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samsung galaxy prevail

  1. Rarewolf

    Root does anyone still have one click root?

    i want to see if i can use it even if its just for inspiration on the warp 7. trying to go back to my basics.
  2. rangerpaul

    A sad day...

    It's a sad day. My beloved Prevail has sh!t the bed. Even starting over from scratch couldn't save it. It boots up and gives superuser access appropriately, but then it just vibrates; buzz... buzzbuzzbuzz , buzz... buzzbuzzbuzz. I've really only been using it for playing games, so it's not a...
  3. J6Remy

    Help WetBiker7, he'll live on with us.

  4. S

    Root G360p

    Anything other than root available ? If not I'm considering getting rid of this phone.
  5. x432hz

    Root ..Arrivederci' Prevail..

    .. been burnin my original prevail for years now with ctmod, would continue using it until it's death, but when i went and changed my phone number the other day, boost's customer service could not get my trusty prevail to re-activate with the updated phone number. i tried everything, screw it...
  6. T

    Root 1st Gen Prevail Flashed To Incognito Activation?

    no flashing back ground or software programs here so please have patience with my questions or wording. i have a boost prevail that's flashed to an incognito(same meid showing on both phones info). i also have a mifi that's flashed to an incogito and on the grandfathered pay/go .50 account. the...
  7. Y

    Root Obtaining SPC Galaxy Core Prime (Virgin Mobile)

    I need help obtaining the SPC. I have the device rooted though any methods I know of I have exhausted for obtaining the SPC. Calling VM is not an option. Please help.
  8. J

    Root Adding files to SD card during ROM flash/install

    I want to add files to the SD card automatically during a ROM install/flash. I thought I could just add a directory to the zip file called "/sdcard" with the wanted files but that didn't work. I tried Google but the results misinterpret my search for wanting to flash a ROM from a sdcard. >:|...
  9. ForEverYours

    Root what apps are safe to remove

    I can't stand all these apps what can be removed safely
  10. antdogac

    Root help

    I used kingroot for root but the play store stopped working so I used rasher to try to flash cwm and now its stuck in download mode and my PC will not read it at all. Can some one post a root stock ROM and the driver for boost Mobile prevail lte please.
  11. TrustME90

    Root Email.odex

    I have a stock prevail on froyo EE14. The gingerbread ota wont flash because I guess the email.odex was deleted at some point. I can't use odin because my pc wont flash any prevail, so thats not an option. Can someone be so kind to provide me with the email.odex? Thanks in advance for any help!
  12. J

    still rocking the prevail

    4 years, baby! WHY WONT IT DIE???
  13. equant

    Help Run Without Battery?

    I just got a few Samsung Galaxy Prevails (Boost Mobile branding) and none have batteries. I can't get any of them to boot. Is that expected? Do they need a battery to boot? I was hoping to run them off of usb. Thanks
  14. salgadoadiel12

    Help Phone crashes an app?

    Well my dear prevail is dead ( to me), but i still use it, and suddendly it started doing as if an app crashes, you know, one vibrate, then 2 consecutive vibrations or something like that, but im not on any app, and it happens regularly now, but strange it only happens when i insert an sd card...
  15. A

    Root Prevail LTE root

    Recently had a buddy get the Boost Prevail LTE and he let me tinker with it and I found no successful rooting guides/programs so I gave it a try and was able to get su working. Warning, this was accomplished after many failed attempts at other methods (adb/oneclickroot/update.zip) so this is...
  16. Nickolasj80

    Root Prevail LTE Root?

    I just picked up one of the new SM-G360P Prevail. Does anyone know if any of the rooting methods in this forum work for the newest model of Prevail? I tried vRoot, but it did not work. Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks!
  17. vce2005

    Root Farewell !!!

    Hi Folks, I finally made the move and got a new phone, so I won't be hanging out here too much anymore.... I am still active on Android Forums, mostly in the Galaxy S3 section and also on XDA ( as : jce2005 ) ! I do have a final question : I got 2 Samsung Galaxy Prevail's and also an HTC Touch...
  18. BloodBlade

    Root Unable to get into Download Mode

    hi i have a rooted Samsung Galaxy Prevail. i wanted to put new versions of two apps into my cell that were in the apk format. i haven't done that in a long time so im not 100% sure i'm supposed to do that in download mode. my phone seems to be messed up. I downloaded a app called advanced task...
  19. J

    Root File Attachmnts Unreadable Binary Files

    I am finding it increasingly difficult to champion Android v. Apple because of the number of very annoying glitches that seem to be creeping in. I have a Galaxy S2 phone Android 4.1.2 Chrome 37.0.2062.117; an Acer Iconia B1-A71 tablet Android 4.1.2 Chrome 36.0.1985.135; an ASUS Transformer Prime...
  20. R

    Samsung Galaxy S3 codes (Field test mode)

    Hello, Is it possible to provide info on how to enable applications like field test. I am trying to use the codes currently provided on several websites and seems like everything is locked. Is there any workaround on that? BR George
  21. M

    Alternate Carrier?

    What other carriers can I use this phone on? Preferably a pay-as-you-go company that I can just buy a card and load up minutes on it as needed. This phone is too old to support many apps (even with SD-card tricks to have 1GB+ of app storage) so I'll just use it as a phone.
  22. schr9091

    Root Turn my prevail into an mp3 player

    ok since my beloved prevail is outdated and i now have the moto g i want to use my prevail in my car as an mp3 player i want to delete every thing i dont need can someone give me a list of everything i can delete using titanium or if a developer wants to make a mp3 rom...hint hint
  23. 5fdprox

    Root Rom question..

    Hey all, I was wondering since Ive heard the Prevail is very close in setup to the Galaxy Ring,and we have the same CWM recovery if any of these roms would work on the Ring??? Probably a shot in the dark but I had to ask bc this phone is boring me now a days! Thanks for your time!!
  24. BloodBlade

    Root GooManager Problem

    hi guys i couldn't find a post that discussed goomanager problems. at least not recent. anyway i recently got a message on cell that said: an update for your rom is available. i haven't been notified of a update in ages. can someone point me to where i can find out how to update it properly...
  25. sanchezrd13

    Help How do I...

    My phone does not boot up. My connector is damaged so my phone doesn't stay connected long enough to run Odin. Can I load a zip file into my SD card that can help me boot up my phone? I got an update for my phone, I was rooted, I backed up my phone in TB and CWM before I tried doing the update...