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Help Need Help! Phone will not boot past Samsung Logo


Sep 16, 2010
Need some help. I have a Samsung Stratosphere that is stuck in a boot loop. It has never been rooted and has always run the stock ROM. My daughter said it turned off on it own and now it just shows the Samsung logo, shuts off, and comes back on again, shows Samsung logo, shuts off, etc. It will continue to do this over an over until you take the battery out. As soon as you put the battery back in, it will start to power up without pressing any of the buttons and cycle through the Samsung logo.

I was just going to do to a hard reset by putting the phone in fastboot and do a factory reset. However, when I hold the power key, up and down key, they phone show the yellow box but before it can go into fastboot to use the up and down key to select factory reset, the phone shuts off and starts the Samsung logo cycle thing.

If I hold the down key, the phone shows a screen that says, "Warning!! A custom OS can cause critical problems in phone and installed applications. If you want to download a custom OS, press the volume up key. Otherwise, press the volume down key to cancel." No mater if I press up or down, or just leave it, a few seconds later, it will shut down and start the Samsung thing again.

I watched some videos that talked about a program called ODIN and flashing the stock ROM but when I followed the link to download files, the link was bad or there was a huge list of files and I wasn't sure which one to download.

Side note: At first I thought the battery might be dead, but since I couldn't tell if the battery was charging due to the phone doing the Samsung Logo thing, I bought a new battery and charger so I could charge the battery without using the phone. So I know I have a full 100% charged battery.

Can anyone help me out and give me some instruction on how to fix this issue. I looked through the forums and all I am seeing is take the phone back to Verizon. Well that isn't an option because it is no longer under warranty but I really can't afford to buy a new phone right now.

I am fairly familiar with rooting and flashing. I use a Droid Razr Max that is rooted. The Samsung belongs to my daughter who is going through major phone DDTs right now. Any help would be much appreciated.
I had a similar problem with mine before. In my case it turns out an app (LookOut Security & Antivirus) I had installed was causing the problem. I had to keep restarting and/or taking the battery out and eventually the phone would start, then I was able to uninstall LookOut, that is how I know it was causing my problem.

Do you remember if any new app was installed when this started happening? If so, can you get the phone to start up at any time?
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