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samsung galaxy y duos

  1. S

    Root [ROM][GT-S5302]TouchWiz EvolutionX for Galaxy y Duos Lite

    Presenting first ever fully customized TouchWiz UX based Custom rom for GT-S5302 TouchWiz EvolutionX v1 By Sachin kumar Features:- Pre-rooted, deodexed & zipaligned A2SD + INIT.d Support Nano Text Editor + Bash shell support Based on stock DDMB1 S3 Launcher S3 statusbar S3 contacts S3...
  2. V

    Root Samsung GT s6102 not working post rooting manipulations

    I have Samsung Galaxy Y Duos (GT S6102) model. I rooted my phone two days ago taking off a few factory apps like google talk, social hub, google playbooks etc. I also uninstalled Samsung Account, Samsung Home from the phone thinking they will not be useful. After that I rebooted the phone. It...
  3. S

    Root How can i get back google services framework?

    Can someone please please please help me. i accidentally deleted my google servives framework and my playstore isnt working. i have a samsung galaxy y duos and it is rooted. i really need someones help. any advise on what to do will be greatly appriciated
  4. rickychandane

    Root BiG-BanG rom for GT-S5302

    [BiG-BanG v1] [Rom] For GT-S5302]By Ricky chandane Please Note:- I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE OR ERRORS AFTER INSTALLING THIS ROM, SO BEFORE YOU FLASH IT DO BACKUP YOUR CURRENT ROM THROUGH CWM !!! Quote:- -Aroma Installer -S5 themed music -s5 themed cool statusbar -New Goggle...
  5. R

    Root Build.prop file is deleted

    Hi All, I was trying to take bacup of Build.prop file, accidnetally it got deleted. i tried to reboot the phone, but it is stuck now. Please Help!! Thanks in advance
  6. M

    Egyptian please help

    I am an Egyptian nor speak English only with difficulty Almkchh Download error for your Samsung Galaxy 6102 Roman then gave the device a white screen and does not respond to the original Greek to him What is the solution And it went to the service center told me that he wanted to correct...
  7. BrazilianGuy

    Help Error Framaroot - Half access

    Hi! Well, the name you should know that I am from Brazil. Here, there is no option much help, so I decided to come here. I will use the google translator to write! The thing is, my phone already had the SuperSu access plus decided to reformat my phone because I was too slow. Hence, when I...
  8. K

    Help Smasung Galaxy Y dous being restarting

    Hello Mates, Can anyone help me by resolving my issue. I have Samsung galaxy y duos (s-6102) mobile with android 2.3 OS. My phone suddenly goes off and then after when I tried to start it, it just loading a logo of Samsung but not been able to work properly. I know little bit about this...
  9. S

    Help Y Duos S6102 Unresponsive touchscreen After Flashing

    Hey There, I'm new to rooting & flashing. I was bored with the internal memory limitations. So I decided to root my phone so I could choose between internal memory or external SD Card. Everything went well. Then why not go for a new rom... I tried the TECHNODUOS. The ROM part when...
  10. D

    stock kernel for Samsung galaxy y gt-s6102

    I flashed a custom kernel on my Samsung galaxy y gt-s6102 and then things goes bad....after flashing kernel my phone restarts at samsung logo again and again....so please help me....i want to flash stock kernel...where to download it....please help Some info -: I know the name of stock...
  11. V

    ussd failure

    Hi guys,I have a problem with my galaxy y duos-GT-S6102.i always get 'Connection problem or invalid MMI code'.any solution pliz?
  12. N

    Help SD Card error

    I have Samsung galaxy y GT-6312. Whenever I insert the SD Card in my phone. A message shows "Preparing SD Card Checking for errors. I tried all techniques like formatting Checking errors on the PC. BUT ALL WENT IN VEIN. I HAVE 32GB MICRO SD CARD. SO PLEASE HELP ME
  13. D

    Help Can't install sopcast

    I have been trying to install sopcast but it says-"app not installed".I have enough space and install applications from unknown sources is enabled. Please reply
  14. nabeelfarooqui98

    Screen Stops Responding Once USB Plugged In?

    Alright so Im using the Samsung Galaxy Y Duos, GT-S6102. Running 2.3.6 Gingerbread along with Touch Wiz. I've never had this problem before today. So I took a bunch of screenshots and wanted to upload to the web. I connected the phone and just like always, I opened the notifications panel...
  15. G

    Root First start after root + no dialer = can't get to android home

    Hi everybody, I have a samsung y duos GT-6102b and it was rooted already. Then I accidentaly uninstalled the dialer and it stopped recognizing both SIM cards. Then I made the root again: wiped all data and cache and installed CWM Just after the root process, the phone attempts to do its...
  16. D

    Stock firmware for SGYD GT-S6102

    I've referred some of the posts about the PDA, CSC files for my SGYD GT-S6102 (INDIA), But there are several files like DDMD1, DDMF4, DDMC1. I don't know the difference between these. My device is overheating and hence I want to go to the Samsung Service Center. So please suggest me the best...
  17. P

    Help return Button not propery working

    6102 return button not properly working when two times press the batan then it warks what I can do?
  18. S

    Help A2SDGUI Error

    Hi! Greetings of the day from sagar, i have samsung galaxy y duos s6102 and i have rooted my phone, installed iduos kernel 1.3.1, i've created ext 2 partition in my SD Card class 4 using minitool in win 7 hp sp1, installed a2sdgui in my phone, reboot my phone, installed...
  19. macguru42

    Help Wanted: S6102 Stripped Rom

    I am looking for a ROM for my Galaxy Y Duos without all the bloat-ware. Details: Model Number: GT-S6102 Android version: 2.3.6 Baseband version: S6102XXKL8 Kernel version: official.torino@androide#84 Build number: GINGERBREAD.XXKL8 The phone is currently rooted and I have SuperSU...
  20. P

    Whats app hide online status for free

    Warning only for rooted phones 1.install what app+ while installing remove previous manually 2.install google play installer cracked 3.install crack plus donation but do not open it 4.install titanium back up 5. naw open google play cracked and click on install and reboot 6.after...
  21. M

    Help Problem in boot

    Hi I need this file: Javax.obex.jar From: system/framework/javax.obex.jar Because i replaced this file with another but when i turn on my phone Wery slow worked and stay 5 min on boot, and when started my memory is 1 MB or 0 MB Please give me this file from your phone to help me Thank you
  22. M

    How to connect to Google to reset the pattern lock, when Data and Wi-Fi are not on?

    My friend has an older Samsung phone, and in trying to change the pattern lock, he did something wrong, and now can't access the phone. From what I've been reading so far, the next step is to enter his Google account number and password, which will let him log on and (I think) create a new...
  23. A

    gps always on

    Hi.. I have samsung galaxy S5302 and when I open maps it always shows my location wheather its gps is on or off. due to this battery also dies very fast. what to do??
  24. Z

    Help SMS disappeared

    Hi people. The most strange thing happened to me last night: before I went to bed I was texting somebody with my phone and when I woke up I noticed there were a number o messages missing from the storage! I found this very odd, since I have no recollection of deleting them, so I installed...
  25. A

    Help Auto restarting!

    Why my mobile gets auto restarting (even while I was in a call)! Is there any settings I have done by mistaken or due to an app update or OS update? I'm so curious and so scared. Because in the last two days, it restarted some 5 times a day. Please help. Do I need to claim for warranty...