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samsung galaxy tab 7.0 plus

  1. F

    Anybody still using the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus??

    I have owned my P6210 since about 2012. The first year was hell; under Honeycomb 3.2, my Tab random rebooted several times a day. Samsung Canada never pushed an official update. I was able to flash a UK version of Jelly Bean 4.1.2 in about 2013. This has been rock solid for the last three...
  2. Nikoleta

    Help Problem with uograding to jelly bean

    Im kind of new in the area so sorry for being a noob. I searched a lot and coulndnt find anything of a help so here is my prob: I have Samsung galaxy tab 7 plus with 3.2 OS and i want to instal jelly bean on it. But when i click on update there are no new updates... no nothing and i can not find...
  3. J

    Root screen glitching after flashing rom.

    Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, rooted, running lollipop 5.0 Ever since I started flashing ROMs, when I randomly click something/slide the notification bar/press some app, the screen glitches. Sometimes it does not, sometimes it do. It shows lines, etc. or just flickers for a fraction of a second. I can't...
  4. A

    Help my galaxy tab won't download any apps

    When I try to download an app of the app store the app will download the it will come up with an error message saying that the app cannot be downloaded to the default location. I'm stumped can anyone help please.
  5. C

    I need help with samsung galaxy 7.0plus

    My uncle gave me his unupdated samsung galaxy p6200 or 7.0 plus. I cant update via system auto update. It keeps on telling me that there's no update available. So can someone pkease tell me what am i suppose to do? Where can i get the jelly bean update.links or steps pls. Im from philippines...
  6. K

    Help connection issue

    Hi, I experience a special connection problem with my GT-P6210. It connects to wifi, and most websites are loading fine in browsers. At a lot of other sites, including very safe ones, like Google, however, I got one or more security warning, before they load. Android apps, like Facebook and...
  7. R

    Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus won't boot

    A few days ago, my tablet stopped working, possibly after the battery was drained. I have tried many of the suggestions in other threads, including: shutting down, power+volumeup, power+volumedown, power+volumeup+volumedown, the combinations above + touching the screen, using different...
  8. B

    Help Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus Not Working

    Hello! I'm new here. I've been reading the posts here to try and fix my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, but my husband and I haven't been able to fix it. I contacted Samsung customer support because I am at my wit's end and they believe it's a hardware issue, but I don't know for sure. I'm...
  9. K

    Help My Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus has stopped working. .

    My Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus has stopped working. It was working fine a couple days ago, I charged the battery to 100% and unplugged it. After a few minutes of reading e-mails, the screen flickered and went black (shut down). I turned it back on and it tried to boot, but shut down again...
  10. P

    Help Samsung Galaxy 2 7.0 tablet

    I took apart my disassembled my tablet and repaired the screen, the lcd was still working. I reassembled the device...i heard it power on but the screen is black. I just noticed that I tore slightly the main flex cable. Is that why I cant see the screen??? Please help me.
  11. B

    Root won't keep date or time

    My Galaxy 3 7.0 will not keep the date or time. Have only had it for a month. Never dropped or damaged. TIA
  12. A

    Help Samsung Galaxy Tab3 7.0 issue with light

    Is the Samsung galaxy tab 3 suppose to light up at the bottom of the screen where the menu, home and return button is? I noticed it lights up on the Samsung galaxy tab2 but on on my tab 3.
  13. J

    Help Why is my Samsung Galaxy 7 ....

    .............turning itself on and playing commercials saying how wonderful it is? It's nice to know it is capable of doing all those things, but it won't quit and runs the battery down very rapidly, even when it is turned 'hard' off! Any advice and/or insight? JoAnne
  14. K

    Help wifi connection issue

    Hi, there, please help me to solve my problem. It is a wifi only device. Until now I had no connection problem. Now I experience the following issue: Wifi says: it is connected. Dolphin browser works, but not really filne. I have to click on several security warnings, before accessing a...
  15. G

    Help How to erase all my Internet history in galaxy tab p1000?

    Hi! I first bought this galaxy a three days ago and I have been resetting this devices a quiet few times(setting-privacy-factorial reset) And yesterday night, I press the wrong bottom (power button+down sound button) when I was booting thi s device and it showed me "downloading do not turn...
  16. G

    Tablet not connecting to wifi repeater

    I have successfully setup a wifi repeater in my home and all pc/laptops work fine. But my samsung tablet and nexus4 android will recognise the repeater and connect but will not connect to the internet. Has anyone had this problem. Thanks
  17. F

    Jelly Bean 4.1.2 update on a Canadian GT-P6210

    I have owned my Canadian version of the Galaxy Tab 7.0 plus (wifi only) for about two years. In Canada, we are still on Honeycomb. I had called Samsung Canada about three times in the last year regarding the official update. They told me that there was no new information and all I could do was...
  18. U

    Help Home Button error

    I Have an Galaxy Tab 7 Plus with jellybean. The home button works but takes you to page five instead of page four screen. Does anyone know if there is a fix for this?
  19. JennyeK2

    Help Changing Screensaver

    I uninstalled the Samsung screensaver that magically appeared after the update. I would like to use a personal photo for the screensaver, but for the life of me, I can't find where or how to do it. Can someone please tell me how? :(
  20. JennyeK2

    Help Software Update Messed Up Settings

    I didn't realize that my updates were set to "Auto", so the giant software update arrived and really screwed up the settings on my Galaxy Tab 2 7.0! So far I've been able to fix everything, BUT, no matter what I do, when I start the thing my lockscreen does not show my name or the clock. I...
  21. J

    Root Any devs working in here on this device?

    I have been over to xda and saw they have someone working on supporting PA AOSP 3.+ on our device. I want to be involved but they require you to post 10 times before being allowed in the dev section. Anyone want to support it over here? I like this place better!
  22. R

    Android 4.1.2 update

    hello. i just updated my samsung galaxy tab 7.0 plus from android 4.0.4 to 4.1.2 to those who also have this new update, i would like to hear from you about a few things: 1. is there really no multi window feature? 2. the camera app and the gallery app didn't seem to update. any...
  23. J

    Help My galaxy tab 7.0 started saying "EMAIL!"

    Its really funny but suddenly my tab just started saying EMAIL! In addition to the normal whistle notification. It's really loud and I don't want to cut off the sound or the notification I just want it to stop yelling at me lol. Talk back is NOT on so nobody tell me to check that and waste both...
  24. chanchan05

    Galaxy Tab Plus P6200 Jellybean update rolling out!

    Just updated a while ago to Jellybean! Cool! According to Sammobile, 13 variants have already received the update via Kies or OTA. Firmwares | SamMobile One word of warning though, This update changes your notification bar. You no longer have the combined notification and navigation bar at...
  25. B

    Help Data Useage Warning?

    I am using Samsung galaxy tab 7.0. I had originally raised the horizontal bar to set the data usage warning to 3GB. Now l get the "Data usage warning. Touch to view usage and setting" notification which does not disappear and cannot be cleared. I went to settings wanting to raise the bar higher...