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sony ericsson xperia neo

  1. K

    Help Xperia Neo turning off and on

    My phone recently started to turn it self off and on all the time. What happens is that when I use the phone nothing happens but as soon as the phone goes in lock mode then it shuts off and does it all the time until the phone drains out of battery. I re installed the system on the phone but...
  2. C

    Root Rooting my Neo

    ~<[SOLVED]>~ Greetings, Introductions:The name is Chayton as you can see I'm new around here and although I have played around with computer modding and all now and then but the thing is my phone is a MUST for me and my schoolwork so I feel a bit double about touching it. Problem:I apologize...
  3. S

    Help Neo L:Cannot find Lock a sms option

    Hi All, I'm using Sony Xperia Neo L. Is there an option to lock certain sms against deletion. I have seen few sites that says this phone has but I could not find it. I click on a sms(press longer) and the only option i get is Copy,Forward,Save in Sim card and Delete. Please help
  4. M

    Help Neo L Heating Problem

    Experts, I used experia neo l for last 3 months, it was good. few days ago my phone start to get to much heat and it make drain the battery. Even the phone getting heat under the battery while the device is in switched off condition :confused: Guys, Please Let me if you have any idea to...
  5. T

    Root Experts Please Help :'(

    I have rooted my SE Xperia Neo (GB 2.3.3 FW 3.0.1.A.0.145) via DoomLord v4.But now i cant update my phone.I have tried several times to update manually via flash tool on windows xp to FW MT15_4.1.B.0.431_Global.Every time when the software says plug my data cable by holding the back...
  6. R

    Help Volume icon popping up always and irritating

    Hi friends, From today morning my volume icon is always popping up whenever i traverse through the screen. Actually the volume icon is showinup automatically and its getting increased. Very frustrating. Can somebody help me here please?
  7. D

    Help Phone not booting to recovery - fastbooot

    :confused:It happened day before yesterday I was having jelly sandwich os on my xperia neo all was great but I thought of making the os still good by removinh apex lancher for apex alncher pro But was not able to do that , so I googled and found the way to remove it via titanium back up...
  8. S

    Help Xperia Neo or Xperia Neo L

    I'm planning to buy a Xperia phone. But I'm pretty confused which one to buy. Xperia Neo or Xperia Neo L ? What you people here suggest ?? Is there any problem with this mobiles ? Hope someone reply asap. I'm planning to buy today itself.. so :)
  9. S

    Help Turn on Screen in Screen Lock mode

    Hi All, Recently i purchased Sony Xperia Neo L, ICS 4.0.4, I noticed whenever i power lock my phone; My screen does NOT (although the vibration is there)turn on for smses,facebook notifications,gmails and whatsapp. I could see the notifications in status bar(on top of the phone) when I...
  10. M

    MMS Notification Stick on My Mob Neo L

    Hi , MMs notification has been stick on my mobile. HOw can i remove that notification. I by mistake click on send message through mms but mms service not activated on my mob so i delete the message on my sms inbox. but after that its always showing that this message cant be deliver...
  11. R

    Best Camera Setting For Xperia Neo

    Hi, I just brought xperia neo and i don't know how to setup camera for best photo output. it has a 8 mp camera but when i take photos its not good enough image size is less than 1 MB but it should be more than 3/4 MB comparing with my LG 5 MP camera. i think i am missing some setting which i...
  12. T

    Upgrade Software

    Is there any prob if i upgrade my neo MT15i GB 2.3.3 by pc companion inspite of OTA.I have rooted my phone by DoomLord v4 and i really dont know my bootloader is locked or unlocked
  13. T

    Help Experts please help

    I have a sony ericsson xperia neo MT15i with GB 2.3.3.Is it safe to root it by GingerBreak-v1.20.apk.Experts please confirm it ASAP. Thanks in advance :D
  14. R

    Help Xperia Neo L

    Hi guys, first time here. :) I can't seem to find any tutorials on how to root the Sony Xperia Neo L. It's not even in the phone lists here. Currently running ICS, I dont want to root or modify anything yet since ICS is not really that old, and this was my first android phone- dont wanna break...
  15. S

    Help Xperia neo wifi usage indication

    One of the guys at work has issues with his SE Xperia Neo. As soon as he enters the office his phone connects to the Wi-Fi modem/router and it is downloading data. There is a XN app that monitors the data usage, and it shows there is data being downloaded on the Wi-Fi part. When he is at home...
  16. T

    Please help

    I brought SE Xperia neo a few days ago but meanwhile i face a lot of problems 01.I cant read slide(microsoft powerpoint file).While i open a slide(.ppt) it said memory full 02.While i unplug USB cable all the icons were rearranged 03.It takes a long time to start(while restart) 04.Battery...
  17. C

    Help ICS 4.0.4 problem with google search within text messages.

    Hello, After upgrading my Neo to the official ICS 4.0.4 firmware (build 4.1.B.0.431), the Google search widget doesn't search in my text messages anymore. I've enabled the check-box on Settings --> Searchable Items --> Messaging and when I search for a text string that appears in my text...
  18. H

    Help "Package file is invalid" after upgrade to 4.0.4

    Hi. I know there are many threads about this issue... But none of then could solve my problem. I'm a brazilian guy and purchased a branded Xperia Neo (MT15a). I
  19. B

    Performance of Neo on 4.0.4?

    Hi All, I have SE Xperia Neo. It came along with Android 2.3.2 and then updated it via Sony PC Companion to 2.3.4. Performance boosted like about 2x than before. Now 4.0.4 is available but to my understanding 4.0.4 may require better hardware config. Can anyone suggest if moving to 4.0.4...
  20. D-U-R-X

    Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo FAQ's (WIP)

    This is a work in progress... Please continue to post support questions in the forum, but feel free to add to the FAQ's and we will update this post (to avoid information being lost later in the thread). 1. General Android phone FAQ's? 2. How can I improve my battery life? 3. Are there any...
  21. Z

    Help Persistent Force Close.

    My Xperia Neo keeps stopping and saying that gapps has working.First, it said that I had used up all my space when there was still plenty left. I've deleted several unused apps and cleared all cache but still it persists. I can barely open my Kindle app now and anything else just force closed...
  22. J

    Help Latest Facebook app is constantly crashing

    My wife has a Neo, and Facebook has always worked fine for her, but since installing the most recent update it's constantly forcing close when she tries to use the app. It's not instant - usually after trying to load another page of updates, trying to post something on her wall or comment on...
  23. E

    Help How to sort address book by Last Name

    I have a SE Neo running Android 2.3.4 and I can't seem to get the address book to sort by last name. Does anyone have any clue how to do that?
  24. A

    Help Screen Issues

    Hi, I've recently purchased a Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo off eBay and for the first few days it was working fine. However, a few days ago the screen just stopped working in the middle of use. The backlight works and when it is locked I can feel it vibrate when I unlock it and it still makes...
  25. C

    Help Xperia Neo WiFi problems

    I have a brand new Neo. I first connected to my home's WiFi without problems. When I tried to connect to other WiFi networks, in many cases it fails by not being able to get an IP address. It then tries continously and never fully connects. When I went back home I can experience the same...