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toshiba thrive

  1. M


    For the second time since I purchased my Thrive, it has crashed. Less than one month out of warranty it failed to turn on and after getting it diagnosed by Toshiba support, the Operating System Restore had to be replaced and cost me $203.00. Now a little over 18 months later, the same thing...
  2. G

    Help Thrive has gotten slow - options?

    My mother in laws Thrive has gotten very slow. I just deleted a bunch of apps she had installed and was not using as the drive was nearly full. It does not appear as though there are any new updates for this device and has not been for a couple years? Wondering what options there may be for...
  3. S

    Thrive wont update

    I have an older toshiba thrive (AT105) and it wont install an update. The update is Thrive system update from to ICS Iy is obviously old, from Nov 2012. It shows the red exclamation mark when it starts to install. I am new to this and found the dalenet thrive...
  4. Skynet11

    Official Toshiba Thrive User Manual

    Skynet11 submitted a new resource: Official Toshiba Thrive User Manual - The official Toshiba Thrive User Guide Read more about this resource...
  5. I


    There is something trying to download called pinkiepiepony that I never requested. It has an unknown author and an android icon. I don't know how to stop it. So far I can't tell if it's interfering with anything. It's 2-27-14 today and it says it started downloading 12-29-13. I wish I...
  6. G

    Help Thrive won't boot

    My Toshiba Thrive won't boot. It was working fine one day, and the next, it started hanging up when I boot. I get past the Toshiba screen to what I call the "sunburst" screen and it just hangs there. I've tried clearing the cache, tried to restore to factory settings, pulled the battery...
  7. G

    Help Flashing Colors when I power on

    I recently replaced the broken glass on my Thrive AT100. Once it was reassembled and turned on - I did not see the Toshiba Start up screen just the entire screen flashing one color after another. Did a quick search and tried a hard reset by pressing the power and volume button at the same time...
  8. Mike16112

    Root Toshiba thrive 10 clockworkmod DENIES EVERYTHING!

    I recently rooted my old toshiba thrive but whenever I try to run an app that requires root the app fails and I get a notification that says "APPNAME has been denied Superuser permissions" What is going on?
  9. C

    Root Is this a rooted thrive? Please help

    I repair electronics to get new devices instead of buying new. It's the only way I can afford some of these awesome things. So I recently bought a broken Thrive through a pawn shop. They sold it broken for repair, so I didn't expect it not to be usable once it was working again. It...
  10. A

    Root 4.2 or 4.3 for Thrive?

    Is it possible to get 4.2.x or 4.3 for Thrive? It seems like Toshiba has all but forgotten about this product. I'd like to get at least 4.2 on there so I can have user profiles. If this is possible, could someone please point me to the How-To and where I can find the needed downloads to get...
  11. R

    Root Root Tool for OTA ICS

    There is now an official root tool for the ICS 4.0.4 OTA update and it works great. I used it last night and it really could not be easier. [root tool} Toshiba Thrive ICS 4.0.4 root tool Root using this tool, flash dalepl's ICS ROM on to the Thrive, clear out the junk you no longer want...
  12. G

    how to play AVI file on Thrive?

    I've got an AVI file that won't play on my wife's Thrive. I have it on a thumb drive. the device shows the file there but when I try to play it, I get an error. i figure my choices are 1) try to find an app that will play AVI? 2) convert the file to another format 3) any other...
  13. M


    Does anybody post to this site, anymore? Will they ever update this machine to Jelly Bean? Will they ever do any upgrades to this Thrive or do we all a 286 of the past? To bad!
  14. K

    Help Internet issues

    I have the Toshiba THRiVE tablet connected to the router I use. This router works with all my computers and my PS3. But despite saying the network is connected, the tablet refuses to pull up any webpages, saying that the pages are not available. I have attempted multible sites.
  15. OutOfPhase

    Toshiba Thrive Ultimate Accessory Bundle good till midnight tonight

    Just saw this and I thought I would share it here. The whole bundle is $9.99 Toshiba Thrive Ultimate Accessory Bundle w/ Dock, AC Adapter, Carrying Case, Sleeve & Screen Protector! Main Daily Deal, 1 Sale A Day
  16. M

    Root Factory reset rooted Thrive

    My friend borked his rooted Thrive by factory resetting, he had wanted to unroot and thought that factory resetting would do it. Can anyone help me to help him unroot? Is it even possible to unroot at this point? Thanks, Mike
  17. catmtaylor2012

    Help newbee to tablet needs help :)

    I take alot of pictures with my tablet alot .. church and whatever and it is slowing it down big time to turn it on and such.. my questions are.. How does one person upload and or save all photos to a flash drive? How many pictures can a 8 gig flash drive hold ??
  18. W

    Help Apps to external SD?

    Hi all, just got a Thrive a couple of days ago. Loving it so far. Updated to ICS and came from an HP TP (added ICS). My question: I just installed a 32GB SD Card and copied all of my music, movies and videos over. I still have 15GB available and would love to move some apps over, but it...
  19. Dr0idWhisperer

    Root stock recovery animation

    I was using this tablet that my friend had and I watched him update the system to ics and I was wondering if it would be possible if someone wanted to, to pull the animation of the recovery with the android and the gears spinning? I think it would make a clean boot animation for other devices...
  20. flairmedk

    Help Targus BT Keyboard Issue

    So I bought a Targus BT Keyboard. Connects to the tablet just fine and first time use (just a quick test run) on docs to go seemed fine. Next time I used it I started getting double to multi letter retypes like rr or oo and so on. It is intermitent and some times I can get a few words typed with...
  21. T

    My Thrive factory reset on its own. Why?

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping to find some help here. I've had my Toshiba Thrive 16GB for about a month now. On Sunday I hit the power button to put it to sleep, like I do 20 times a day, but this time it wouldn't wake up again when I hit the power button again. Battery was at 80% so I know it...
  22. sushifor5

    Potential buyer with broadband question...

    Hi all, I'm researching android tablets for a purchase...it would be my first tablet. I just got my first smart phone two years ago and if it weren't for the awesome people on the forum, I would know nothing about how to work it, LOL. I'm a techno idiot! I'm interested in the Toshiba...
  23. L

    Help Useless since ICS

    Hi everyone, long time lurker, first time poster. Hope you can help. Don't know if anyone else is having this problem, but since the ICS upgrade this once nice tablet has turned to junk. Apps stop responding, browser window randomly closes (especially when I try to type), serious lag and random...
  24. A

    Help my apps close with no reason

    hi everyone, i have a problem with my android apps, i had my toshiba thrive with honeycomb and sometimes my native browser closes and i go back to the home with no reason, i try to use another browser, firefox, opera, dolphin, maxthon, and skyfire, all with the same result opera and skyfire dont...
  25. pbrstanwood

    Problems with swype since I updated to ICE

    I'm having trouble with my swype. random misspelled words this really sucks. I love swype because it is fast for me. I have made english the only language to try to fix. it had every language marked since update ICE anyone else have problems with the update? thanks for any help:confused: