I suspect hardware issue

    Hello mates. My tab wont light up after resting, and the weird thing is that it works fine after restart. The only thing that doesnt seem to work is the adjustable screen brightness (and thats a pain in the butt). I did a factory reset and the problem persists. I have no problem opening it up...
  3. D

    Cannot delete files

    Galaxy tab 10.1 2014 edition running android 5.1.1. How can it fail to delete a file, and how do I delete?
  4. B

    New Note 10.1

    Does anybody know if Samsung are going to bring out a new version of the galaxy note 10.1 2014, I am currently using the 10.1 2014 but am looking to get a new tablet soon. The Note 10.1 is very good and would really like to upgrade to a newer version. Gary
  5. L

    Help Help! Upgraded to KitKat - game in 2nd profile stopped working - 100s of hours of progress at risk!

    I've been receiving a popup window to upgrade my tablet's OS to KitKat 4.4.2 for a long time, but I've ignored it due to not knowing if I would lose my son's game progress on various games he plays. Well, last night I accidentally clicked the button to upgrade. I took heed to all the previous...
  6. W

    Lollipop - unable to delete from home screens

    Hi there. I downloaded Lollipop (5.1.1 / P600XXUDOJ3) OTA a couple of weeks or so ago, and finally managed to clear the 3 GB space the upgrade needed and did the deed last week. Really happy so far, except... I noticed that S Planner had disappeared from one of my home screens and accidentally...
  7. W

    Lollipop - unable to delete from home screens

    Hi there. I downloaded Lollipop (5.1.1 / P600XXUDOJ3) OTA a couple of weeks or so ago, and finally managed to clear the 3 GB space the upgrade needed and did the deed last week. Really happy so far, except... I noticed that S Planner had disappeared from one of my home screens and accidentally...
  8. anotheriwo

    Help cant connect to laptop

    it always on charging mode, cant sharing files. im already check the "usb debug" box in developer option. and install samsung usb driver on my laptop, i need to connect this via usb. am i missing something ?
  9. B

    need new charger for Galaxy 10.1 tablet

    My original AC charger for my Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition is old and frayed. It charges but lose the connection from time to time. I need a new charger but cannot seem to find one that works. I have ordered 2 from Amazon but they will not charge the tablet. I am using the charger for my Galaxy...
  10. B

    "Aging" Note 10.1 vs...everybody else

    Greetings! I'm in the market for a tablet and wanted to get the opinion of those who have owned this tablet to see if someone were buying a tablet today should I consider this or should I look elsewhere. The Note 10.1 draws me in because of the S Pen functionality and suite of apps. I really...
  11. S

    "Authentication Error Occurred" on Wi-Fi yet modem is OK!

    I just bought a Samsung 10.1 Note 2014 tablet (Android 4.1.2) off a private seller. I'm starting to be concerned, because I can't connect to wi-fi. (Something I never though of testing!). I have no problem connecting with my Galaxy Tab 4, so the problem is related to the Note 10.1. The first...
  12. A

    Help Blank screenshot

    Hi guys..... When I try to take a screen shot using the pen or buttons it turn out blank (all white)! Any suggestions? Thanks
  13. G

    Help Note 10.1 2014 black screen

    I have a Note 10.1 2014, it got the dark spots in the corners then the screen went black. It seems to be on because the buttons light up but still the black screen. I tried the fix of taking off the back and reattach in the display cable. I tried a few times and still a black screen. Any...
  14. K

    SD Card Recommendation?

    I am wanting to rip some dvds to a sd card, and then watch them on my 10.1 2014 tablet. Once the movies are watched, I will delete them and record new ones to the sd card. Which Sd card should I buy? Are they all the same or should I look for one with higher write/read speeds? What type of sd...
  15. lunatic59

    Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) Lollipop is here ... sort of.

    Just by chance I ran across a thread in another forum where a user was asking for help with a SM-P600 running stock lollipop. I thought WTF? Did Samsung finally release this? It turns out they did ... one version for Spain released on 11/04. P600XXUDOJ3 I'm not sure if a U.S. version is...
  16. T

    Help S-pen nib broken

    Hello all My S-pen nib broken and the other part is still in the note slot. Is there any way I can remove the stuck part and put in the new nib? Since the nib part is broken, I cannot use the available tweezer to pull it out. Thanks
  17. D

    Help Lost memory.

    Had 1.7Gb of free space on my Samsung Galaxy 2014 10.1. Started the 1.56Gb install of a racing game on the Playstore, Ashphalt 8, an hour later got a message saying "install failure due to insufficient storage space" on my device. Next thing I know I get a warning from my tablet saying...
  18. D

    Distorted sound problem

    My Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 is a great tablet, use it all the time and never had any problems, but switched it on today, and all the sound coming from it has gone up about an octave! Music, You tube, news reports, everything! People are talking like they are on helium, and it's driving me...
  19. M

    Help Wi-fi keeps turning off

    Hi, I've had my Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition for more than 1 year and until a couple of days ago I had no problems. Then suddenly one day I was unable to connect to my home wi-fi. I tried resetting the router and powered off the tablet, still no success. Then today I put more effort into it...
  20. Theunsjan

    Being replaced?

    Is the Note 10.1 (2014 edition) being replaced. Carriers in South Africa do not seem to stock it anymore.
  21. W

    Help System clock slow

    I own this tablet (which I love) and also a Galaxy S5 phone (which incidentally I also love). Over recent months I've noticed that the system clock (in the top right corner as opposed to any app) is lagging behind the clock on my phone by a little over a minute and getting gradually slower. I've...
  22. DemDog

    Help Will not charge . . .

    when I plug it into my laptop at nite to charge. I keep the laptop plugged in the wall all the time and the Note 10.1 plug into the laptop by USB in a hub. Have been charging it this way since I got it about a year ago. Now all of a sudden it will not charge. When I plug it into a wall...
  23. M

    Help Can't display a Web Cam on a Brower page

    I'm a first time tablet user so probably a pretty dumb question. When I use the internet icon on the Samsung Note 10.1 2014 Edition and go to a site that has a web cam the tablet will not display or hook up to the web cam. Using my Sony laptop the same web cam works fine. What the heck am I...
  24. G

    Root Bootloader

    I know this is a dumb question, but I want to root my note 2014. I have rooted phones before and always had to unlock the bootloader first. Does that have to be done on a tablet? I want to use the cahinfire method but there was no mention of unlocking the bootloader so I wanted to be sure.
  25. Jore

    Best Note Taking App

    I currently use Papyrus Pro on my 10.1 2014 and was wondering if there is a better app? I use this for personal and work meetings so looking for something that can synch, if there is anything better. I use the S-Pen so an app that can do hand-written notes. Thanks