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samsung galaxy s4 google edition

  1. Z

    Root Updating Samsung Galaxy S4G Custom ROM

    Hi guys, I put a Google Play Edition 5.1 ROM on my Samsung Galaxy S4. The flash all went successful and I am very pleased with the ROM. The problem is however, is that there is always an update notification popping up. When I accept the update, it reboots into my custom TWRP recovery mode. Is...
  2. D

    Root Root access On/Off functionality

    Hope I am not making fool of myself. I am reading a lot about rooting Galaxy S4 Play edition (I9505G) and eventually install CM, since Samsung doesn't look like going to give any more updates. Plus, I want write access on external SD card. Once I am done with whatever I wanted to do, I don't...
  3. D

    Help Installing CyanogenMod without rooting

    I have Galaxy S4 play edition, currently on 5.0.1 Although google has opened up writing to SD card, for some odd reason, I can't write anything on SD card in android. So ideally looking for rooting and cyanogenmod installation. While searching came across following videos and files, that claim...
  4. A

    Root S4 problem please help

    Hello i wrongly installed aosp s4 google edition 5.0 ,because i flashed gapps with it also which i shouldnt,and when it boots it says unfortunately,the process com.android.phone has stopped and im thinking that i should enter recovery mode and wipe and flash again without gapps but it wont go...
  5. D

    Help Moving apps to SD card, Lollipop OS

    I just updated Galaxy S4 Google edition to android Lollipop and realized that I have only 1GB space left on the (16GB) phone. I downloaded AppMgrIII so that I can move apps to the SD card, but the 'Move to Card" option under storage never appears. The phone is not rooted and I don't intend to...
  6. Medion

    Parting shots for S4 GPE users (I'm out)

    As of this upcoming Monday I will no longer be an S4 GPE user. However, I figured I'd leave current and potential users with the following two nuggets of information. 1. The camera has vastly improved lately due to the 4.4.2 and 4.4.3 updates as well as updates to the camera app. The shutter...
  7. Medion

    Android 4.4.3 thread

    I know that this forum doesn't see much traffic anymore, but I'll continue to post until I ditch the phone :) Received the 4.4.3 OTA on Tuesday. I've included a screenshot of the update. It weighs in at 156MB, which is larger than most of the Nexus update, I believe. I'll try to keep a running...
  8. Medion

    Samsung WatchON (by Peel) for Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition

    Content removed as I am retired from Phandroid/AF.
  9. Medion

    Google Camera - Is this the answer we've been waiting for?

    As some of you know, Google released their separate camera app today. Users of Nexus and Google Play Edition devices will see this as an "update" to their current app when you open the Play Store. So, unlike OEM variants, you won't be running two cameras side by side if you download this. Before...
  10. R

    Choppy (low frame rate) 1080p video recording with stock i9505G

    I ordered the i9505G directly from the Google Play store. Since day one I noticed that the frame rate during 1080p video recording is pretty choppy. It doesn't seem to be 30fps. I checked the files and sure enough the frame rate is a horribly low 16fps! So I returned it and got another one...
  11. bcondrey

    Samsung App Store

    Is there any way to install the app that gives access to the Samsung app store? The GPE version of the Galaxy S4 does not come with it, of course. There are apps there that are not in the Google Play store. For example the Galaxy Gear manager needed to run the samsung smartwatch. Thanks
  12. robdam1001

    New to Android/Galaxy S4 noob questions

    So my new S4 GPE arrives in 48 hours and I cannot wait to start tinkering, (currently on iphone 5). I purchased a SanDisk 32GB Extreme microSDHC card as well. How can I use the SanDisk card? Can I install apps to the card? I assume/hope that I can store pictures/videos/music on the card as...
  13. Medion

    4.4.2 OTA released, chime in when you get it!

    Just wanted to share. Samsung Open Source Release Center If you NEED to see it yourself, it's under mobile phones. Update is "ML4." EDIT: Update is now live. I didn't get it, but someone had to!
  14. ironass

    Root ART & deodexing

    I just wondered how you were all finding ART as compared to dalvik on Android 4.4, KitKat? Also, does anyone know if ART allows deodexing of ROMs to allow for custom frameworks and mods?
  15. U

    Help [Bug] Trouble turning screen ON when on call

    I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505G (google edition) with Android Kitkat 4.4. Since I updated to Kitkat, a weird bug has propped up. When I'm on a call and wish to put the call on speakerphone, I am unable to turn the screen on by using the power button. I keep pressing the power button like a...
  16. Medion

    Kit-Kat update, chime in when you get it

    Got it a few hours ago. More bad than good is my initial impression, but it's too soon. Lots of instability, especially with issues related to photos/videos stored on the phone. Both the Gallery and Google Photos apps crash like mad. I'm going to do a factory reset, as I'm overdue for that...
  17. Petrah

    Root CyanogenMod One Click Installer

    Was just curious if anyone has attempted to use this yet? Would love to hear from those who've tried it (especially if you have a Google Edition S4 as it is supported!). https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.cyanogenmod.oneclick&hl=en CyanogenMod Installer Release | CyanogenMod
  18. G

    Google Edition?

    I am new to Android and Samsung. What is the Galaxy S4 Google Edition? How do I know if I have one?
  19. A

    Help Popup keyboard while calling disappears

    Sometimes I have to select a number while calling. For example when I have to dial a number when I am connected to the voicemail. While calling it is possible to activate a small keyboard. But when I have activated the popup keyboard it is slow flashing and it is impossible to select a number...
  20. W

    Long press on home button doesn't switch apps

    Brand new to S4 GPe. Expected to get switch app functionality when long pressing home button but get Google Now instead. There is no way I have found to access the switch apps screen. Is this common? BTW, I've done all system updates which did not change this functionality. Thanks in advance...
  21. Y

    Help Mhl 2.0?

    Just curious if anyone else knows if the Google Play edition of the S4 supports MHL 2.0. The normal GT-I9505 S4 does, but I have had no luck with it on my GPe S4 (GT-I9505G). I purchased an MHL HDTV Smart Adapter that is MHL 2.0 compliant (MHL 2.0 allows the phone to get power directly through...
  22. B

    Help WiFi HotSpot not working

    I got an S4 and put the Stock Android on it 4.3. I wanted to create a wifi hotspot and I am able to do so. I try to connect with my Laptop or Tablet and it does (I get an IP). I cannot access the internet. Am I missing something? Thanks
  23. Medion

    GT-i9505g - Quite possibly the worst modern smartphone camera

    My last four phones have been; Nokia E71 (OEM unlocked) HTC Droid Incredible (Verizon, and I was a ROM developer) Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 (OEM unlocked) Samsung Galaxy S4 GPe GT-i9505G (OEM unlocked) So, I've had a nice range of smartphone cameras. For video, the S4 GPe beats all...
  24. B

    Help Lock Screen

    Hello. I find it frustrating that help for the GPE is difficult to find. I am trying to change my lock screen to display the weather and maybe even a news feed. The only settings I can find are to change the format of the clock. Has anyone been able to do this?
  25. KrossX

    Help Issues started occuring once S4-GPE was rooted...

    I'll spare everyone the long background details. Suffice it to say, I'm somewhat technical and decided to switch from iOS to Android to be able to tinker with my device. Got the S4-GPE (4.3, everything updated). All worked well. My only issues were: USB Audio connection in car did not work...