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viewsonic gtablet

  1. FFD

    KitKat on Viewsonic g tablet

    I have picked up a Viewsonic g tablet running Vegan Tab 7. Since this is a bit old, I would like to try to install something more recent - say, KitKat. I have done a Google search for options, and i have ended up confused. It is not clear to me what ROM I should use, or even whether it is...
  2. M

    Root Viewsonic GTab Problems with ROMs

    I'm having some real trouble here. I downloaded and tried all of these ROM's:It won't let me post them, but they're straight from the cyanogenmod site from SMB a1002. Trying to get the CyanogenMod on this thing. Currently, there are no working ROM's on it. I'm running ClockworkMod Recovery...
  3. The_Chief

    Help Beyond Economical Repair

    Normally that would be the end of it. Can't fix it, throw it, right? Well, thanks to a little foresight the ol' Chief bought a 3-year SquareTrade warranty on the gTablet when he bought it new in 2010... and with just three weeks left on the warranty, they've determined that they can't fix it...
  4. N

    Help Lost Everything On Gtab

    I did something wrong and need help desparately. I hadn't used my gtab for a while (since I was experimenting with a new asus tab) and when I tried I was unable to use google play to download any apps and was unable to open any apps, especially games and not even titanium backup, which I tried...
  5. C

    Help Rooted CM7: accesses internet but not app stores

    I've been researching but I can't find anybody having exactly the same issue I am. I recently fixed the broken charging port problem and now it charges fine, back to operation. Well, mostly. I remember before the port broke the gtab worked great, I had almost 100% functionality. I was able...
  6. G

    Root What is the most updated ROM for 1.1-3588 ?

    I have Vegan-Tab Ginger 7.1 on my old gtablet. It's been collecting dust for awhile now but my son is hoping to use it primarily to serve the net, play games, watch You Tube, netflix and maybe some videos. When he tries to watch YouTube, he's getting a message saying his flash player needs to...
  7. A

    Root sleep of death with any ROM

    I have an issue with my gtab. I get the dreaded sleep of death with any ROM. Is this an issue that others have run into? If so, is there a solution to this? Thanks for your help. Tony
  8. D

    Help gtab wont power on,not even apx mode

    so my sister gave me a free g-tab and said if i can fix it i can have it( i guess it was her old bf's or something).anyway it wont turn on and will not respond to anything, although the charging light does turn on when the charger is plugged in/just recently turned green so fully charged.i have...
  9. N

    Root HELP!! Viewsonic Stuck In Clockworkmod Recovery

    Hi, I need help desparately. Have viewsonic gtablet 1.2 with Clemsim Caulkin Froyo installed. Stuck on clockworkmod recovery. Can you provide step by step instructions on a fix.When tablet is turned on 3 birds come up with clockworkmod recovery image in corner then shows clockworkmod...
  10. A

    Root best GB ROM with no "sleep of death"

    I'm looking to re-image the g-tab to give to my daughter as a educational tool (she's 5). I want a fast image that is stable that won't go to sleep (forever) on here. I tried the Vegan-Tab 7 (GB). I love the image, and it's fast! But, it goes to sleep all the time and I have to reset it. If...
  11. T

    Adobe flash player

    I have the 2.2 android version, and sometimes when I try to view news videos, it says that the flash player is out of date. YouTube works, and some other videos will play. What's up with that?
  12. C

    Help: gTablet does not respond to power button

    My gTablet refused to turn on (not responding to power button). I've cracked open the back and press the reset the button. It boots up but won't respond to touch screen, soft button or hard buttons. I reset it a few times and about to give up. Then I put the back cover half-on (not...
  13. T

    Root Frozen gtab? Help new owner

    Just bought a gtab with jellybean installed. I downloaded angry bird Star Wars. It loaded, I opened it, then it got to the start screen, and froze up?? Do I just let battery run down?? Sorry I'm new
  14. A

    Help Shout Out! :)

    Just a quick shout out to my friends from my more active days with the G-Tab! Thanks to SolidOrange, XMR-etc, Prime95 and tons other good people, whom I'm amiss on their nicknames! Been fun when the forums where more active than they are now and thank you for all your help, input and...
  15. B

    Root I need help...!!!!!!!

    so, long story short, I was running cyangenmod on rom 1.1 so I wanted to run jellybean so I started the rom upgrade to 1.2 following the instructions located @ [GUIDE] Fool proof install for stock 4349 (1.1 to 1.2 upgrade path) - SlateDroid.com did everything to the letter however, somehow...
  16. P


    Hi, how do I set the vtl.launcher as default as when I press the home button it goes to another page with black screen and all.my apps showing on the page any help would be great thanks
  17. T

    Root Stuck at boot screen

    Stuck on the boot screen (three birds), and I can't get to recovery mode. Any idea on how to fix this?
  18. I

    Root Camera doesn't work, where did I go wrong?

    Hi I'm new here and I'm not sure if this has been covered before. The Camera app doesn't work on my tablet anymore and I don't know what to do, let me tell you what happened. You see my father gave this ViewSonic G-tablet because he did not like that it it could not go on the market and that it...
  19. ajore22

    Root Most stable ROM?

    Well the title pretty much says it all: What is the most stable Honeycomb or ICS ROM? Doesn't matter which one, but I do not want Gingerbread. I bought this tablet for my parents, and the ROM that I loaded onto it has some trouble with going to sleep, among other things. Any help on this...
  20. imnotmikal

    Help Battery Woes

    My girlfriend's father is having issues with his gTab and wants me to take a look at his tablet. Before I rip into it, I wanted some second opinions. Here's what he said.
  21. S

    Root G-Tab Stuck On Root Boot Screen

    So my G Tab was rebooting on its own and taking forever to load. Last night, it rebooted and its stuck on the bootscreen with the options menu. I cant get past it to go into the tablet. I plugged it into my computer, and it recognizes it as a dic drive, but I cant do anything with it as it says...
  22. P

    Root vegan tab ginger edition help

    Hey there, Im a noob at this kind of thing, and i just got my g tablet. I put vegan tab ginger edition on it but it doesnt look like the screenshots do and my wallpaper is not centered at all, like it'll take 3 screens to show the whole wallpaper... I just need some help!
  23. G

    Help update hep

    I hope someonecan help me? I recently bought a used g TABLET. It seems it hasn't been updated in quite awhile. Everything I have read says it shroud auto update via OTA update. It hasn't. After some further reading I find that I can do a manual update by clicking the update Icon. I cannot or the...
  24. B

    Root ICS Beta 1.2

    Just downloaded Rom Version: TeamDRH-ICS-Beta-1.2 (Fixed) and I need to know if I need to flash to rom 1.2 in order to install ICS. I'm currently running vegan tab.... Thx All
  25. C

    Root VeganTab fixed rotation.

    Hi, it's been a while since I came last time here. I hope everybody is doing fine. I have the following problem: I switched from gAdam ROM to VeganTab Ginger Edition. So far I'm very happy with the change, because I can now play lots of games and install lots of apps that I couldn't before. My...