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samsung galaxy s relay 4g

  1. H

    Help Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G - Unable to Enable Developer Options

    I want to root my Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G and flash with a custom ROM; however, I am unable to activate Developer Options and therefore, unable to enable USB Debugging. I tapped the Build Number 7 times in the "About Device" section of Settings, but this did not work. This phone has been...
  2. W

    Help Not sure how to describe it.

    I was walking today with my phone when my music cut out so I went to check and it had turned itself off I thought it was due to heat. I tried to wake it, when that failed I tried to turn it on with the power button. After that didn't work I took the battery out and put it back in. It gave me the...
  3. R

    Help Wifi Tethering Workaround for Unlocked phone

    Hello All. I am the somewhat miffed owner of a Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4g that is unlocked. Now I have taken steps to enable certain things and will list them below. My Carrier is StraightTalk. I had a Nokia E71 with sim card and it was on AT&T's prepaid network through StraightTalk. I...
  4. P

    Root Keyboard layout functions not working HELP?!?!?

    When I go into Device>System>usr>keylayout>sec_keypad.kl I changed the funtion keys from: key 59 MENU key 60 HOME to: key 59 HOME key 60 MENU I then restarted the phone but there was no change to the settings. I went back to the sec_keylayout.kl file and it shows that the...
  5. M

    galaxy s relay: how do i make it ring only for certain people?

    how would i make it so that my Samsung galaxy s relay only plays my ring tone when my friends call or is this even possible. currently i have not tried anything so i'm just wondering if i can do this. p.s i copied this strait of the source forge submit area because it would not accept.
  6. L

    Help Unlocked from China; pre-installed malware?

    Hi, I recently ordered an unlocked Galaxy S Relay from China (manufacturer refurbished). This is my first android device; how can I make sure it doesn't have any malicious software pre-installed on it?
  7. U

    i415 drains 5-6% in an hour when 4G on

    My phone drains 5-6% in an hour when I am on 4G but doing nothing. Is this normal? It is Galaxy S Relay 4G i415 installing mpj battery as the stock was disappeared. Does 4G go into like sleep mode if I am not using it?
  8. R

    Help Wifi connectivity issues - utilities to blame?

    I'm having an increasing number of Wifi connectivity issues. For quite a while, I've had trouble when leaving a Wifi hotspot - the phone wouldn't connect to the data network (even though voice/txt was fine). I had to reboot to get my 4G data back. Now, I'm having trouble even staying connected...
  9. H

    Root CWM backups without blobs?

    Is there an alternate way to back up my device from recovery mode that will not generate any blobs (in the clockworkmod/blobs directory)? I'm using a Galaxy S Relay 4G, and I haven't found a version of TWRP which runs on that device. Therefore, I seem to be stuck with CWM. I understand the...
  10. H

    Root TWRP for T699?

    Does anyone know of a version of TWRP which works on a T699 (Galaxy S Relay 4G)? I don't see any T699-based recovery versions on the TWRP site, but I'm wondering if perhaps there's a new or possibly unofficial version of TWRP that will work on my Galaxy S Relay 4G? Thank you very much in...
  11. R

    Help Random blue screen and visual static

    I've got a stock Galaxy S Relay 4G, not rooted, software current, which has suddenly started displaying a blank blue screen, requiring a battery-out reboot. There doesn't seem to be anything in common between events, except that I'm performing a screen-tap action. I've also started...
  12. S

    Galaxy Relay 4G full case?

    I can't seem to find a case for my Galaxy Relay that the phone would stay in, yet protect the screen every one that covers the screen, you have to take the phone out of to use it. I had been using Noreve cases in the past and the phone would stay in them, and protect the screen when closed...
  13. J

    WOW!! T-Mobile eliminating data and messaging charges for overseas usage.

    T-Mobile is eliminating data and messaging charges for overseas usage. (in select countries) Dropping voice calls to US$.20 per minute. If you travel overseas, this is Amazing news. I used to get home to $hundreds of dollar phone bills after a long trip overseas. I started using a foreign...
  14. S

    Does this phone have DLNA?

    I had to ask because Samsung does a really bad job of listing all the features on their mid-range smartphones. Also can we confirm this phone has MHL?
  15. P

    Help Battery Drain

    I've had this phone for a few months and really liked the battery life. About a month ago, I bought a spare battery off Amazon. It was advertised as the Samsung battery and it looked identical to my original battery but it faded much quicker and I returned it. Ever since then, my original...
  16. septembergurl

    fix for MMS sending/receiving issue on Sidekick 4g & Samsung Relay 4G

    I've had this issue on two phones since I've been with T-Mobile starting in April 2013. So I know it's not just my Sidekick 4G. I've tried a lot of things after chatting with 5 T-Mobile reps about having a problem not being able to send/receive MMS, and finally this is the fix I've found (was...
  17. E

    Root looking for odin flashable CWM or TWRP

    hi.. my attempts to root my relay have failed because the cwm everyone seem to point towards is unable to flash anything else (not superSU, not twrp), every time i try i get signature verification failure. the cwm i have does not allow for signature disable, so i'm trying to see if there's...
  18. M

    Help Customized Ringtone Problem?

    I have two Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4Gs and I noticed that on both of them, with the customized ringtones we have selected, the first 2 or so seconds of the audio that plays when calls come in is muted. Is anyone else having this problem? If so, potential fix? We use ICS. Other than that...
  19. J

    Now that's a keyboard

    Dear Samsung, Please go back to school to learn keyboard design. The Relay is a kickass phone except for the keyboard. Check this out....Now that's a keyboard! :party:
  20. T

    Help Problem with moving programs to external SD card.

    Okay, background. I'm running Android 4.1.2, and my phone has 5GB of internal memory. I enjoy language learning apps and a few games, and predictably enough, now I have the "not enough memory" error. Simple fix, right? I bought a 16GB SD card, plugged it into the phone...and now I can't use...
  21. J

    T-Mobile updates Relay to Jelly Bean!

    I just discovered the operating system update yesterday. I downloaded and installed it in less than 1/2 hour. So far everything is running smoothly. This appears to be a secret update-only available until May 30th, so you better hurry. I downloaded the update using WiFi. Its about 400mb...
  22. J

    Help Yahoo log-in failure

    Anyone getting the Log-in failure with Yahoo email? If so, anyone found a way to fix it? I've tried clearing the cache and removing and reinstalling the Yahoo email account. This just started about a week ago. I've seen lots of others online who have this same issue, not just us Relay users...
  23. W

    Help Silent Mode turns off at midnight!

    For a while I noticed that my phone would wake me up in the middle of the night with notifications even though I almost always remember to switch to mute my phone with silent mode every night before I go to bed. A few times now I noticed it would vibrate once at midnight; turns out my phone...
  24. L

    Help Connected to wireless, but no data transfers

    Hi. I just got my Galaxy S Relay yesterday, and I'm already having an issue with it. When connected to wifi, it will sometimes just stop transfering data between the internet and itself. The icons (up and down arrows) appear intermittently, but they do nothing. This behavior manifests...
  25. S

    Help HELP! Music player won't stop randomly coming on!

    My Samsung Galaxy Relay was recently updated to the new Jelly Bean OS however it didn't fix my random music problem. I know a lot of people have a problem with the phone playing music after inserting headphones however my problem doesn't seem connected to that. I mean I have been plugging it...