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samsung intercept

  1. S

    Root Rooting PTEL 2.2.3

    I know this forum is for Virgin Mobile, but does anybody have an steps for rooting a PTEL/Sprint Intercept with 2.2.3? I'm a total goober when it comes to this stuff. I can find info for older versions, but not 2.2.3 thanks
  2. n3rd

    Help pit. and tar. files

    can anyone point me in the right direction to stock pit and tar files for the samsung intercept:confused:
  3. S

    Help Phone wont boot up

    I have had this phone for almost a year now, and in the last couple of months it has started giving me problems. When I turn it on, it will get to the screen where it shows SAMSUNG in glowing white letters and will not go past it. I pull the battery out and start it up again, with the same...
  4. M

    Root Rooted, tried to go back to stock and now having problems

    Hello! I rooted my phone last year using the instructions from these forums ("how-root-vm-samsung-intercept-froyo-2-2-2-easy-way-updated-6-24-12"). Everything worked running IceCreamFroyo 1.2 ROM and crap_kernel1.5 as it should, but I got frustrated with certain processes so I flashed to...
  5. IceColdGlacier

    Really a Jarvis Theme for Go Launcher

    I created a Theme for Go Launcher. Somehow, I fixed some of the things that needed to be fixed. I really tried my best on it. To warn you all: 1. I used Paint on some of the icons so they can match with the theme. -So some do look like it was made by Paint such as "Navigation, BB, Welbo, and...
  6. R

    Help Camera issue

    Don't know if anyone else has this problem but I am seriously massively frustrated. My camera is still taking pictures just fine. They look great.....but they're not saving anywhere...they don't appear in the phone gallery nor do they show up on the SD card. When I first got the phone two or...
  7. tootonetony

    Root Repost of someone else I need help

    I messed something up and it was booting to a black screen and decided to start over, however after I flashed the stock recovery I decided to reboot. Now the phone still boots to black.. but when I try to boot into recovery mode it takes me to some weird purple screen with only 4 options...
  8. IceColdGlacier

    Tip to add more memory

    How can you add more memory without adding another kernel or rom and anything like that??? (Only for Samsung Intercept VM and maybe Sprint) 1. Root your phone. -Important. All you have to do is go to 4shared.com (sign up if you didn't) and type in the search box "interceptroot.apk". Than you...
  9. RonA030363

    Help maximum file size of email attachment that phone can open

    What is the maximum email attachment file size that the email accounts can OPEN on the samsung intercept. I used the add account feature and have a AOL and Yahoo as well as the android Gmail accounts. I think they are IMAP? I did not use manual setup because I know little. Ronald Arjune - Home
  10. IceColdGlacier

    I just want to ask

    I have rooted my Samsung Intercept and I also have live wallpaper. How do you get live wallpaper on the Intercept is that you have to get "Moment 2.1 live wallpaper.zip" and install it.... Now the question I am going to ask may NOT be smart. Since the Intercept can play videos, can it be...
  11. C

    Help Navigation app GPS loss

    When the Navigation app loses the GPS signal while using the phone in my car it will not recover the GPS signal unless I restart the phone. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a way to specifically check the GPS hardware? I'm using Android v 2.2.2.
  12. T

    Missing menu option Is it because its VM

    I hope someone can help me ASAP I have a samsung m910 that was a VM phone. Using it in canada on a cdma network. I am not getting any incoming calls or text unless I call out first. The option under Wireless networks for mobile options is not there. Any idea how to get that option back up? I...
  13. IceColdGlacier

    Update samsung intercept to Android 2.3

    Hey. I already have the update.zip on my sd card chilling, but I read a post that there was a problem with it.... I want to update my android with no problems. I need every simple apk from A-Z because (well anyway my screen is cracked like spiderman spread web on it so I couldn't say about...
  14. T

    Help VM (m910) in canada on cdma

    I hope someone can give some advice on this issue. I just got a VM samsung m910 and Got it set up to run on a MTS cdma network. Kinda...... I can make calls and send text no problem but I don't get most text or incoming calls. Callers go straight to voicemail. Called MTS and they say all...
  15. IceColdGlacier

    Can you install CF3D to Samsung Intercept?

    I am using this app Chainfire 3D. It tells me to install CF3D. The warning says: "Installing the CF3D driver may cause your device to not boot. in that case you will need to re-flash your firmware, or restore a CWM backup. Are you sure you want to continue?" That part scare the crap out of me. I...
  16. B

    Help alarm clock random fail

    Just what the subject says: sometimes rings, sometimes doesn't. This morning I was awake before the alarm time. I saw the minute change, but no alarm. I went to the clock and into the alarms. I could see the alarm for everyday at 6:22 with the green line indicating it was on, even while the...
  17. T

    Help I can't make or recieve calls! Help me please!

    Ok, so I have had my Samgsung Intercept through Virgin Mobile activated for almost a year now. Today, I try to call my boyfriend and the phone tells me "Signal Faded. Call is lost." I have minutes on my phone. I have 5 bars on my signal icon. I have tried taking the battery out and doing a...
  18. Rachel_Baldes

    Help OMFG What is wrong with this POS now?!?!

    :mad: Okay, I've had this phone since November of last year and I REALLY loved it, for at least the first 6 months. But the love is going away baby, I may have to leave this phone behind...after hammering it to bits and backing over it with my car, and throwing it into Best Buy. First issue...
  19. D

    Help MMS issue

    I was recently given a Samsung Intercept phone and for the most part it worked just fine. Didn't have too much of a problem with it. But recently a weird problem has arised that never happened to me before. I was trying to send a picture to a friend of mine. But instead of sending it out like...
  20. G

    wifi kill

    what apps can kill wifi for certain computer wifikill.apk doesnt work for the computer zanti cost money to dos if anyone can give thanks
  21. B

    Help free space disappears from SD card

    Hello, Still using the Intercept on VM with stock Froyo, never rooted . Just can't afford to upgrade this piece of...technology. A problem I've had for some time is space disappears from the SD card without any downoads or pictures. For example, after mounting the card in my computer...
  22. M

    Assigning a ringtone to a Single person, not everyone :)

    1 Open contacts 2 Tap and highlight a Persons name 3 Touch far left menu button and that brings up a small screen in bottom 4 you will see the following small screen; (lousy ascii art next line lol) edit | share Options | delete 5 touch "OPTIONS" 6 RINGTONE is on top, tap that, >>> Assign...
  23. P

    Help Samsung Intercept Hard Bricked

    I hard bricked my VM Samsung Intercept. Is there any hope? Have no power. No lights. Cannot get to Recovery. Can not get to d/l mode. Computer does not see it. Is it a new toy for my doggy to play with, or does someone have any help. Thanks In advance for any help.
  24. G

    Help Battery questions

    Hi, lately my battery is giving me a hard time charging. Sometimes when I plug it in when the phone is on it will say something like charging timed out, battery is to hot or to cold. Then sometimes when the phone is off and I try to charge it it will say battery disconnected and vibrate til you...
  25. X

    Help No audio on my intercept..

    Ive had this phone for a few months now.. Few days ago I dropped it and the micro sd chip popped out and cracked so I bought a new micro sdhc 8gb card. Now no audio is working whatsoever besides when I make calls. No ringtones music or any tones. And the camera is now recording in .gpa or .gp3...