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Help s2 plus i9105 battery drops suddenly from 50% level

rida dada

Oct 7, 2014
hello.. i have a galaxy i9105 and it always works fine untill the battery percentage reaches 50% ..it suddenly drains to 0 in 3 minutes max !! while the first 50% (from 100 to 50) makes it to nearly 3 or 4 hours of continious inernet connection .. facebook..youtube etc.. i tried to root it but nothing changed .. knowing that i used two different new batteries and the android version is 4.1.2 jellybean ..
please reply soon It started to piss me off !! >:eek:
I had the same problem (to my understanding) on a Huawei device. What helped me was to really drain the battery, then make a full charge, and then drain it completely again. What this supposedly does is re-calibrating the battery level, which was way off for me.

So, try to run the mobile as usual (I'd remove root, but that shouldn't be necessary) and when it dies, do NOT charge it. Instead power it on again and let it run as long as it can. Repeat an infinite number of times, or until you feel you're turning crazy, and THEN charge it full. Repeat the draining process, and then give it one more full charge and see if the battery level now is correct again.

Just remember to set the mobile on silent mode before you need to restart it over and over. ;-)
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