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zte avid 4g

  1. SkullBitz

    A Clone of this phone?? (ZTE Prestige-N9132)

    So I recently came back from Texas where I went to visit my father and he gave me a phone that looks strikingly close to the Z828, and it's a Boost Mobile phone. Whenever I try to look up anything on this phone, nothing really comes up and there isn't any leads into how this phone came to be...
  2. B

    help problem with time

    Game helps ROOM 2 newly installed and everything is stable but there is a problem we want to solve If anyone could help as repair each time the system restarts the time and date are reset me someone knows how to fix this?
  3. midnightwolf

    Root Zte avid 4g

    Hey guys it's 2016, who still uses the zte avid 4g anymore. I use it but not as a Main phone.
  4. A

    Help Need Custom Recovery for ZTE Avid N9120

    I accidentally flash CWM ZTE Source N9511 for my ZTE Avid. When I boot to recovery I get nothing. Stuck in Metro PCS Logo. Can anyone please give me a link to download custom recovery. I don't need the stock recovery. I need a custom recovery (CWM) so I can install un official ROMs. I looked...
  5. D

    Root Got Material Design to work on the Avid 4G

    Alriight in a few ill be posting screenshots on the new materual design if GR2 ive been working all day on it and im surprised it worked so stay tuned Screenshots: Screenshot 2: Settings
  6. D

    Root GamerROM Game Store For The Avid 4G™

    Here below are the games i rebuilt by the original game devs the multiplayer games,including downloaded game data will connect to GR Online to play online and download game data and as well made compatible for this device NOTE: The Games Below can work for other OS's and Devices other then the...
  7. D

    Root v4.1.2 GR2 v1.0.5 Stable Build YouTube Edition Updated: 3/17/16

    GamerROM 2 ALPHA is here and back with a year worth of fixes, you have requested me, begged me, na i gave it to you NOW IN MATERIAL DESIGN!!!! TO CELEBRATE MY SUCCESS IN GIVING THE FIRST YOUTUBE EDITION OF MY GAMERROM SERIES! what so new about this version? well...i have made new changes...
  8. D

    Root GamerROM Ultimate 1 v1.0 For The Avid 4G™ Updated: 11/11/15

    GamerROM Ultimate 1 the OS i designed to improve your gaming experience designed via Stock OS youll never need to worry about anything. Features: * Instant Boot Up Times * FPS Rate up to 61fps * 360MB'S free of ram for your yourself then the original stock os that gave only 288MB'S...
  9. D

    Root v6.0.3.1 CWM Recovery For Avid 4G™

    Instructions: Use flashify to install recovery, just unzip and flash via flashify fully tested and clean Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/chch7szlafls6z4/CWM_Vv6.0.3.1_recovery_For_Avid_4G.zip
  10. D

    Root ZTE Avid 4G™ Review

    Enjoynthe review of my opinions and as well rate in the polls of how good this phone is in your opinion Video:
  11. D

    Root Make Your Stock OS into a Gaming Os build prop Edits

    NOTICE: the following lunes are from the official stock and latest ota build.prop these lines were modified to correct ZTE's bad build.prop and fix bugs due to bad config for the Avid 4G, be aware these are lines I added/modified to improve and config tge Avid 4G use at your own risk. # begin...
  12. D

    Root v4.2.2 GamerROM 3™ BETA v1.0.5 For Avid 4G Updated: 11/5/15

    Welcome to the all New GamerROM 3™ BETA FEATURES: • UNIQUE FEATURES INCLUDING THE ALL NEW FPS SYSTEM • Introducing Wallpapers Online Service • Now Running Android v4.2.2 CM10.1 • Gapps Pre-Installed • Unique S4 Wallpaper • Busybox v1.23.2 installed and much...
  13. D

    Root ZTE AVID 4G appears to be bricked (QHUSB_DLOAD)

    I was originally running TWRP touch recovery, I was getting a boot loop when trying to load into CM10, i wiped everything and installed slim++ but this also got boot looped. I loaded back into TWRP and let it sit for a day (probably a bad idea) while I gathered back-to-stock.zip. After closing...
  14. D

    Root Customer Survey For Avid 4G

    This is a Customer Survey to provide My Company Cyberdev Development Inc. With how our GamerROM OS is treating you vote in the polls Copyright Reserved©2015, Cyberdev Development Inc® All logos, roms are a trafemark By Cyberdev Development Inc, Third-Party Developer logos are a trademark...
  15. D

    Root GOODBYE Development For The Avid 4G

    Yes as you read the title im leaving the Avid 4G Scene What does this mean for my GamerROM 1 & 2 roms? GR1 will NOT recive a final update but GR2 Will recieve 1 more update to ensure it works effiecntly. Will i be working on other devices? Yes Here's a list of Devices i support...
  16. D

    Root [Poll] What Do You Want in the Next GR2 Update?

    You have a coupoe of choices to choose feom and you can only choose 1 answer, be wise to choose your answer will reflect on the roms features.
  17. D

    Root I apologize everyonr

    Yesterday i released GR5 v4.5 and im saying sorry and reason why when i was making fixes i accedently addee the Samsung GALAXY S4 stock build.prop and didnt notice untill i rsn the os on my gfs avid 4g and boticed everything started to crash and the screen layout was damn huge im sorry about...
  18. I

    Root What's wrong with my phone :(

    After I installed cm and had @totlth rom in my phone just stopped working, no warning or anything, it worked perfectly fine with the custom rom for almost a year and then one day in the car my phone just shut off and since then I couldn't get past the bootloader, I don't really expect much to...
  19. D

    Root [ROOT APP] TowelRoot, Helps Root Your Avid 4G

    Has been tested towelroot v3 works and roots the Avid 4G and i have confirmed that the Avid 4G is supported Just go to Settings>Developer Options and enable USB Debugging Then run the towelroot app and click the "Make it Rain" button and itll root the phone, hower you require to install a...
  20. midnightwolf

    Root New links for icscup rom

    Does anyone have links for the isccup rom i would really appreciate to anyone who have the link. :)
  21. D

    Root [ROM] Stock v4.0.4 UNTOUCHED Rom for the Avid 4G

    Welcome this is a stock rom this has not been touch, no apps wernt removed or added REQUIREMENTS: Recovery Type Needed: Stock Recovery Power Needed: 50% or higher If rooted you will lose root There is an update to it so be sure to go and check for the new update in settings...
  22. D

    Root [RECOVERY] ZTE Avid 4G Stock Recovery (Fresh and Untouched)

    hello everyone some users been having trouble getting a stock recovery due to link errors or it was deleted from privacy or virus issues this was backed up using Flashify Free from Google Play Store and uploaded via 4Shared, this img wasnt modified in anyway and can be flashed using flashify...
  23. midnightwolf

    Root zte avid 4g gamerrom pictures

    Does anyone running gamerrom 2 beta right now please put up some pictures i would like to see it.
  24. minhthuong26

    Root Upgrade/Update ZTE Avid 4g to 5.0 Lollipop

    http://www.50lollipop.com/mp3-0/zte-avid-4g-5173.html Lolipop for Avid 4G, but i can not download. Please help me download ?
  25. D

    Root [ROM] v4.1.2 GamerROM 2 v6.1 BETA Final For The ZTE Avid 4G Latest Update Release Date: 8/1/15

    GR2 is now available in beta and out of test mode should now work correctly and should boot up now running android v4.1 Changelog is with the link Download: https://romhut.com/roms/gr2-for-avid-4g INTRODUCING ADDONS THE OTA UPDATES APP CAN DOWNLOAD APPS, RECOVERIES AND KERNELS, AND MORE...