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samsung galaxy xcover

  1. F

    Help Samsung Galaxy Xcover speakers not working

    Hey guys, i have been using a samsung galaxy xcover for quite some time now and just recently the speaker and microphone stopped working. Whenever I make a call i can't hear the person im speaking to, it does however work again when i turn on speakerphone. It works through my headpones when i...
  2. C

    Root Installing ClockworkMod Recovery

    Hello I have a Samsung galaxy Rugby GT-S5690M which is basically the same phone as the xcover. I currently have it rooted using an xcover root and it is working fine. My only problem with this phone was the lack of system memory. I was planning on partitioning the sd card to extend system...
  3. C

    Root Samsung Galaxy Rugby Root

    Hello, I have a Samsung Galaxy Rugby GT-s5690M with android version 2.3.6. The baseband version is S5690MUGLD1 and the kernel version is I have tried rooting once before but it totally screwed up my phone because I think it was the wrong version. I had to get sasktel to fix it. If...
  4. J

    Help Samsung XCover keeps rebooting

    Hi everybody, I am new in this forum and hope someboby can help me. I am not really sure if it is a Android-problem or Samsung: It about a Samsung Galaxy WCover GT-S5690. Android ...... I have it since may 2013, bought on internet-shop. What happens at start-up: Samsum Galaxy...
  5. M

    Root Major problems rooting

    hey all, i'm new whats up and all :) but anyway, i recently bought a samsung galaxy rugby (xcover) model: GT-S5690M now i've had no luck finding a file to be able to root this bitc*:mad:, are there any working packages anyone here is able to provide. thanks a bunch! ive tried the S5690...
  6. M

    please recommend me a good android phone

    Hi, I have a Samsung Xcover atm and its just very slow and painful to use. Need a phone with very good battery life and faster then the xcover. Im thinking of the Samsung Beam, seems a bit durable then the galaxy s3 and s4. Dont think i would like the Samsung galaxy with the size off the screen...
  7. N

    Help Problems synchronising Xcover with Google acount

    For some reason I cannot sync the contacts on my Xcover with my Google account. If I go to Settings - Accounts and Sync > Manage Accounts > Menu button > Sync now, all the options appear to sync, but not all off them update in my Google account. Gmail entries appear to be fine, but the rest do...
  8. M

    internet problems randomly stops working?

    Hi, has anyone had any problems where there internet will just stop working randomly then you gotta restart your phone to get it to work again. defiantly not reception problem. anyone have any ideas to fix this solution? thanks
  9. K

    is it ok to remove widgets?

    hi! I rooted my Samsung Galaxy Xcover a few weeks ago, and I immediately uninstalled some of the most prominent bloat apps, but the memory did not increase as much as I expected. I use Link2SD and now I would like to delete some apps/widgets from the system storage. i don`t want to mess...
  10. S

    Help xcover update probs

    Have serious update issues with my xcover s5690. something must block the update but i dont know what. have 2 xcovers one is update without probs the other one doesnt want to update. any sugestions?
  11. S

    Help Can Add/Find Accounts

    I just bought this Xcover (china mobile) and Im having some hard time getting apps to download and run from the Google App Store. I DLd their Play Stor app and it says that I must add an account to it in order to contine. I hit ok and it kicks me out of the program to the previous screen. I go...
  12. A

    Help Angry birds and some other games won't start

    Hi, I've a new Xcover phone that I'm having problems starting up some games. For example none of the Angry Birds games won't start. The games install fine but when I try to start the game there's a quick blink but after that I'm shown the "home" screen again. There's no error messages or...
  13. E

    Help agenda empty after reboot

    on my galaxy xcover, when I reboot my system, my whole agenda is lost. I think it has to do with an app I have installed but I don' t know witch.
  14. Y

    Help Input languages gone after update.

    Hi all, I really need help here. I have updated my phone last night to the latest Gingerbread release XXLJ2 via Samsung KIES, I did it before so it was straightforward. I bough the phone Online in a German Phone Store. SIM free, no branding. After update all works fine except - major problem...
  15. F

    Root I have a rooted xcover, but... Link2SD??!!

    So I'm a little n00b with this Link2sd app. My mission is to get more internal memory for apps, that is what this link2sd is for, isn't it? At least for that, it may be for other things too.. But when I link these apps to sd-card so that more internal memory would be freed, at the same time this...
  16. L

    where can I check the actual RAM memory?

    Hello I have just bought samsung xcover and on the begining it was working fine (fast and smooth) now t is a little slow sometimes I need to wait I few moments even If open just the call button. But I must tell jou that I have installed a lot of apps on the phone, so I went to check memory RAM...
  17. R

    Help USB thetering issue

    Hello Do you have any types for this problem? I have tried to connect galaxy xcover via USB to PC in thetering mode to access internet. The problem is, that although all drivers are successfully installed, connection to internet failed. Symptoms: USB cable original - OK Drivers...
  18. S

    Help GT-S5690 wont go to umts/wcmda

    Im new to this ,I got a Xcover gt-s5690 in holland coz my old phone got busted and had reserched and was thinking about upgrading to this phone coz I keep breaking phones ,all specs lists I checked shows it as a quad band gsm/edge/umts /wcdma phone,It was unlocked from new ,it worked ok in...
  19. E

    Help update do android 4.0

    hi! how can I update my os to android 4.0?
  20. F

    Help My phone number issue

    Hi Folks, Recently I have discovered on my Samsung Xcover that in the status menu there is a Filed My phone number. Actualy in this field I have got a phone number that is not mine and I have no idea how to change it. The filed My phone number is "shaded" and not active to make any changes...
  21. F

    Help POWER/RESET/LOCK KEY function

    Hi. Few days a go I've got on screen a text field to chosse if I want the POWER/RESET/LOCK KEY to also END CALL. Stupid me I have choosen - YES. Now I can not find the way to turn the END CALL function off. Does anybody know how to turn it off? All ideas welcome
  22. D-U-R-X

    Galaxy Xcover FAQ's

    This is a work in progress and, as such, if you feel that there is anything that needs adding, please PM a guide or start a thread in Private Chat With Staff with your suggestions. Many thanks :) 1. General Android phone FAQ's? 2. How can I improve my battery life? 3. Are there any Galaxy...
  23. K

    Help need help with scrolling issues

    Hello, I connected my Samsing 5690 to Kies and there was some software update. Now the phone is working strangely. The diagonal scrolling in web pages does not work anymore, only up/down and left/right separately. Also there is no G in the blue box on the google search bar on the main...
  24. A

    Help error : delete some 65286 items

    My devices internal memory is above 20 MN but still out shoes the error of delete some 65286 items. I don't know what to do now please help Sincerly galaxy y
  25. B

    Help how to do hard reset on s5690 xcover

    I forgot password to unlock the screen on s5690 . I need to do hard reset.how to do hard reset on s5690 xcover tnx