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sony xperia z ultra

  1. H

    Help Help installing dualshock manager apk

    Im a total noob at this. Finally made the move to android away from the apple herd. I purchased a new sony z ultra gpe c6806 running lollipop 5.1. Ive installed remote play.apk but im having a hard time getting the dual shock manager apk to install. I have not rooted the phone nor have I done...
  2. Z

    Help External memory doesn't appear for some app

    HI guys I'm facing a problem with my new XZU Lately, i was unlock bootloader and rooted my XZU But for some app can't see the ext sdcard See , sdcard appear on File Commander , but both of Telegram and ES Explorer can't recognize it Please help me.....
  3. D

    LOLLIPOP (Android 5.0.2) is now available...

    Tonight I checked for software update on my Z Ultra and was pleasantly surprised to see that Lollipop is now available. I connected it to the Sony PC Companion on my Windows 8.1 Laptop and downloaded and installed Lollipop successfully. So far the all seems well. I just added a Samsung Galaxy...
  4. D

    Root xperia z ultra

    I need help guys, my xperia z ultra doest have any google services, google play, etc.. My father bought it from iraq without noticing, it doest have any google services.. And yes its brandnew! Now i dnt know how to install any apps on my device, i tried to bluetooth google play, etc from my...
  5. J

    Accessories How to condition to 5000 mah?

    I began using a 5000 mah battery for Xperia Z ULtra, and I installed battery monitor to see battery life. The phone is saying charge your phone at 14% while battery monitor is at 55%.Will it keep going when the it hits 0%? How to condition to 5000 mah? Thanks
  6. W

    Help cant install any up shows not enough space...

    my XZU shows 2.8gb on internal but when connected to pc shows 0gb. result. i cant install any games. i dont want to restore my phone. ive already deleted a lot. still no space when connected to PC. pls help gusy! TIA!
  7. Skynet11

    Official Sony Xperia Z Ultra User Manual

    Skynet11 submitted a new resource: Official Sony Xperia Z Ultra User Manual - The official Sony Xperia Z Ultra User Guide Read more about this resource...
  8. H

    xperia z ultra not opening since going into water

    xperia z ultra not opening since going into water xperia z ultra not opening after going into water....while i put it on charging red led light blinks only...not opening i have try to reset it by holding power and volume up button but nothing is happening and i also try to reset it by pressing...
  9. D

    any good cases similar to otterbox

    Ok I've been looking for a case for my ultra, one that protects it from drops and everything but no luck since otterbox did not make a case for it, any suggestions will help thanks
  10. D

    Help will xperi z ultra work on metro pcs lte

    Ok im planning to get rid of my mega 6.3 and get a xperia z ultra or a xperia t2 ultra, but ny biggest concern is if it would work on metro pcs lte connection, because im always surfing the web and downloading things and I have not had any problems with the galaxy mega, but im looking for...
  11. B

    Help Contrasting internal free storage information between PC and phone

    Hi guys, As the title suggests, my issue with my 2-day-old XZU is that it shows different internal free space available, especially on PC. On PC, it shows my phone has 7.95 gb free space, while the phone shows I have 8.95 gb, so it differs by around 1 gb. Is it a common issue or a critical...
  12. D

    Kitkat 4.4.4 is out now

    I just installed 4.4.4 on my Zu this morning. It's great that Sony does provide updates to the Android for the Zu.. Unlike my Samsung Note whisk never got updated beyond Ice-cream Sandwich. So far I'm pleased with the ZU and enjoy watching Netflix on my 60" Sony TV via Chromecast from my ZU.
  13. D

    KitKat 4.4.3?

    Google just released 4.4.3 for my Nexus 5 & 7 which I updated yesterday. I wonder if the Xperia Z Ultra will get this update in the near future?
  14. M

    Help No remote files showing in stock mail app

    Although I have OneDrive app and the service connected, there are no remote files showing for attachment in the stock mail app in my Sony Xperia Ultra. Any ideas? Is it possible to attach files into an email from a cloud storage like OneDrive whose app is installed on my device?
  15. D

    Help new andriod update, facebook

    I have just updated my phone to the new android version 4.2.2 and the facebook has updated with it. But it doesnt show options for showing recent posts only top stories.. Anyone know how i can fix this?
  16. L

    Help Sony ZU no ring on incoming calls

    Hello Members My stock Sony Z Ultra's been updated to the official Sony kitkat firmware, and i know there are sound bugs with this firmware version I also know Sony have issued an updated firmware to correct the problem, trouble is, i haven't received the 'over the air' update yet (i'm in the...
  17. C

    Help Play songs over HM1100

    Some body plz tell me how to listen songs from C6802 through my Bluetooth headset HM1100. I can listen to songs through this headset from nokia 201 without any hassle.
  18. chinee

    Will ZU C6806 from Bell Mobility (Canada) work in the U.S.?

    Looking to get a ZU, preferably the 6806 since I'm with AT&T, and I found one for sale from Canada, probably on their Bell Mobility network... Does anyone know if this would this work here in the US? Also, on a side note, anyone familiar with any issues purchasing from Canada via ebay...
  19. 4

    Plantronics Discovery 975 with Z Ultra

    Hi, Back in the day I owned a Blackberry Bold and used a Plantronics Discovery 925 with it, which was very, very nice. Then I bought a Motorola milestone, and couldn't get the 925 to work. I don't recal the reason exactly but I think the 925 lacked some bluetooth feature that the Milestone...
  20. M

    sony z ultra on metro pcs?

    i really wanna buy a sony z ultra! has anyone activated an unlocked one on metro pcs in nyc?
  21. F

    Help Cracked screen

    I purchased a lovely Experia Z Ultra a month ago. After two weeks it developed "the screen crack". Certainly not the cover glass and certainly it had not been dropped or sat upon etc. The good news is that I got it from Amazon UK and even though I was a couple of days outside their 30 day...
  22. M

    help- I can't stop applications running

    Even though I use task killer to stop apps, when I go into ' settings' then 'apps' and ' running'... My phone is showing only half of my ram available because a whole list of apps are showing as running!!? Can someone please help me.
  23. JunBringer

    Power Jacket for Sony Xperia Z Ultra 4500mAh

    Just ordered the white one of these and I'm pretty excited. I've had extended battery accessories for prettymuch every smartphone I've owned, and at this point it's been quite a few. Take a look and I'll leave my thoughts here once I get it and get some time in with it. Power Jacket for...
  24. PrinceOfDorne

    Protective shield gets scratched easily

    I have OCD, for which reason I take care of my gadgets to the extreme keeping them pristine at all times. However, after 3 weeks of using my Z Ultra, I noticed 3 scratches on the back panel. In the front, I noticed that some parts of the protective shield are somewhat erased - like some acid or...
  25. JunBringer

    Obligatory Screenshots/Homescreens Thread

    One of my favorite things about Android is seeing people's customizations. Let's see yours!