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samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket

  1. vice86

    Help Can't flash stock rom or stock pit in Odin

    Hello all...i've tried everything to try to bring my old S2 I727 back from the half-dead but just can't figure it out. Quick backstory. GF's kid wanted a phone so we gave him an old S2 I727 with CM10 (or 9 can't remember) on it for service with Cricket. One day the phone just quit on him and it...
  2. M

    No audio through paired/connected Bluetooth earbuds

    Hello, I'm using a gs2 skyrocket running 4.3.1 cm10.2. I'm also using LG HBS750 earbuds. Everything seems right, but no sound comes through the headphones. Before this, I was having problems syncing my Fitbit device, which was solved with installing a zip file to enable BLE on the device...
  3. R

    Unable to remove gmail account

    I have a samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket from which I would like to remove a gmail account. So I go to Settings, Accounts and Sync, then select the gmail account, then I select the "Remove account". But it keeps stating that "Account required by some applications ...". I don't want to do a factory...
  4. C

    Help I uninstalled my OS and can't find a way to fix it.

    I wiped my phone while messing with it. Now it has no OS so it can't be launched and all the downloads for the OS haven't worked. Please help. Phone is a galaxy S2 SGH-1727R. Just a link to a tutorial would be great. I'm going to keep looking in the meanwhile.
  5. B

    Help Only 2g on mobile data

    Like the title says I only have 2g data while on mobile. I have re-flashed CyanogenMod 10.2. If I try to move to another network it is not allowing me to download or upload anything. I cannot even bring up a website. Wifi works but no 3G or LTE. I'm running the latest skyrocket radio as well...
  6. G

    Just received an OTA update

    My Skyrocket just installed an OTA update from AT&T. It's still on Android 4.1.2, so what was in this update for such an "old" phone?
  7. S

    Help [SGH-S959G]My Phone won't turn on anymore, can anyone help?

    Sorry if this is the wrong section, I couldn't find the specific forum for the phone version I have (Straight Talk/Tracfone) Hi, let me preface this by saying I am an idiot. For a good time my phone has been having issues and I've mostly just been procrastinating trying to deal with them, or...
  8. F

    Help i727 Screen calibration issue after kies upgrade to jelly bean

    I upgraded to jelly bean the other day with the kies software. All seemed fine initially however as soon as I unplugged my phone from the computer and then unlocked the screen, the touch screen calibration was off. When I touch the lock screen and don't move my finger it sees exactly where I'm...
  9. T

    Help No Network...

    I had my Skyrocket in my pants pocket, and it went through the washing machine. I'm happy to report my Skyrocket is squeaky clean, and ALMOST everything works. Except I have no network. It is as if the GSM Radio is shut off.. I get no error when the sim is removed, or not put in properly. The...
  10. S

    Help Galaxy S2 Camera Issue

    Wondering if anyone has an idea about a camera problem with my phone. When I go to the camera, everything loads except the buttons. I've waited for up to a minute for the control buttons to show, but they will not, and even the bottom row of controls where the home and back button are located...
  11. S

    Home screen/button problems

    I recently dropped my phone into water. I was able to save the battery and the rest of it, and it is working fine. The only problem it is giving me is that whenever I click the home button, it takes me to some default screen that isn't my personal home screen with all of my applications. The...
  12. R

    Help battery charge indicator incorrect after water damge and restore

    Hello, I posted this in the XDA forum a couple of weeks ago, but with no success in finding a solution, so I realized I should post it on your forum and any others that might have members with similar experience. I would really appreciate any replies. Thanks in advance: I have searched and...
  13. T

    Best Android version for Galaxy s2 (T-Mobile version)?? + Problems with phone! :(

    Hey guys recently my galaxy s2 has been giving me and my family some strange problems. The keypad won't write anyways in swype or regular typing, and sometimes the active applications widget just won't open. More annoyingly, sometimes I would press the button to call someone, and nothing would...
  14. Q

    Help What's up with my awful download speeds? Less than 1 down and less than 1 up?

    Anyone else having this issue? I have 4 bars of 4g LTE service
  15. jungleexplorer

    Root stable rom for Skyrocket?

    I am wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a stable ROM for the skyrocket? I was using the stock JB ROM but it was too bloated and sluggish, even after rooting and removing bloatware. I recently triedbout the latest kitkat CM nightly , but it was glitchy. I am now running SuperNexus for...
  16. R

    Skyrocket Status Update

    Well, I've had my Skyrocket since Jan 2012 and it has mostly been a positive experience. Recently, I've been having a problem with the forward facing camera on my phone and getting the message "Camera Failed". I also feel like the phone was considerably slower and it had become irritating...
  17. J

    Help Misunderstanding about the storage system...

    I don't understand why the device memory is limited to 2GB whenever every app is installed there first. The only reason I am able to still have most of my games is due to my SD card. Some games can't even be moved to the SD Card! On the other hand, the USB storage has 11GB which is used for...
  18. jlzibell

    Help Unlocked AT&T I727 doesn't have internet on T Mobile

    Hi, Trying to pass on my Skyrocket to a friend. I had it unlocked with a code provided by AT&T. When the T-Mobile Sim from their phone was inserted, everything looked good. Signal, messaging, calls all good. When trying to get on the internet, no go. The Skyrocket has the latest software...
  19. H

    Help s2 skyrocket earspeaker not wroking

    hello: please anyone can help! the earspeaker of my s2 skyrocket is not working. it is silent. handsfree is working good. loudspeaker is also ok. earspeaker was working fine. i have jellybeans official release on it. one day it fell down from my bed. after that I make calls on it and it was...
  20. D

    Upgrade Skyrocket to Android Kitkat

    Has anyone tried any of the 'unofficial' Kitkat upgrades that are available? I know that Samsung and Android aren't doing a release for the Galaxy S2 Skyrocket but I've found a variety of operating systems that I can install that claim they provide the Android 4.4.2 Kitkat experience. I can't...
  21. A

    Help NFC turns itself off

    Greetings, i have the Galaxy Skyrocket with the 4.1.2 AT&T update, i have the NFC Option unlocked but when i turn on, it turn off itself again. I have the NFC Battery and its a stock rom from AT&T i flashed with Odin. What im doing wrong ? Or do i need to use a custom rom ? Thanks !
  22. K

    Screen rotation problems.

    Hi everybody, I am a Galaxy S2 Skyrocket user. Yesterday I flashed stock android 2.3.5 just to check some performance and old apps. Today I went back to stock android 4.1.2 and I see something unusual with rotating. When I flip my phone to landscape, it rotates very smoothly and quickly, but...
  23. J

    Help Activating Hot Spot option on unlocked S2?

    I had my S2 unlocked by AT&T when the contract expired (I moved to a Note 3). I have used the S2 internationally with local SIMs for phone calls and 3G access without problems. However, I recently tried to use it as a hot spot and received a message (I don't have the exact wording) saying that...
  24. jungleexplorer

    Root Bloatware to uninstall list?

    Okay. I rooted my i727 (JB 4.1.2). Now I want to uninstall all the bloatware. The question is, what is Bloatware. Of course, anything that comes from AT&T is, but what else? There are several apps from Samsung on my phone that look like bloatware as well, but I am not sure. Is there a...
  25. K

    Would a new battery help?

    My dad gave me a Galaxy S2 Skyrocket I727, and I am enjoying it except for the battery life. I have been researched and turned off everything I can think of that might drain the battery fast. My dad has a mpj battery as spare, but it disappeared. Would a new battery help? If possible I would buy...