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  1. H

    [APP] Discover Uniqueness Color Phone: Call Screen Theme

    Discover Uniqueness Call Screen 2024 Color Phone - Make your dull incoming call screen into an immersive experience. Express your style by personalizing button styles and call screen themes? Call Screen never miss a call with attention-grabbing color call alert flash? Make your phone call sreen...
  2. smorris357mag

    ONETOUCH amFilm screen protector is worth trying

    I just installed a new glass screen protector, ONETOUCH affirm. It came in a two pack and was the easiest installation I have ever experienced. Each glass came with its own installation packet and the glass is contained within a plastic template that you simply fit over the phone. It centers the...
  3. P

    Red circle with white dots on Pixel 7

    I have a Red circle with white dots on Pixel 7 that does not respond to touch except to move it around the screen. Then it parks itself by the nearest edge of the screen. Any ideas as to what it is and how to get rid of it? Thanks,
  4. S

    An app to allow upside down portrait mode?

    I want to allow my phone to rotate the screen all 4 ways. Why should I have to know which end of my phone is which when I pick it up? It's not even consistent, we can have both landscapes, so why not both portraits?!
  5. H

    [APP] Change incoming call screen theme - Color Phone

    10,000+ Newest Call Themes 2023 Color Phone - great call screen app that makes a difference for you. Call screen themes make your call screen more unique and interesting with various screen themes. Color Phone is an application that innovates the incoming call screen right on your mobile phone...
  6. H

    Web audio recording - microphone disabled during screen lock

    I'm developing a web app that uses audio recording. The issue I'm facing is that when the phone locks after inactivity, Android shuts down the microphone, probably due to a security policy. I'm not aware of any way to allow a website to keep the microphone on during a screen lock. Is anyone...
  7. DrSmith

    Please Help! Lost all of my home screen website shortcut icons

    Android 11 Moto g stylus (XT2115DL) Here is what happened. In 'Settings/Network and Internet/Advanced/Private DNS' on my phone I changed the setting from 'Private DNS provider hostname' = 'dns.adguard.com' to 'Off' because it was causing problems with an app by blocking the ads. Now the app...
  8. J

    Help TTS goes from online to offline voice minutes after screen turns off then stops

    I have used eReader Prestígio and Speech Recognition and Synthesis by Google to listen to books every day for years and had nothing but positive reviews to share. A few days ago, however, that changed. After the screen goes off, the TTS goes on functioning perfectly as usual until, a few...
  9. P

    How do I move an app to my home screen

    quite some time ago I moved my text messaging app back to my home screen and then I locked my home screen to prevent it from ever again moving away from my home screen. However after a recent update the app is once again not on the home screen. How can I move it back to the home screen and...
  10. laurenzo

    Screen can be turned on only SOMETIMES

    I have a problem with my smart phone (Galaxy S9+). It sometimes does not turn the screen on (at best it just flashes). Usually it happens if I have used the phone for a short while. If I turn the screen off, then I cannot turn it back on for some while. It sometimes doesn't want to turn on...
  11. T

    Login screen

    If I start the game from the beginning will i always get the login screen if i am not logged into Play Games?
  12. J

    Android 4.4.2(Kitkat): Screen Lock and Reaching Files Through USB

    Hello. I have an Android 4.4.2(Kitkat) mobile phone which needs to be repaired.(It doesn't charge) I have some important files in it. I don't want the people who repairs it to reach my files. Before my phone had this problem, it had a password which worked as a screen lock. I had to enter it...
  13. A

    Hone Screen Layout Spacing

    I'm not sure how or why, but all of a sudden the vertical spacing on my homepage increased. The icons are further away from each other now, and widgets take up more space (the resize square is larger, from top to bottom, for all widgets). The icons size is still the same as it was, and the...
  14. F

    Keep Screen On doesn't work

    I have a Galaxy A52, which I love. The Android OS is up to date. I have it set to "keep screen on" while using, but my screen still fades and soon goes black, even if I'm holding the phone where it can clearly see my face. This is especially a problem when I'm using the phone keypad to work my...
  15. P

    Screen Protector

    Best value and by far the easiest way to put a screen protector on your cellphone
  16. N

    I exited download mode using SamFW FRP Tool in my Samsung A51. Now it's a black screen. Not being detected by PC!

    I was stuck in the download Mode in my A51. Using SamFW FRP tool 3.31 i exit the download mode. Now only the blue screen pops. When I click the volume up to enter download mode it goes to a black screen mode and nothing appears in my PC. How can i fix this? When i click volume up it goes to...
  17. elflamablanca

    Full screen Android Auto screen mirroring with/without root

    Is there a way to screen mirror my phone and have it full screen? Doesn't matter if the phone needs to be rooted or not, I just want to know if it is possible. I have a Z Fold 4 and it is not rooted. When I use the screen2auto app it only uses some of the display in my 2022 Kia Stinger with a...
  18. S

    Display issue on samsung s9

    Display issue on samsung s9. Screen goes dark on adaptive brightness (often after like 4-5 hrs). If I adjust the brightness to anything below 60%, it goes real dark (with or without adaptive brightness). For now I have kept the brightness to max. Seems to work now. But looks like over all the...
  19. silasp

    S22 Ultra touch screen unresponsive

    Hi. The touch screen on my co-worker's S22 Ultra is very erratic. She has begun having problems with scrolling and touch response. I read somewhere about doing a forced reboot by pressing volume down and power buttons simultaneously. I don't want to recommend that unless I'm confident no harm...
  20. F

    Phone Screen Blue Thin Lines

    Hi guys, my Xiaomi Pocophone F3's screen looks like this. I tried searching it up on google but I cant find any picture that match mine. How do i fix this? Thanks!
  21. boo222

    Factory reset with a non-working screen?

    If your Samsung Galaxy
  22. S

    Help Are there any current-spec Android phones under 5.7" in size?

    So.... I bought a Pixel 6. Too large for my pants. Bought a OnePlus 9 Pro. Too big for my pants. Bought a Galaxy Fold. Thick as can be, and doesn't open with one hand. The iPhone13 Mini is the perfect size (5.4"). But I really want to stay on Android. What are my options? (And I need either...
  23. richards1052

    Help Trade in question

    I want to buy the new 9pro and trade-in or selling my current 7pro. Does the 7pro have any value if it has a slight crack on the screen? The phone is fully functional. The screen is also fully functional. The crack is on the edge of the screen and has no impact on visiblity. Is it worth...
  24. arhmansss

    screen sharpness config ??

    I have a projector with an Android OS, Long story short, it shutdown itself, and when I turn on it back, the display is blurry, I've been rotating the lens to find the focus point is still blurry at the best focus point, At this point I thought it was a problem with the lens, so I took it apart...
  25. Anes08

    Help Galaxy M20 screen acting weird

    Recently I discovered that my phone's screen is leaving semi transparent stuck pixels on the edges of the screen , I don't know if it came like that from the previous owner (the phone is used) i just noticed it while using the phone in low brightness , if i set the brightness to 20% or above the...