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samsung galaxy reverb

  1. D

    Root Desperate for working stock rom and or activation app.

    None of the other links worked. And the one that did was a bad zip. I am on party time 3.2 and need to go through the activation process. I have clockworkmod recovery. Is there a working Rom that has the activation software included, a Working stock Rom? Or can I just get the activation app? Help.
  2. shyFluttershy

    Help Turning the Reverb into a WiFi hotspot?

    I don't know if the issue is in my phone or in my tablet. My phone is running Jellybean 4.1.2 on a custom kernel that I got from this forum: 3.0.101-MiRaGe mirage@aurora #1 Tue Oct 22 17:41:23 EDT 2013 My tablet is a 2013 Google Nexus 7 (build number LMY47O) running Lollipop 5.1 on...
  3. P

    Help Files not adding up to the amount of space used according to Windows (and a couple other questions)

    This is a little hard to explain (sorry for the terrible title). I also have a couple other random questions. Before I get started I want to note that I have Windows set to show hidden files. 1) When I plug my phone into my Windows PC and right-click -> Properties; Windows shows that I have...
  4. V

    Root Recoveries

    What is the better of the recovery options; TWRP or CWM? Currently I'm using CWM, but I'm not sure which is better. If memory serves me right, TWRP allows for bigger sized backups, and I've been told that CWM doesn't play well with backups over 2gb. I've been wanting to check out the TWRP...
  5. S

    Root Need help finding an app.

    Hey there everyone, I want to install Android 4.4 on my phone, but there is no update and can not figure out how to on my phone. I am using a rooted galaxy reverb. Now, there is not update in the settings and can not find a download for it ANYWHERE!!! I was wondering if there was an app that...
  6. H

    Root Bricked phone and don't know what to do

    I just got a replacement reverb from VM after my previous one was acting up. I set up the replacement and flashed the Party Time 3.2 and everything booted up just fine so I backed up my 3.3 rom on my old phone and tried to flash it on the new one. It started restoring the backup just fine but...
  7. PlayfulGod

    Root [APP][ROOT] Saferoot APP - Root 4.1.2 without a PC!

    As some of you may already know saferoot is a versatile root method used for several devices including but not limited to the Samsung Galaxy Reverb. Well with a lot of help from pressypie and my own due diligence we have it working from an app. Yes you read that correctly, you can once again...
  8. V

    Root NEED ROM in tar. format for ODIN

    Can someone please link or generate a ROM that is in tar. format so I can flash it through ODIN b/c I can't access my Recovery thanks to boot loop.
  9. M

    Root Any Good ROMs?

    I recently started using my Reverb again and need a new ROM on it. I've used all the Party Time ROMs but want something new, preferably with KitKat as long as it's smooth (unless it's in beta, I would love to test it). Anyone know where I can find one? All feedback is appreciated, thanks.
  10. M

    Root Accidentally Deleted Launcher Help!

    The phone I own is a Samsung Galaxy Reverb from Virgin Mobile. I was deleting apps using Titanium Backup and while deleting some stuff, I accidentally deleted a file that was required to run my Smart Launcher. Immediately after going back to my home page, all the names for my app icons were...
  11. Armando Muñoz

    Root rom gamer

    hello I think spoke for many when I say that do not create a ROM gamer it especially for playing games
  12. C

    Root Update august 2014: Go here first for all who want to root, flash a custom recovery, and rom

    I am making this post for all the newcomers. Hopefully it will save you a lot of time. You can search this forum for more info on specifics, but here is an overview of what I did. I rooted with saferoot.apk, I got it from here: [APP][ROOT] Saferoot app - Android Forums I flashed the...
  13. Armando Muñoz

    Root rom

    alguien me ayuda a crear una rom para este terminal ya que las que an echo como la party time no me gusta mucho y que paso con la cyanogenmod
  14. P

    How Do I Block Calls From Certain Numbers? I Can't Find the "Reject List."

    So I keep getting calls from some scam number: 215-525-0073. I googled "block caller" and "block number" for the Galaxy reverb and several websites say it can be done. HOWEVER, when I follow their vague directions the option to do it doesn't appear like they say it will. Can someone help me out...
  15. D

    Root Yellow Triangle Away for the reverb

    The yellow triangle has plagued us all who don't like it BUT there is a simple method (not discovered by me but by Zenwafer over at the samsung galaxy rush forums) simply download terminal emulator and with root permissions (to gain them just type in su) type in reboot bootloader, you will now...
  16. P

    Root No pc root for reverb that works...

    I've been sweating over my Reverb (discontinued..got it for $50). It was ICS out of box and I took the update for JB 4.1.2 and it really sucks. Running Linux Mint on my pc, couldn't find a root that worked. Tried Odin in Wine, jOdin (the linux port), Heimdall, towelroot, poot, and a million...
  17. davidmargolin

    Root TowelRoot

    Anyone try Geohot's towelroot? Should work on our phone.
  18. G

    Root Reverb bricked

    My phone will not boot at all but can access download mode. The recovery mode doesn't show up using the button combo Power+VOL up I have flashed the boot.img the kernal, and recovery all to stock. My only chance is to try and create a bootable recovery sd card Or do you have the stock...
  19. J

    Root Noob Reverb rooting question

    Hello everyone, Sorry for the probably stupid question, but I have only had my Reverb a short time, and my only rooting experience is with a VM Chaser that was rooted with Poot... I got my Reverb and it immediately took the OTA update to 4.1.2 as soon as I powered it on and linked it to a...
  20. M

    Root [First time (Tried all day)] Unable to make phone calls rooting

    I was following this guide: http://androidforums.com/reverb-all-things-root/721940-welcome-jelly-bean-rooting.html#post5837608 I rooted my phone but the first time I rooted there was a caution sign on the phone ( this still appears even after I reset my phone on recovery and on the menu). I...
  21. G

    Root Rever bricked? Help?

    I was installing a rom from a different device (I don't know why just felt the need), It doesn't load the bootloader, but it can enter download mode. Also, it can't enter the recovery mode.
  22. D

    Root Rooting my Reverb

    I have a Galaxy Reverb that I have been trying to root for about a week now. I used the Ministro/Poot method. I have tried about 5 different times to root and get the same message. It says in Poot that permission is denied, a demon has materialized, code 18 and that the su binary was not...
  23. owsleybear11

    Root what ROMs are available for the Reverb?

    does anybody know any good custom roms for galaxy reverb newer than Party Time 3.0.3?
  24. V

    Root Virgin Mobile Stock Activation App

    Hello everybody, I am currently running Party time 3.2 and am about to update to 3.3 on my Samsung galaxy reverb. I recently went to VM site to change my number and when i got to the end of the process it said i needed to go into my phone and hit the activate app to start activation of my new...
  25. J

    Help Galaxy Reverb video streaming

    Most of the time I try to stream a video on either mobile or wifi it will suddenly stop and close the full screen view. I cannot watch YouTube or anything consistently on it. I have an unrooted JB 4.1.2 Any advice?