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samsung stratosphere

  1. TheKrempist

    Help No Snapchat and Instagram? Would a root fix this?

    I am considering rooting my phone because I really need snapchat and instagram to work and I only have a Stratosphere. Instagram won't let me upload anything and Snapchat won't even download. If I root the phone and upgrade my stuff correctly, will these apps ever work? I love the phone, but...
  2. L

    Help Problems with SCH-I405

    Hey guys, Sorry if this isn't the right sub-forum, or if something simmilar has been posted already, but I have problems with my SCH-I405. I'm not sure if this is the Stratosphere or the Stratosphere 2. It's buggy, and it has problems charging. I have had this phone factory replaced via...
  3. L

    Root Rooted phone image backup

    now that my phone is rooted, is there a way to "image" the rooted phone so I can push the image back onto the phone if I break the rooted image? can a non bootable rooted phone be re-imaged?
  4. D

    Help Samsung i405

    Does the i405 come with a micro SD card or is that to be purchased separately? I have a new to me, used i405 and the phone won't let me take pics without a card installed.
  5. J

    Help cannot access internet from Verizon modem/router

    In Settings, I am connected to my router under Wi-Fi settings and also under Wi-Fi Networks. The phone is the only instrument connected to the router. I have no tablet, etc. I cannot get an internet connection from it. I'm able to access the internet at other Wi-Fi location. When I turn off the...
  6. M

    Help I405 problems

    Ok recently replaced the screen on my stratosphere. When i went to turn it on it comes up with some message about the OS. It says press up vol for new OS, down vol to load reg OS. It would appear that the vol down does not work, well in fact neither button seems to do anything when on this...
  7. I

    Help Transfering TMemos to SD Card W/O Rooting

    I have a Stratosphere which I have a some T Memos which I would like to transfer to an SD Card or PC. My phone is not rooted and I have no interest to do so. An app would be the best way, right? An app not requiring a rooted phone. ~Sass BTW, My husband's phone, Galaxy Strat 2, was easy...
  8. M

    Help Help: Phone is glitching.

    Whenever I try to text someone my phone opens the search function over and over. This makes my phone unusable. It's possible that I got a virus, but very unlikely because I have only ever used Facebook in the browser. I've tried taking the battery out over night. Once I hit the green...
  9. M

    Help bricked stratosphere 2

    I have a bricked stratosphere 2, I have tried to flash with odin and no luck, any ideas.
  10. A

    Help downloaded pics gone from gallery but are in the download app??

    I opened up an email on this phone from a friend that I've Never opened emails from before. The emailed pics were also downloaded in a way I had never seen before. I believe it says "saved as android/data/com ????????" So I went to my gallery after downloading and all my pics are gone. Went to...
  11. D

    Help samsung stratosphere verizon sch

    I have a verizon samsung stratosphere I trying to unlock so I can take it to a different provider. Can someone please assist me I trying to unlock it so I can use the phone. Thanks
  12. saptech

    Root Time to Root

    My phone is beginning to act weird, like turning itself off for no reason! :confused: http://androidforums.com/samsung-stratosphere/775334-phone-shutting-off.html I think it's time for me to try Rooting the phone. I have read about rooting my model of phone but need to find the hard copy and...
  13. saptech

    Help Phone Shutting Off

    It seems within the past week or two, my phone is beginning to turn itself off. Alot of times when it seems to happen I would have the phone in my pants pocket and I thought it was turning off when I sit, but just now, while sitting on the table, it turned off. Again, just now, I opened the...
  14. P

    Help Random reboots, other difficulties

    I have a Stratosphere that I have never rooted, but I use ADW Launcher, MagicLocker, and Setting Profiles Lite. For the past few months, my phone has been randomly... rebooting seems to be the term, but I don't think of it as that since I don't see the splash screen. What I see happen while...
  15. M

    Help Stratosphere automatically deleting texts before I read them

    My phone will alert me that I have a text message. When I go to messages, it's not there. I know that I received a message because of an app that puts an icon on my screen. Luckily I've assigned most of my friend's a contact photo so I can tell who's text was erased. So I have to text them and...
  16. B

    Help during phone call, can't enter numbers on keypad unless speakerphone is on

    I've found that when I'm on a call using my Stratosphere 1, if I'm prompted to enter a sequence of numbers and I bring up the keypad on the screen, most of the numbers will not enter when I press them on the keypad, or the screen goes dark after about 1 second even if I'm in the middle of...
  17. Z

    Help Need Help! Phone will not boot past Samsung Logo

    Need some help. I have a Samsung Stratosphere that is stuck in a boot loop. It has never been rooted and has always run the stock ROM. My daughter said it turned off on it own and now it just shows the Samsung logo, shuts off, and comes back on again, shows Samsung logo, shuts off, etc. It will...
  18. saptech

    Root Latest Root Info

    Does anyone know what the latest info on rooting this phone? It seems everything I find with google search is dated up to Feb. 2012. Is the wifi issue I've read been solved (losing wifi)? It seems to be related to the 2.3.5 Rom, I think. Any ideas/questions/suggestions with rooting this phone...
  19. ChaunceyK

    Selling my extended life battery

    Rather than sell it on ebay and have them take a chunk of the money, I'd like to sell it to one of the fine members of these forums. I just upgraded to the Lucid 2 and don't need it anymore. I'll include the oversized backplate for the battery. Anyone interested? (And if its against the...
  20. Thewraith420

    Root Downgrade stratosphere?

    Hey guys i have a freind with the stratosphere and he received the ota and he just hates it. Is there a procedure to downgrade? Or will he just have to make do?
  21. H

    Help Android 2.3.6 Voice Recogniton problems

    Hey ppl... Looking for some insight here. I have a Samsung Stratosphere I405 and I am having problems with the voice recognition overall. It seems that since the update to Android 2.3.6(in March 2013), that my voice recognition does not work properly. It worked great prior to the upgrade. Now...
  22. saptech

    Home Screen Snapshot

    I thought when I first got this phone, Dec. '11, it didn't have a way to take snapshots of home screens. Then sometime in 2012, the phone got an upgrade to ICS, not full version but partial parts of ICS. I thought I saw an app or something about being able to take snapshots. If anyone know how...
  23. T

    Help Stat wont connect to network. Stuck in some mode

    Can someone help me with this? My phone rebooted and now it has the hardware info on the left hand side of the screen. I've posted a picture. It wont go on the mobile network at all (cant make calls). I did a factory restore, unrooted and put the stock rom on, nothing helps. Thanks in advance
  24. S

    Help Unable to sync Gmail account

    My Stratosphere worked fine but in the last few days (maybe since the system update) My Gmail will not sync in the stock email app. It works fine on the Gmail app... It keeps giving me a sync error and wont' let me delete emails in the gmail account of the stock email app that already exist...
  25. saptech

    System Update

    I just got home and after turning on wifi, it updated some apps and then showed a System Update message from Verizon. Has anybody else received a System Update message? [url=http://support.verizonwireless.com/system_update/stratosphere.html]Software Update: Samsung Stratosphere