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samsung galaxy tab

  1. R

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 not connecting to wifi after updating Android

    I pulled an old tablet out of the closet today hoping to get some use out of it. It's a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, model number GT-P3100. It hadn't been used in years and it had Android Jelly Bean on it, version 4.2 I believe. I was hoping to get software and app updates on it but it couldn't...
  2. A

    Microsoft files open as Read only

    I have a Samsung galaxy tab A. I recently updated to the latest software and now my microsoft files open as "read-only." When I open the documents from "my files" app or from the internet they open as "read-only" and i am unable to edit the document until i save a copy everytime I open the same...
  3. P

    Samsung Galaxy Tab & AT&T

    I have bought 3 recon Samsung Tab 4 SM-T537A Android version 4.4.2, when I turn it on a AT&T page appears, wifi works fine but when I try the mobile network it states that the network is not switched on , when I try to add the network I am using is states that another setup is running and wont...
  4. K

    Galaxy Tab A 9.7 wifi issues

    Good evening all! I have a samsung galaxy tab A9.7 and i just started having issues connecting to the wifi today. The issue is occurring while at work. Its a government job with wifi access for the employees. Haven't had an issue in the past and I haven't made any changes to my tablet to cause...
  5. G

    Root SM-T280

    is there anyway to root this yet? ive tried odin5 but cant find the tar file?
  6. mikinz

    Root Samsung Galaxy Tab S SM-T800 stuck in boot screen can't turn off

    I have just rooted my Samsung Galaxy Tab S SM-T800 and I tried [ROM][6.0.1][UNOFFICIAL][WIP] ResurrectionRemix- SM-T800 Anyway it didn't work as I would like it ie = no camera wouldn't recognize my mico sd card, so I tried to revert back to stock firmware via this tutorial...
  7. A

    galaxy tab A 7" SM-T280

    has anyone else found the back and recent tabs seldom work? thanks all
  8. M

    Factory theme music

    Hi. I was going thru a family member's galaxy tab (10) deleting factory supplied music. Apparently said family member loves listening to the 'relaxing galaxy theme music piece (?)'. Any idea where i can get a download??
  9. M

    Samsung UK - Odd Repair Policy

    I've had my NotePro 12.2 tablet for almost a year now. Unfortunately in the first month I leaned against it when a dog jumped on my lap and the screen cracked. Unsightly yes, but it still functioned perfectly and I decided to carry on and just put up with the annoyance. Several months ago...
  10. J

    S Planner: Event titles not visible in Week and Day view

    I see only blank tiles, but I do see the titles in Month view only.
  11. P

    good password manager + form filler app

    Hi - I'm using chrome with my galaxy tab s2. I was going to use the mobile dashlane password manager that I use on my computer but it doesn't work with chrome. can anyone suggest the best easy to use password manager &/or form filler? thanks. paresh
  12. P

    9.7 cover/case suggestions?

    I'm looking for something simple & light, no need to fold into a stand. Any ideas? thanks.
  13. B12

    My tablet ....I don't even know..

    My galaxy tab e (SM-T560NU) worked like a charm, until a few hours ago. Now I'll get random pop ups for watches, trips, just random things and it doesn't matter what I'm doing either...on Facebook I'll get pop-ups that I normally would never get. Surfing the Internet, random pop-ups I normally...
  14. S

    Root Give me some good roms for SCH-i800 (Verizon)

    Can anyone help my with my tab, well i just found my old tablet and i would like to flash a rom for this sch-i800(verizon) to improve performance. Can anyone send me links for the best suitable rom for this? and the what is the best recovery for this?twrp or cwm? Hope you will help me with...
  15. A

    Help Galaxy Tab 3 "Unfortunately setup wizard stopped working"

    Hi, have never posted here but I'll do my best to explain my issue with my tablet So first off, it's a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Model : SM-T210R, now the problem with the tablet was it was getting stuck in boot screen, never starting, did a hard reset with the power and volume button, it worked...
  16. Android News

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 relatived show up on Zauba

    Zauba has new listings for two new Samsung tablets which may soon show up in India. The SM-T719 and SM-T813 which are likely 8-inch and 9.7-inch variants of last year's Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 models. Most details are still unknown at this point, but both tablets are likely lower cost versions of...
  17. Kevin Hilley

    Help Facebook pages not fully loading

    For the past 3 days, I've been unable to properly view FB pages using the FB Android app on my Galaxy E tablet. It just loads the top part of the page without any of the content below it. I've uninstalled and reinstalled with no success. I CAN view those pages on a browser with no problem. This...
  18. J

    Help Google Play Services Starts Without An Account

    I no longer have a Google account but Google Play Services still runs. I've received no help on rooting my Galaxy Tab A. Is there a way to prevent Google Play Services starting without rooting my tablet.
  19. J

    Help Unable To Find File in My Files

    I downloaded a ring tone from Galaxy Apps. The path is indicated is: /storage/exrSdCard/Download. When I search for that path in either my external SD or internal SD the path isn't found. I'm finding it extremely difficult to organize anything on this piece of $#%. I'm using a Galaxy Tab A...
  20. J

    Help Rooting Galaxy Tab A

    I'm unable to find the USB debugging setting on my Galaxy Tab A. Where might I find this? James
  21. J

    Help Galaxy Apps Network Error

    It was working fine but all of a sudden Galaxy Apps tells me no network connected. Any ideas? James
  22. S

    Help 54654654htijhiu45thiu4

    kill me
  23. indianlivetv

    Help Tamil TV streaming in my Galaxy E7

    Hi everyone, i bought a samsung galaxy E7 few weeks before works perfectly for me. Actually i am a big fan of tv shows and i wanted to stream tamil tv channels in my device. Somebody help me where can i stream my favourite tv channels without having trouble i mean how can turn my smart phone to...
  24. MaliceMouse

    Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0

    I recently received a free Samsung Galaxy A Tablet through a promotional offer my bank has going on. While it won't win any awards, I have found it serviceable. I know this tab is a dark horse in the Samsung family and I really hope CM will do a ROM for it and that I can eventually get it...
  25. K

    Car Charger Recomendation

    Hi; I have a Samsung Tablet (Note 10.1 2014 edition) and a Samsung Cell Phone ( Note 3) . I am a limo driver and can sit in a car for more than 5 hours at a time. I am looking for car charger recommendations. I am hoping to use the same charger for both of my devices. This 2.1 AMP Rapid Dual...