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samsung infuse 4g

  1. lordNarutard

    Help PC wont read my Infuse

    I guess there are a million posts like this already. Plug phone into PC, pc says drivers failed to install etc etc. I have already tried a million diff cables, tried diff PCs, tried on PC and on MAC, tried all of my USB ports, downloaded, installed/uninstalled kies/kies mini, used usbdeview to...
  2. D

    Help Power reset or unkown upload mode

    I have a Infuse 4g and I just bought a replacement battery for it. Now almost every day the phone will go into power reset or unknown upload mode. I then have to reboot and it works fine. Is there any way to fix this?
  3. W

    Help Samsung Infuse won't 'idle' correctly

    I have had a problem come and go with my Samsung Infuse. Some update from some app causes the CPU to never be able to truly 'sleep' or 'idle' correctly causing the phone to burn through 3.7% battery life per hour. When it's 'healthy' it only uses 0.7% per hour. In the past I thought I had...
  4. G


    My "Logs"(the one that shows the calls you have made, the calls you have received, and the missed calls) has stopped working. Please help me get it back!
  5. T

    Help Samsung Infuse i997 won't turn on and gets very hot

    I was playing some paintball when I felt my phone getting very hot in my pocket, I ignored it because the sport requires constant attention and I didn't make much of it. After the game it would not turn on and would just sit at the Rogers boot screen and heat up (after which I just took the...
  6. G


    I get the following message when I try to read e-mail, "Unable To Connect Server". What does this mean? Is there a way to make this go away?
  7. K

    Help Infuse wont let meake calls or text

    I have a infuse 4g and says i am connect to att bit cant make calls or text can connect to wifi I have went in access point and looked at whats there it has att phone and att wap but its missing a bunch of stuff so tryed and type in all the stuff and still dont work I have done factory reboot...
  8. B

    Need to disable force-stop

    I've been trying to get an app or something that can help disable my phone to not use force-stop for applications. Recently I downloaded the app "App lock" from the Google play store to try and do this. However, it can only prevent that if it makes a password to completely lock out settings...
  9. O

    Root Severe issue with a root, can't boot!

    I have the Rogers infuse 4G with a root installed. I decided i wanted to revert back to the stock rogers kernel and I stupidly decided to wipe everything in recovery mode, I then had a boot loop happening so I wiped everything again. Now all I get is the Rogers boot up screen. No galaxy boot...
  10. M

    Help Can no longer manually download mms?

    Ever since I first purchased my Infuse, I have usually kept my internet network turned off to save battery. I have the option to automatically download mms turned "off" so when I receive a picture message, I can turn on the network and manually download it. For some reason the "download" prompt...
  11. D

    Help deleted photos

    I had a Samsung Infuse 4g, but recently got a new phone, so I wanted to transfer my old photos to the new phone. I downloaded Astro file manager to move all of my pics to my sd card and was doing so, except my download would stop at 80% so I would cancel it and start over. I would delete the...
  12. B

    Parse error for an apk download

    I have a Samsung Infuse and I want to download an apk file that is on a site and not the google play store. Everytime I try to download it it just shows this Parse error that it cannot parse the package. I've already checked the box in settings that allows unknown devices and it still says the...
  13. M

    Help Infuse will not connect to ANY computer! HELP!!!

    This is driving me nuts. I've had this phone for 2 1/2 years now, spent the last couple of months trying to figure out what's wrong. Now I've got 500+ photos and music to back up and no way to do it. First 2 years or so, I could connect fine with the original USB/Charger cord it came with...
  14. K

    Help HELP: Samsung Infuse 4G No Screen Projection

    Hi my samsung infuse has no projection on the screen, the soft key lights work when there should be something on the screen, but there isnt i dont have a plan on it so i cant send it in to android or whatever and the local phone repair places are asking me 225$ just to go look at it!!!! does...
  15. S

    Help Update without a computer

    Hey guys. I've checked around the forums and found that I need a computer to update my Infuse 4G phone. The problem is that the usb port on my phone doesn't work, so I can't connect to a computer. Is there a way to update the phone now without having to connect to a computer?
  16. I

    lost imei & baseband version

    hello everyone. i'm a new member of this site. i hope somewone can help me. i bought samsung infuse 4g sgh i 997 3 days ago. imei number is lost i tried *#06# but it says null/null and baseband version is unknoun. what can i do now? is there any program or flashing or something alse what can...
  17. P

    Root Infuse 4g 2.3.6/UCLB3 Rooting and CWM recovery

    I just bought an Att Samsung infuse 4g with 2.3.6 Gingerbread/ UCLB3 and I couldn't find any straight forword guide to root and install CWM recovery. All the guides I have seen is for installing cwm with uclb3 kernel on froyo. I already have the 2.3.6/UCLB3 kernel. Can you tell me how to to...
  18. H

    Help Lcd screen what is the rev difference

    I am trying to fix an Infuse with a broken lcd screen, I have seen on a few websites that there are different revisions of the screen. From 6.1 to 6.2 and so on. I have also googled the difference and have not found anything information out. Can someone please tell me how to tell the difference...
  19. P

    Unable to connect Samsung Infuse to PC

    Hello Android Gurus, First time and first post on this forum. Sorry for the long mail. I am having trouble connecting my Samsung Infuse (I997) to computer via USB (came with the phone). It used to work fine several months ago. I dont know what happened but the computer doesn't recognize...
  20. P

    Help Voice recognition gummed up!

    I know that similar questions have been posted before, but I haven't found exactly the answer I need for my situation. Any time that I try to use voice entry on my phone, instead of letting me say something, it pops up a dialog complaining that it can't log in to ***@gmail.com ("***@gmail.com"...
  21. S

    Help needd hellppppp apn settings are messed up

    I have the Samsung Infuse from AT&T. I am using Straight Talk. I unlocked the phone because i was told too but then found out that i didnt actually need too so idk if it helped or is what is causing my problem. i finally got the apn settings to work with the app called tweakker. it gave me the...
  22. D

    Help Suddenly no signal/network? Crashing!!

    My infuse is an at&t phone. it has been rooted & unlocked but i'm not sure with what. This is how I got the phone used. It has superuser and clockwork installed. Ive been using it with a tmobile unlimited sim card. Been using it for 3 months without any problems. 24 hours ago it got stuck on a...
  23. B

    Problems with Infuse chargers

    I have bought at least 15 chargers for my Infuse since I have had it. I've bought every brand from AT&T store (which are supposed to be the best) all the way down to chargers from the dollar store. They all work perfectly at first but give it a few months (or even a couple of weeks) and they all...
  24. A

    can I change my text layout?

    I hate the way my texts come in and are displayed. I had a Samsung charge and loved how the texts were displayed in order from received to sent then received again... now they group... and oddly at that... any way I can change it to look like an actual conversation without downloading an app? thanks
  25. M

    Help My infuse won't turn on with a strange image on the screen

    So I accidentally unplugged the USB cable while letting my Infuse on its download mode, and when I tried to turn it back on (regular way or up+down+power buttons) this strange image of phone with a warning sign (! inside a yellow triangle) and a computer (I guess it depicts the phone having...