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samsung galaxy s2 plus

  1. Al_Arslan

    Root CM 12 available?

    Please tell me is there Official Cyanogenmo 12.1 for SGS-II Plus?
  2. L

    Help Unable to mount internal Storage

    Hi All, I have a Samsung Galaxy S2. I have NOT rooted my phone. I do not have an external micro SD card. I noticed that I was unable to open gallery. I checked and found that the internal Storage (16GB) is missing. When I click on mount SD Card it says preparing to mount and then comes back to...
  3. S

    Ridiculously low battery life using audio player after calibrate

    A few weeks ago I took out my sd card to update my media through card reader since I can't connect my s2 to my pc via usb. This is the only method I can use and I don't do it that frequently. The last attempt I had a problem which wiped all the data and I had to put all the folders and files...
  4. C

    Help Wi-fi keeps truning off

    Hello everyone! For a couple of days I noticed something strange about my Samsung S2 Plus. If I try to turn on my wi-fi it would turn off right away. Can someone help me with this problem, please?
  5. R

    Help s2 plus i9105 battery drops suddenly from 50% level

    hello.. i have a galaxy i9105 and it always works fine untill the battery percentage reaches 50% ..it suddenly drains to 0 in 3 minutes max !! while the first 50% (from 100 to 50) makes it to nearly 3 or 4 hours of continious inernet connection .. facebook..youtube etc.. i tried to root it but...
  6. N

    Help Memos gone after update

    I updated my Samsung Galaxy SII Plus a couple of days ago. When I open TMemo it tells me that I need to reset the password to complete the migration.I entered the password I used for my locked memos(I know it's right), but it says that the passwords don't match.What should I do?I need my memos...
  7. A

    device has been modified

    I used some photos recovery software that was installed in my pc and I had to connect my fone via data cable and during the process of recovery, the software restarted my fone twice or thrice and now Device status shows custom and I cant update the device as it says "your device has been...
  8. A


    These are some screenshots, someone please help me figure out whats wrong... my battery goes down for no reason and the fone doesnt sleep.
  9. X

    Help PLEASE HELP-Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100P...No signal problem

    Heu , this is my first post on these forums and I would just like to say I have no idea what details to include so here goes. About a week ago I rooted my GT-I9100P and since then I have had absolutely no signal and really bad battery drainage. I tried removing root and putting phone back to...
  10. R

    Help Recover memos after android update

    Yesterday I updated my S2 plus to 4.2.2. Now all my memos in S Memo are gone, it asks to enter the reset password. I had one locked memo, of which I know the content by heart. Apperently I am not able to recover all the other non-locked memos because I forgot the password of this one locked...
  11. S

    Help Galaxy S2 Plus no dimmer or contrast settings

    I have two issues related to the screen brightness and contrast I can't seem to figure out on my own. Firstly, the brightness settings. When I have it set to manual on the lowest setting it's still a tad brighter than what I would like and I've noticed setting it on auto brightness actually...
  12. D

    Help Samsung I9105P Galaxy SII Plus - Updating Android

    I've recently purchased a Samsung I9105P Galaxy SII Plus and this is my first phone with an Android system in it. The version of Android the phone shipped with is 4.1.2 and I've read that 4.4.2 (KitKat) is also compatible with my phone. The question is: How do I update it? As said, this is my...
  13. C

    New samsung SII plus wont turn on

    I need some help. I bought new Samsung SII plus just two days ago. It worked fine for two days. But today I turned it off to put the memory card in it. Immediately after, I tried to turn it on, but it wont turn on. I took out the battery and placed again, for a number of times, but nothing...
  14. L

    Root Cyanogenmod-like quick settings ribbon without Cyanogenmod?

    Hi There I recently bought a new phone - Samsung Galaxy s2 plus. I wanted to move to Cyanogenmod, only to find that the vibration doesn't work at all for the ROM for my model. Since I need that I stayed on the Samsung stock Jellybean ROM, and the only thing I really miss is Cyanogenmod's quick...
  15. E

    Help s2 plus

    Hi iam new to android forum . I have a problem with my galaxy s2 plus (Gt-I9105P) I have update with jeally bean 4.2.2 but now I cant save nothing in my micro sd card (external memory ) every time my phone shit down or restart every thing goes deleted ... anyone can help with this.. thank...
  16. C

    Problem after Software updates

    After updating the version from 4.1.2 to 4.2.2 certain facilities curtailed like favorite call list , call rejection message .pl help
  17. L

    TMemo folder appeared

    Hi, after updating my device to android version 4.2.2 I noticed a new folder named "TMemo" on the device storage. When deleting the folder it just reappears after about 5-10 seconds. The only app I have manually installed is firefox and most of the built-in apps have been disabled. Can anyone...
  18. A

    Help help please

    So i have a samsung galaxy s2 plus gt-i9105 running on jelly bean 4.1.2 bought it 3 months ago, and i have a problem with my play store, when i enter it i only see categories and when i click on one of them no apps are showing but a white page with no errors. I tried entering play store with my...
  19. K

    Help Bluetooth

    I have a nokia bluetooth handsfree but my phone couldnt identify tht device.Same thing happend with my bluetooth smart watch (sony ericsson).Is there any problem with samsung s2 plus bluetooth ????
  20. A

    Help Android OS eating up battery

    Android OS has been eating up my battery time and time again. It itself gets stimulated and consumes alot of battery like about 60% and in its normal state it consumes about 6-7%. I have done factory reset twice and at the moment I am having just 2 appa installed but it has got nothing to do...
  21. M

    Help galaxy s2 plus.. storage prob..

    i have samsung galaxy s2plus... bt i cannot move my downloaded apps to the external SD CARD ... through the above process.. acan u have me out.. or there isn't this kind of function in s2plus to move apps??? regards
  22. D

    Help Moving Apps to external SD Card

    help please, how to move Galaxy SII plus Apps to SD card?? thanks in advance i have tried many apps but its not working/supporting.
  23. N

    Help apps on sd - sgs2 plus

    hello, i have SGS2 and i know that when i download an app i can go into it's details and hit "move to SD". my mom just got a SGS2 Plus which has only 4GB internal memory and i got her an sd card (16 gb) thinking i could do the same. but i can't see that option anywhere. the phone reads the...
  24. M

    Help Deleting my RAM-memory?

    So I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 plus, and I want my phone to get faster. I know that the easiest way to do that is to delete your RAM memory. But What exactly do you delete when you do that? I mean, I know it deletes inactive and background processes. But does it also deletes information like if...
  25. M

    Help viber freeze on S2

    hello Does anyone have an idea why viber is freezing when I dial. I wont be able to end the call or open loudspeaker. I just can't press anything. I have to wait till the other user to end the call. any suggestions?