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samsung galaxy s3 mini

  1. S

    Root How to indoor Samsung galaxy s3 mini

    I have been searching hours on the internet and am now finally giving in and asking for help. I bought a Samsung galaxy s3 mini that has been jailbroken however I can't use some of my apps such as banking apps so I want to remove this and restore the phone to the factory settings. Super su is...
  2. F

    TWRP Loop and impossible to use adb on Galaxy S3 mini

    Hello everybody, Yesterday I had the brillant idea to click on factory rest on my galaxy s3 mini under CM. I am now stuck in an everlasting loop in TWRP. I tried to boot in download mode but it doesn't work... I also tried to use adb but the phone is not recognised by the computer (USB device...
  3. K

    Help Odin Flash Failure & Virus Removal

    I recently bought a used Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini and it appears to be infected with viruses (I did several factory resets including at least 2 hard resets and there are random programs that stay installed). I want to remove them before actually using the phone as my main phone. The phone works...
  4. G

    Root Android has a massive Virus HELP

    Hello, i helping a friend, with his phone, since i'm an apple guy i don't know a thing, i would love to recive some help for you :) anywyas my friend got some apps and ruined his phone, it erased everything and when i restarted everytime it shows me systask error and has to close, or other...
  5. S

    Help HELP!!! my phone Samsung S3 mini is on Factory mode

    Help!!!!! Does anyone can help me? My phone is turn to factory mode for few hours! Does anyone know what's happen and how to fix it? The screen is in black colour & Mr Android Jelly Bean is saying Downloading.... Do Not turn off target!! Message shown: Factory mode Product name: GT-I8190N...
  6. R

    Root Not sure if I have the right Rom or not

    Hello guys! I was recently looking into rooting but I noticed that there are very specific roms based on the firmware of your device. My build number on my Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is XXAML1. However, I could not find this on any website. I have been looking at this website which has the right...
  7. Joshj177

    Root S3 mini in boot loop

    Ive searched for days now and still no answer I cannot get into recovery mode and I'm in a boot loop and don't know how to get out of it plsHELP!
  8. T

    Root Symlink: some symlinks failed

    Hello forum! Yesterday, I tried loading new ROM for my device. I followed the tutorial step by step. Everything went good, I loaded CWM (latest version v6.0.2.7) thru Odin, then I tried installing CM 11.0. In the instaling process, an error popped up: Symlink: Some symlinks failed, instalation...
  9. paddroid

    Root cannot seem to make second partition on sd card?

    Hello i have a galaxy s3 mini 18190N with a 32gb external micro sd card and basically the phone started lagging and space was low so i looked at rooting with the purpose of using apps like app2sd and link2sd to move apps to the 32gb card. i have since managed to root the device but cannot seem...
  10. S

    Root Device Software Uninstall

    hi i have a problem with my Samsung Galaxy s3 mini well i install the app called System App Uninstaller ( Which can uninstall all the programs softwares app ) but unfortunately i Uninstall Some Most Important SOftwares And programs of Device now i got the error com.android.phone and...
  11. jemdem

    Root Can't root GS3 mini (GT-i8190N)

    Hi all, I'm trying to install Cyanogenmod following this tuto but I'm stuck at the first step : installing TWRP (or CWM). I followed precisely all the instructions, Odin confirms it went well, but when I try to boot the recovery mode by holding Volume up + Home + Power it seems to boot another...
  12. J


    Hi Ich will mir eine Ladestation für mein GT-I8200N kaufen und wollte fragen ob ihr Vorschläge habt ich hab eins gefunden ( http://www.mediamarkt.de/mcs/product/_INTENSO-Mobile-Ladestation-Powerbank-2-600-mAh,48353,464039,1550441.html?langId=-3 ) weiss nicht ob es gut ist Danke im voraus PS...
  13. J

    Root android logo stuck issue

    please help me!!! i can't use my android phone now because it doesn't boot to the home screen. i tried to boot it in recovery mode but it does not boot in recovery only in download mode. my phone is samsung s3 mini and it is rooted. version-android kitkat 4.4.4. when i tried it to flash in...
  14. H

    Download folder missing?

    Hi folks.My download folder has dissapeared? It used to be in apps/all files/sd card but there are no download folders at all anymore? Any idea what could have happend to it? Also if I go to all files/Sd card there is one white file called qs.pid where all the others are yellow folders? If I...
  15. C

    Help S3 Mini doesn't turn on

    Hi h r u all can any one help me please for my galaxy s3 mini gt I8200 not tune on?
  16. 5

    Help fading screen

    Hi , what is the recommended solution to a fading screen and what causes it?
  17. V

    Root s3 mini keeps restarting after rooting

    Hello, I've tried to root my Samsung galaxy s3 mini (GT-I8190) with Odin. I've followed the instructions from this site: http://www.android.gs/root-galaxy-s3-mini-i8190/ After choosing the rooting package that I've downloaded as I was instructed, my phone simply keeps rebooting just a few...
  18. A

    Root SuperSU asks me a question about binaries, what should I choose ?

    Hi guys, I've got a Samsung SIII MINI GT-I8190N with Android 4.1.2 and I've just rooted it, I used Odin 3.07 and "recovery-clockwork-touch-" and "UPDATE-SuperSU-v1.94.zip" that I downloaded here http://download.chainfire.eu/396/SuperSU/ I followed this tutorial...
  19. A

    Root Broken screen, access files from CWM.

    Hi all, So, I am trying to fix my friend's S3 mini. The screen is not working and touch is not working. I managed to (blindly, phew!) flash CWM on it to be able to access the files on the internal SD card. In normal mode, USB debugging is not enabled, so I can't unlock the screen to copy the...
  20. D

    Root (deleted)

  21. T

    Help Unable to change lock screen picture s3 mini

    i have just done a factory reset as was having performance issues with my galaxy s3 mini. I now can't make a picture from my gallery my lock screen background. I can change the home screen but not lock screen. I only seem to be able to use the wallpapers that come with the phone. I tried an app...
  22. W

    Help Samsung s3 mini softbrick please help pulling my hair out with frustration

    Hi all I would be very great full if i could lend a hand regarding my Samsung s3 mini GT-I8190N UK OPEN TO ANY NETWORK . The problem i have is i cant load the phone up all i get is the the "SAMSUNG GAKAXY SIII MINI GT-I8190N LOGO". I however can get into download mode , recovery mode is not...
  23. B

    Help Problem with lock screen and wallpaper

    I have a samsung Galaxy s3 mini and seem to have developed an issue with the lock screen and wallpaper. They both can be set individually but if I change the wallpaper using a picture from my gallery , it now changes the lock screen to the same picture. I have tried setting one from going into...
  24. K

    Root Cyanogenmod 10.2 "no service" problem?

    I installed CM 10.2 on my samsung s3 mini. now i cant text/call and receive texts and calls. can anyone please help?
  25. Blurple8

    Samsung s3 mini loses wifi

    My Samsung Galaxy s3 mini will lose WiFi password if restarted or on flight mode I'm on 4.4.2 So any suggestions?