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tesco hudl

  1. Purgatory

    Problems after reset......

    All went well to begin with. Went to the reset button, and wiped all info for a factory return. Rebooted - fine. Added the various programs required - looking fine. Well pleased. HOWEVER, after a reboot, disaster - repeated messages re unfortunately com.google.com.gapps has stopped are...
  2. S

    PDF in Email issue

    In my mothers hudl, the stock email app, can't download pdfs in 3 emails. Adobe Acrobat is present. When the attachment is tapped it says "Info...No app can open this attachment for viewing". Also, in grey below the attachment filename it says: "Couldn't download. Touch to retry." Note in gmail...
  3. B

    Strange charging issue

    I have (well the kids do) an old Hudl with has recently developed a weird problem. It will not charge when it is switched off, or if the screen is off. As soon as the screen is on its starts charging. When you unplug it from the charger the battery lasts about 2 minutes even if you manage to get...
  4. jsknight1000

    Connecting a Hudl to a digital camera?

    Is it possible to download pictures from a digital camera on to a Hudl?
  5. C

    Ubuntu for hudl

    Hello everyone, been coding ubuntu 15.10 for the hudl on the hardware. No vnc. My instructions are here > modaco.com/forums/topic/376824-ubuntu-for-hudl posting here to try stir up some more interest :)
  6. S


    This only happens in Facebook but when I try to reply to a post the " go" button on the keyboard doesn't appear its just the return key that keeps dropping down a line.any ideas?
  7. S

    Help Hudl 2 does not recognise my sd card

    Having problems with my sd card. The hudl 2 does not recognise it I have reformatted the card several time using a laptop and panasonic's Sd card formatting software That card is recognised by my windows laptop via a SD cardreader and I am able to write and read software/files from it. The...
  8. R

    Help Moving apps to SD card

    I have the first version of Hudl running Android 4.4.4 I can't find any way to move apps to the SD card although it's easy on my Samsung phone. I can move files with a file manager. There doesn't seem to be an option for moving apps anywhere. Am I missing something? Or doing something wrong? Thanks.
  9. C

    Sd card to hudl

    A friend has just been given one of these and was wondering if there was a way he could transfer photos from an sd card to the internal memory?
  10. Greenveg

    Help Hudl2 storage

    Hi, I have downloaded a few films from Showbox, and the storage is getting full. If I purchased a SD card, would I be able to download and store more fims. Regards.
  11. M

    Help Hudl Email Issues

    Hi, I bought my nana a Hudl for Christmas 2014 and I have been having some issues with the email app. We have set her up with a BT internet email address so we can keep in touch. 1. The first problem is when i send her pictures, no matter how many images I send attached to the email i can...
  12. S

    Help Need help with Hudl 2

    Hi, can anyone help with my question? I recently shot some video footage using my Fujifilm camera and downloaded it to my desktop computer. From there I copied it to my Hudl. The files are in .mov format (which I understand is an Apple/Mac format). I have found a suitable player that works...
  13. K

    Help Can I do some kind of system restore?

    I just updated my Adobe reader to DC and nearly all my files disappeared! I am gutted. I can't figure out how to undo this. Or have I just lost all my files forever?
  14. R

    Turn off volume warning

    Is there a way on disabling the 'Raise volume above safe level?' warning, so I don't have to press ok every time. It's not that loud as it is. Plus, when watching a movie with my hudl connect with hdmi to the tv, is there a way of hiding the Go home, Go Back, Show Active Apps, and Tesco buttons...
  15. A

    Hudl not working

    My hudl doesn't boot properly. I managed to root it before but after messing around with fonts and sounds after reboot the launcher was a black background and could not launch any apps. Then after recovery mode and factory reset /wipe data and wipe cache partition the boot animation was stock...
  16. T

    Help Can't log on to MyMusicCloud

    My tablet is synced with my PC, and suddenly when I open the app in Android the log-on window doesn't appear. Anybody got any ideas?
  17. P

    Help Completely frozen screen, can't even switch it off

    I've had my Hudl for over a year now and never had any problems up until now. All of a sudden, I find the screen totally unresponsive, the power button works, but anything that requires input from the screen (inc selecting power off from the menu) won't work. I can reset the device with a paper...
  18. A

    Help Borrowing library ebooks

    Does anyone use their Hudl to borrow ebooks from their public library (Overdrive service)? Thanks
  19. H

    Help Small videos

    On the official Everton FC app the videos play in a small box in the centre of the screen. On my android phone they play full screen. Ideas?
  20. H

    VOIP on Hudl(1)

    VOIP on Hudl, is it possible? BTW, I do not mean Skype. My phone at home is the pits. 3rd dead line this year. I do have internet by wireless. I need what is called, I think, a SIP Trunk to get VOIP facility but can I use my Hudl for it? Yes, I saw other VOIP forum topics but two are four...
  21. Skodafan

    HUDL 2 email problems

    I have a HUDL 2 which is very good. A friend took a shine to it - and bought one herself. All is well, BUT, the only problem she has is with email. She receives mail no problem - but every attempt to send mail fails. The message goes straight into the drafts file!!!!! Could someone please give...
  22. B

    Root sign up for Hudl Cyanogenmod

    Just here to ask Hudl v1 (or even v2 users) to back up my thread requesting Cyanogenmod for the Tesco Hudl, I feel like we've been done over by Tescos who aren't even providing 1 OS update for their 1st ever tablet. Tesco Hudl V1 - Device Requests - CyanogenMod Forum I'm posting it in other...
  23. D

    Help Hudl 500 internal server error

    My Hudl keeps coming up with 500 internal server error on many sites I go onto. Occasionally I do manage to get the site, but more often I get this annoying error message. Can anyone tell me how to sort this ? Thanks
  24. I

    Help Hudl 1

    Is there any way I can save an on-line page so that I can access it off line? For example If I check in on line with EasyJet can I save it to be shown at the airport check in?
  25. A

    Help Can't see SD card

    Hi, I have tried 2 different SD cards in my phone; both work fine. Neither is recognised by a Hudl. Any bright ideas?