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t-mobile mytouch slide

  1. R

    Help screen goes black when i slide out my keyboard

    So everytime I push out the keyboard, the screen would stay black. The home screen, menu, back button lights on the side would be on, and the keyboard backlight would also be on, and when I type out a message, it would work. But the screen would stay black. I would have to push the keyboard back...
  2. K

    Root device doesnt display disc drive option after factory reset

    PLSSS HELP I use htc-t-mobile mytouch 3g slide. AFTER I GOT TEMPORARY ROOT THROUGH SUPERONECLICK METHOD, I TRIED THE MEHTODS OF LOADING NEW ROMS BT CLD NT BOOT INTO RECOVERY MODE. I decided to use a gold card bt cld nt create one cos d site did not open. I later decided to do factory...
  3. E

    Froyo 2.2 update

    I've been looking for the .exe file to update an original Mytouch Slide 3G to version 2.2 Android, but it has absolutely disappeared from the Internet. HTC no longer acknowledges its existence, neither does T-Mobile. It's nowhere to be found. Anybody got a copy they can send me? File name used...
  4. C

    Help Zombie SMS Messages

    I have two related questions. My first question relates to the two types of SMS messages my phone receives. One type of message, from individuals, appears as a notification in my status bar and can only be ready by opening the Messages app. The other type of notification, which also says it's...
  5. H

    Root Restoring my MyTouch Slide back to factory settings (after it has been rooted)

    My MyTouch Slide was rooted to the 2.3 (Gingerbread?) software before I bought it, and the phone just runs extremely slow and I think the software has freaked the phone out a little because of all of the little glitches i've been having, so I am wanting to restore it back to the factory...
  6. G

    Accessories Blackberry charger on MyTouch 3G Slide

    Hey there, i ordered a MyTouch 3G Slide but it needs a charger. I have 2 extra chargers at home, a motorola (for ex122) and blackberry (for bold 9700) charger, both are the same size. My dad, who has an htc wildfire s uses a charger of the same size, so basically all these chargers are identical...
  7. D

    Help mytouch 3g slide just keeps rebooting and cannot hard reset, turn on, etc

    I hope someone can help me. I've been scouring the forums but couldn't find anything that could help me and I'm stuck. I have a mytouch 3g slide and all of a sudden it keeps rebooting and won't turn completely on...it just keeps rebooting non-stop. I tried taking out the battery overnight...
  8. C

    Mytouch 3g slide blank/ black screen help please.

    I apologize if this has already been posted. But I've got a mytouch 3g slide. accidentally manage to break my digitizer. This isn't the first time it's happen It's happen once before. The first time I ordered a new digitizer took the phone apart replaced the old for the new one put the phone...
  9. F

    Root root?????

    Dose anyone now how to root my mytouch 3g slide :confused:
  10. S

    Android Mytouch/Skype Help!

    I have added skype onto my android mytouch slide.. however now can not seem to make regular phone calls when using my recent calls list, it automatically brings me to skype. How can I stop this? As well I have also tried removing skype and deleting the application but it does not seem to go...
  11. D-U-R-X

    T-Mobile MyTouch Slide FAQ's (WIP)

    This is a work in progress... Please continue to post support questions in the forum, but feel free to add to the FAQ's and we will update this post (to avoid information being lost later in the thread). 1. General Android phone FAQ's? 2. How can I improve my battery life? 3. Are there...
  12. G

    Missing Time & Date

    When I replace the battery in my Mytouch 3G Slide, my time and date are forgotten. It goes back to 1980 at 7AM. I shut it off in normal fashion and do not wank out the battery while it is still on. Is there a way to make my slide remember manual time & date without accessing the network's timer...
  13. N

    Root Stuck in bootloop. Recovery mode not working

    Hi guys, I have been researching and googling all over the place and couldn't find my solution. Here is my problem with the slide: -When turned on by pressing power button, it vibrates 5 times and went black. -Holding power +vol down +home to go into Hboot. I went to recovery and stuck at...
  14. B

    Help help with my slide

    Well one day i slid my phone up real hard and then the screen just turned off and now its not turning on... no matter what i do it stays off, is their a way to fix that?
  15. R

    mytoch3g slide

    I wanted to Know whether htc mytouch 3g slide will work in india with my aitel sim if it is ulocked??? :confused:
  16. A

    Help Yahoo Mail - Not showing phone sent on computer

    I recently purchased a MytouchQ and added my yahoo email to the accts (standard phone app) on the phone. I sent a couple emails from the phone. When I logged in from a computer, I did not see these emails that I sent from the phone, in my sent email. I didn't have this problem with my old...
  17. B

    Delete and reinstall HTC Mail

    So how do you delete and reinstall the HTC Mail app, and where would I find it? In general, also how do you delete unwanted apps that came installed? This is on a Tmobile 3G Slide Bill
  18. B

    Help Mail App Question

    I have an AOL account on my mail app. In the past I have had and deleted 2 other accounts. When they were deleted, I got the message "deleting account, please wait". The accounts still are showing up, but I can not access them, they are still giving me audiable notifications of new mail even...
  19. M

    Help Possibility of a new LCd flex cable?

    Hello, I recently took on repairing a cracked screen for the first time on a black my touch 3g slide. Here's the problem, as I was putting the phone back together, I noticed a small tear in the ribbon almost near where you snap it into the mother board. I dicided to brush it off being it was...
  20. F

    Help help! random reboots, logcat unclear

    I'm having issues with this device having random reboots. It hasn't been caught happening, but I think its hard reboots. I'm not really sure where to start looking. I did a Factory Reset/Data wipe, cleared the /system partition and did a fresh install from the most recent versions of cyanogenmod...
  21. S

    Root Uninstalling Rom Manager!

    So I have installed CM7 on my Espresso (MyTouch Slide) ... You know when you flash CM7 it has Rom Manager (free version) on it and it seems there is no way to get rid of it! I used couple of Root Uninstaller App but didn't work! I even deleted it from System/App :O ... This is Ridicules! I have...
  22. A

    Accessories Attachment?

    Is there a way to attach a keyboard onto a regular mytouch 4g?
  23. S

    Help headset mic doesnt work.

    i just recently recieved my second mytouch 3g slide. and i bought a new pair of skull candy 50/50. and when i try to make a call i can hear the person but the mic doesnt work. my phone shows that im using a headset mic. but it doesnt let me talk thro the mic on my headset. i have tried another...
  24. L

    Help My Touch slide reboots when I call??

    I would really appreaciate any suggestions. I love my my touch slide but recently it is rebooting about 1/2 of the time when I try to make a call.(after I have put in the number and pressed the call button) Just as I begin to make a call it will reboot and the call will not go through. Then I...
  25. D

    Is anyone else having Wifi calling issues?

    I have 3 t mobile phones in my house... and 2 of them are using the wifi calling feature with NO troube.... but the Mytouch 3G slide is simply not working.... dropping calls every two seconds... other people can't hear me... what is going on?