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sony ericsson xperia x10 mini pro

  1. G

    Help Cannot save photos on Facebook

    I can't seem to save photos on Facebook I used to be able to long press any photo and the save option would come up but it doesn't now ever since updates were accidentally uninstalled a while ago is there any other way of doing it?
  2. G

    Help Facebook logout

    Hi I accidentally uninstalled the Facebook updates and now when I logged into Facebook the lay out is different and I can't find how to log out,can the updates be reinstalled? and if so how? And how do you log out?
  3. I

    Help U20i on 3 network problems

    Hi, Picked up a Xperia U20i mini pro from a car boot sale - after getting home and charging it, it booted up but was in Czech language. I hooked it up to the update service and reloaded software. When I switched it back on the language had changed back to English. The phone is tied to 3 network...
  4. I

    Help Parsing error

    Im trying to install non-market .apk files but every time I try, i get ,,there is a problem parsing the package'' Before writing this thread i red lots of other threads with several different solutions. 1. Probably most popular one was to allow instalation of non market apps in settings...
  5. T

    Help Youtube internet connection?

    Hey everybody! This is my first post. I'm sure you had this before, but everything I read is unclear. I've got the YT app installed. I tried accessing it, but it gives a message along the lines of: "Connection Problem. Touch to try again" but it gives the same result. I've tried going to the...
  6. C

    Help Help whot is this

    is this something to be worried about yes it has root this is the link cos this website don't like Dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/sc/cspuwlj4s7gjnxb/JnNy5uq2CQ that's the new link
  7. Empath

    Root Best custom rom for improving x10 mini pro battery life?

    I just ordered the mini pro and battery life is priority of course, so i've prepared by browsing around researching all the custom roms and it seems zelly cream rom is the best option. But i'd like to hear other users opinions or better recommendations before making any decisions, any info is...
  8. E

    Help Wont charge since USB Power Surge

    Hey All, I connected my X10 to my laptop and windows detected a powersurge, since then it will not charge up, just get a red light flashing 3 times when I press the power button. I have removed battery for a while and tried again with no joy. Tried various cables which I know work but still...
  9. M

    Root x10mp keeps rebooting

    I've installed CM7 on my x10mp. everything was working smoothly until about a few days ago, when the phone started rebooting itself around every 10 min. I cant find any specific pattern, it just reboots randomly every now and then. however, this rebooting is so often that the phone is...
  10. X

    Looking to Upgrade Xperias

    Hi! I am new to this forum, and just wanted some input from Xperia users who may be more knowledgeable about these phones than I :) I currently have an XPeria X10 Mini Pro and I love the size of it, the ergonomics, everything...except now that I've had it for two years, it's super laggy and...
  11. M

    cm7 multi lingual keyboard on x10mp?

    Im using cm7 on my x10mp. how do I show the multilingual keyboard (different charsets/accents)? on the stock ROM, whenever I typed text, a soft keyboard would popup where it was possible to select other charsets and accents. TIA
  12. M

    best substitutes for stock apps?

    what apps are people using as substitutes to the stock SE A2.1 apps: browser dialer music player mail messaging etc. for me: browser->opera mini mail->k9 I've installed CM7 on my x10mp, so I can use A2.3 apps. TIA
  13. J

    Root Android OS corrupt-Help root?

    hi guys, I have Sony Xperia x10 mini pro, its unable to save contacts and gets errors. My phone's USB connector does not work though, im using seperate charger and sd card works as well as wifi. Best is just to reload the thing but im not to clued up on how to go about it. I think at the...
  14. M

    no music in mono BT earphone

    i've got a mono BT earphone which works fine for phone calls, but when I play music it's routed via the phone speaker, not the earphone. is this an x10mp "feature"? any way to circumvent this, that is, getting music on the mono earphone? TIA
  15. M

    faster boot?

    my x10mp with stock ROM takes forever to boot. any suggestions how to reduce the boot time? TIA
  16. C

    Help SMS not sorted by date

    On my Xperia Mini Pro all my SMS are sorted by name of recipient. Normally it was sorted by date of received message. That has happened suddenly with no extra action done by me. I can not see any option to sort SMS back again by date. Does anyone faced a similar problem and knows how to solve it ?
  17. bobismad

    Help touchscreen randomness

    My x10 MP keeps randomly dialing numbers when plugged into a charger, either a mains one or thru the computer, it also randomly switches languages usually to either arabic or chinese, the phone was 2nd hand when I bought it so have no history for it, I had it unlocked and the software upgraded...
  18. P

    Help how to get the chinese software off my xperia mini pro!?

    Hey I brought my xperia mini pro yesterday and found that the userface is Chinese with Chinese built in apps? :/ wwhen I set up the phone it expected me to use the Chinese language not an english one and when I finished the set up ive found a whole page of Chinese language apps, even the amdroid...
  19. M

    Help wifi tethering

    Im trying to setup wifi tethering on the x10mp. I've tried Barnacle (pc failed to connect to phone), and "wifi tether for root users" (two different apps), both gave an error message the kernel is missing some components. has anyone got some wifi tethering app to work on x10mp? TIA
  20. S

    Help Cannot sign in to google account after trying EVERYTHING!!

    I have recently started to have problems with the market on my xperia x10 mini pro. I tryed everything - clearing cache, uninstalling market updates, rebooting my phone like a million times. Nothing worked so i decided to make a factory reset. Now i can't sing in into my google account. I tryed...
  21. S

    Market not working even after uninstalling updates

    I have the xperia x10 mini pro. Today suddenly market stopped working. I can't download anything. It says: Download was unsuccessful. Please try again. I tried uninstalling market updates, clearing cache, turning my phone on and off, nothing is working. I still can't download anything. Can...
  22. D

    Root i hav rooted my phone but...

    hi everyone ... i have rooted my phone and i have installed xrecovery also .... but when i shut down my phone and press the back button multiple times while showing the SE logo i aint getting the menu .... it is turning on like always only .... can any1 pls help me :(:(:(:confused:
  23. S

    Help Xperia mini pro not responding after updating Android version from 4.0 to latest

    I have bought a sony Xperia mini pro SK17i few months ago; yesterday i got a notification that there is an android update is available for my phone. I was downloading that and start installing, few minutes later the phone switched off automatically and i was unable to switch it on again. Please...
  24. S

    Message Vibration help needed!

    When I recieve a message, my phone makes an alert AND vibrates. Is there a way to make it stop vibrating and JUST make an alert sound? Please help if you can!
  25. D-U-R-X

    Root ATR Sticky Update

    :We Need Your Help!: We've noticed that the root sticky for your phone has been a little neglected and needs some updating. Please contact us to let us know which are the current, up-to-date root related threads & guides for the Xperia X10 Mini Pro? You can contact us through...