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samsung i7500

  1. S

    Samsung note 11

    My Back key button is not working and therefore it's a nuisance to practically do anything.
  2. H

    Root Did I root my Galaxy i7500 or...NOT?

    Hi everybody, and forgive me for my newbie-ness! I had hanging around at home an old Galaxy i7500 (the first galaxy ever?) so, before risking to brick some more recent phone, and as a learning step on rooting, I decided to root it. I flashed (...right term?) GAOSP config., ODIN, CyanogenMod. I...
  3. E

    Help Keyboard malfunctioning

    Hi, during the last holiday we got into a thunderstorm with a lot of rain and hail.. I had only an umbrella that couldnt do nothing and I got completely wet, my galaxy i7500 too But it didnt switch off.. It just went crazy, it was like all the buttons were being pushed one after each other...
  4. O

    i7500 bring camera back from death

    If your camera dead and wish to recover it at try update camera in firmware then visit my thread "i7500 bring camera back from death" 1: Download 1.2-update-i7500-modacocustomrom-signed.zip extract the zip take out all camera firmware, system/bin/mm-qcamera-test, system/lib/libcamera.so...
  5. C

    Help Please help for the Bell canada BMIK6 firmware

    I have the Samsung Galaxy I7500L from Bell canada. I flashed it with I7500XEJC6 firmware using Odin without removing the AMSS file. Unfortunately, the phone shows a SIM PIN unlock screen and cannot connect to any mobile network anymore after reboot. It seems the EFS folder and files lost. I...
  6. B

    Help gtI7500

    please help me. i just have this samsung galaxy gtI7500. and i can't even send and receive files by bluetooth. i can't even install apps. what am i suppose to do? your help will be much appreciate. thanks in advance :)
  7. maurinet

    Root GPS doesn't work.

    The GPS (Waze & Google Maps) doesn't show exactly where I am, there is always a significant difference between where I really am and where it shows I am. It also doesn't really update live, I constantly have to refresh my position in the maps to update where I am(ish). Has anybody dealt with...
  8. G

    Help need help: factory reset after drakaz 2.1

    hello i had drakaz 2.1 version for a while. I want to go back to the original 1.5 version. i tried clicking on the lower volume +call+end call together. the drakaz menu came out and i clicked on factory reset. it done it. then i rebooted and its stuck on that "galaxy AOSP" screen for more than...
  9. J

    Help i7500 on Galaxo plays music unexpectedly and at full volume

    Hello, I'm experiencing now a serious problem with Galaxy which disqualifies it as a music player. The thing is, that music from time to time is playing at full volume at first seconds after changing track. Problem is dangerous to ears, and it exists even on another music player. Sometimes...
  10. B

    Help Apps won't install

    When I try to download an app to my Galaxy i7500l I always get the message "installation was unsuccessful". Any suggestions?
  11. bhappyharsha

    Help Catalog Grouping

    Hi, I have Froyo on my i7500 and I am unable to setup the main group catalog. I am able to create new groups but the main one, I am unable to remove apps from that list. It just say "you cannot setup this group". To make it clear, I have some apps that I don't want anyone looking at...
  12. D-U-R-X

    i7500 FAQ's

    This is a work in progress and, as such, if you feel that there is anything that needs adding, please PM a guide or start a thread in Private Chat With Staff with your suggestions. Many thanks :) 1. General Android phone FAQ's? 2. How can I improve my battery life? 3. Are there any i7500...
  13. T

    Help I7500 back from 1.6 to 1.5 HOW ?

    Hi all, I have a GT-I7500 and I did some time ago an update to 1.6 Now I want to go back to 1.5 I spent 3-4 days searching the web for this but ... nothing :s::confused: Can someone help me with this ?? Thanks
  14. M

    Help Charging phone with screen problem

    Hello, it's my first post so I wanted to say hi to everyone here. Here's my problem: When I'm trying to charge my Samsung with charger (laptop usb is working properly) I can't use the touchscreen properly. The screen is getting dizzy when I touch it, it doesn't react properly to my touch...
  15. B

    Help Unlocking phone

    How can i unlock this phone for free? its locked to three right now Thanks
  16. bhappyharsha

    Root Ram

    Hi, I want to know if I can use part of my 8GB RAM in i7500 as RAM so that it can be a bit fast? I try to use some of the apps and the phone is very slow. Not just for apps but even in general. Is there any such way? I use GAOSP 2.2 (Beta 3) Regards, Sri Harsha.
  17. A

    Help i7500 Lock Button Broken

    My i7500 doesn't unlock anymore (the screen unlock). I have a feeling the actual, physical button is broken, because the phone is on and responds to the power button being held down, but won't unlock. Things I tried that failed: - Rebooting does nothing. - I tried the sqlite thing (updating...
  18. J

    Help Request complete tutorial about i7500 update!

    Hello there! I have a Samsung Galaxy GT-i7500 with Android Version 1.6, Base Band i7500XEJC6 and Kernel Version 2.6.29 [FONT=Calibri][SIZE=3]I
  19. M

    Root Please, I need help copy file to sdcard

    Hello, I ended up deleting some files from the installation froyo2.2 Now I can no longer turn on the phone, and I can not bootrecovery. How could I access the sdcard to install rectools.tar, I just access the sdcard manages to come through the windows, more windows does not recognize the...
  20. R

    Root Help how to put costum roms in i7500?

    Hello i have samsung i7500 i tryed to uptate new firmware and goasp costum roms but no sukcess i foolow instructions here on forum but odin not work with me i have win7 and on phone android 1.5 ,baseband version I7500XXIG1,Kernel version 2.6.27.exist any software for easy update rom and its...
  21. D

    Help Cannot connecto to the Galaxy i7500 through PC

    Hello, I unable to connect to my Galaxy i7500 through USB. I have all dequired drivers on the PC (some other device is connected). When I connect the cable I see that the PC recognize the device and show me two HW devices (removable disks E and F). Then I go to the notifications on my Android...
  22. M

    Help Samsung Galaxy GT-7500 with firmware 1.6 not find Bell network

    I've updated my firmware from 1.5 to 1.6 but now my phone will not find the Bell Network. I'd like to put back the firmware to original 1.5. I can't find this anymore since MegaUpload has gone down. Can anyone post the .tar file?
  23. A

    Root Phone infected, Tried everything, nothing worked

    Guyz, I recently lost my samsung guru on my way to office and then I had to switch back the old galaxy i7500 lying around for months. It was still alive and had recently been services(the touchscreen) by the authorized service centre. I am comfortable with recovery/rom and before sending...
  24. A

    Help Fastboot won't recognize device on win-7 64x

    Hi! First post here. I got a new pc, and pretty soon after I got my i7500 replaced. I rooted and installed custom roms on the old phone, with the old pc. I was sure I was doing everything the same, but fastboot just doesn't recognize the device. The new pc is running win-7 64x, which I...
  25. N

    Help Load Screen

    Hi There ! I have a problem with my I7500 ! I use GAOSP 2.2 and now my phone won't load on AOSP Screen goes black again and again on load screen and it's keeping doing this ! The problem is ... i actually format my internal SD card and now all files with old and new OS is gone :mad: how can i...