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sony ericsson xperia ray

  1. E

    Wrist Ray - Wear your Xperia Ray on your wrist with style.

    Hey all, I've always wanted the ultimate wrist communicator and was tired of waiting, so after researching ideal phone form factors for a wrist mounted system I chose the Xperia Ray and have made a wrist cuff that fits it perfectly using magnetic clasps. I wear a Buff (tubular fabric) to...
  2. eric marvell

    my xperia ray reboot

    Please help me. My xperia ray rebooted "sony" then "xperia" The sofware can't go to menu. I want you guys solutions
  3. M

    Help I forgot my screen lock pattern!!

    Please help me! I put screen lock to my phone, but now i have forgotten it!! Can anybody help me to get my phone back (phone without screen lock)?
  4. JayTheKing

    Battery Question

    I want to swap my battery with a new one.The one i found though has a different color(black) than the one that came with my phone(white).It has the same model BA700.Does the color matter?
  5. M

    Help Sony xperia freezes on sony ericsson logo upon startup

    Hi there, Every time I turn on my sony xperia ray it loads up to the sony ericsson logo and then the backlight brightens with no other progress. It could stay like this until the battery runs out I guess. I have tried updating using the sony PC companion as well the update service...
  6. A

    Help problem in VPN connection , help me

    hi i had stock rom on my phone version 4.0.4 build 587. once i wanted to change my screen lock from pattern to face unlock , but face unlock was disabled. i cleared credentials from security. after that face unlock was enabled but my vpn connection was removed . after i made another...
  7. A

    Help Need Tamil Language

    Dear friend I'm using Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray... Android version 2.3.4... I would like to add Tamil language in my mobile... If it's possible means help me... Thanks and regards
  8. A

    Help Need Tamil Language

    Dear friend I'm using Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray... Android version 2.3.4... I would like to add Tamil language in my mobile... If it's possible means help me... Thanks and regards
  9. L

    Gingerbread crashes

    Am I the only one who's browsers constantly crash under Gingerbread on the Ray? No matter what browser I have (including the stock GB browser) it's only a matter of time before they crash at some point. This can't be normal... I can do a fresh flash on my phone but the problem always remains.
  10. funkylogik

    Root Hey peeps

    My wife might be getting a used Ray. Just wondering how healthy the dev scene for it is? Also whats the stock firmware like.. is it pretty close to stock android? Cheers :beer:
  11. M

    Help System update 4.0.2.a.0.62 fails

    I got the notification as above.but everything I try to update my Xperia ray phone it fails. Tried to update through the phone.but the download finishes in a second and it says it is ready to be updated. But when I try to update the phone restarts.and a message saying "update failed "appears...
  12. S

    Root Battery not charging

    Once battery drained its nt charging again I shown it service center, service person is so dumb, then I called customer care he insisted to download "Xperia Diagnostics" and told to check charger through it. I did same but it is showing charging is going on. I put my battery in friends mobile...
  13. C

    Facebook app is killing me

    Well, this is going on my nerves. When i got this phone, it came with already installed Facebook app. It worked just fine, until it just stoped showing me notifications, timeline and profiles. It just shows white screen, and nothing. I TRIED EVERYTHING, but i can't delete it and reinstall it...
  14. JayTheKing

    Help Safely Remove

    After updating to the latest firmware for the phone i cant safely remove my phone from my usb. How can i fix it?
  15. P

    Contact search weird (CM9.1 Urushu)

    (Ray with Cyanogenmod 9.1 Urushu) I added a new (Google) contact to the phone, with a somewhat unique name. When I input part of that name in the search field in the Phone app, no results are returned. When I input the same characters in the search field of the Contacts app, the contact is...
  16. S

    my phone cant detect sim card

    hye. my phone cant detect sim card after use a SUS. .can someone help me ?
  17. S

    Help Mobile network issue after crossing border

    Hi, I just cross the border from Canada to the USA, the thing is, I'm unable to connect to a mobile network here. When I go into the "Network Operator" menu a can see the 2G AT&T, T-Mobile and USA Unice networks. But when I try to connect it says that the Network is unavailable. I have Fido...
  18. A


    Greetings, My name is Abdul Shaikh. I am into IT technology since 1983 (My first PC was an Apple II Plus). I have Android, IOS, Symbian and Blackberry devices. I am interested in using mobile android devices to the best possible advantage for personal productivity and convenience. My...
  19. N

    Help Telephone's RAM disappearing, started roughly a year after purchase

    Hope I am at the right place :) My android ICS 4.1.B.0.587 phone started behaving very strangely about 16 months after I purchased it. In the past, when I rebooted, I used to have about 180 Mb RAM (I use RAM Booster to check and boost), and for a year, it went down some when I used apps, but...
  20. C

    Help Xperia ray - screen gone mad

    Hi, While typing most of the time the phone does not respond to all my clicks. some get missing. when typing i have to keep a rest of 05 - 07 secs to type the next letter. pls help me on this:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(
  21. S

    Help struck at the start screen after restore

    hi friends, i had xperia ray mobile and i tried to install custom rom but got an error so i decided to restore previous rom which i backed up earlier from boot menu options. i restored from the backup and rebooted but my phone strucked at the start screen. i can't get into the boot menu also...
  22. I

    Memory Problems

    My Xperia Ray has 44 MB free Phone space and 75 MB free Memory Card space. But I am not able to install a 6 MB app from the play store. I am also not able to update the existing google maps(5 MB update). I have tried turning the phone off/on. I have tried installing/ updating apps repeatedly...
  23. K

    Help Xperia Ray switches off automatically.

    About 8 months ago my son bought Xperia Ray model ST18i. He upgraded it to ICS as soon as it became available on Sony's site and was happy until yesterday. His phone started switching off automatically when left untouched for some time. It wouldn't switch on until battery was removed &...
  24. JayTheKing

    Help USB Charge

    I wanted to know if by using usb charge when the phone has a considerable amount of battery it harms the battery life.Does it?If yes how do i turn the usb charge off?
  25. L

    Help [Q] Ray battery recently shortened and it has also started time travelling

    I've got a bit of a problem with my Xperia Ray and despite hours of googling I still can't find a solution so I thought I'd see if you guys could help Had it for about 6 months now and it worked great up until a couple of weeks ago when suddenly the battery life got way shorter, like I...