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zte vital

  1. D

    Root ZTE N9810 Virgin Mobile Root?

    Hi. I'm new here. I have a ZTE N9810 Virgin Mobile (Supreme). It has the 4.1.2 jellybean. I'd like to root this phone but I be darn if it's not been a night of frustration that would have been better spent banging my head aggressively into a brick wall!! Searching the internet is alot like...
  2. Q


    Hello everyone ! Help me please! My ZTE N 9810 is defined in Windows as a QHSUSB_DLOAD ... What do I do ? When you turn on a red LED lights up and nothing happens ! How can I restore it? I would be very grateful for your help!
  3. O

    Root Lollipop for vital

    Damn, it's been a while since I visited these forums, it's good to be back! Anyway, I stumbled across this while searching for custom roms. http://cloudwire.co/zte-vital-n9810/ This claims to have a lollipop rom for our phones, and the comments are pretty positive and convincing. Anybody try...
  4. Q

    Root Please help anyone else !!!!

    Can anyone do anything to restore a dump stock rom ? I would be very grateful !
  5. M

    Won't stop dialing

    ZTE Valet. Dialed a number with the dial pad and it rang several times but was not picked up. Tried to hang up but it kept on ringing. Tried to turn phone off but it kept on ringing. Had to remove the battery to get it to stop. This phone is a nightmare. TRACFONE carrier. Anyone had this happen?
  6. FasterThanUr

    Root Soft brick no root

    Soft bricked my phone. it will boot up and get halfway through the VM splash screen than freezes. i can get to the recovery screen and the FTM screen. my computer recognizes it under devices but not in my computer.I tried a factory reset which I think made things harder on myself because I no...
  7. L

    Help What does this mean - phone won't start, red LED light flashes

    I broke the screen on Virgin Mobile Supreme (also called ZTE Vital) a while ago. It worked, but because the screen was broken, I could not use it because the touch sensor didn't work. I let it sit for a few months and finally decided to take it somewhere to get a replacement screen, but now when...
  8. L

    Root My Supreme doesn't start... black screen + red light flashing

    I broke the screen on Virgin Mobile Supreme (also called ZTE Vital) a while ago. It worked, but because the screen was broken, I could not use it because the touch sensor didn't work. I let it sit for a few months and finally decided to take it somewhere to get a replacement screen, but now when...
  9. WhiteZombie013

    Root No more development on this ROM?

    It seems as if there is a standstill in development for this phone. Has it stopped or is there more on another forum perhaps?
  10. 2toetommy

    Help ZTE N9810 Brick(Solved W/links)

    I am trying to fix a friends ZTE N9810, and let me say I am no Phone guy but have fixed bad rom installs B4. I have no clue what he did here he tryed to Root/Rom and now It boots to Android logo also I can boot to Clockwork Menu. I can not get ADB to see the device - windows does not reconise...
  11. F

    Help Face Unlock disabled?

    I cant seem to find the face unlock feature. ICS and above are supposed to have it but its not under my security settings. The weird thing is that I see "FaceUnlock.apk" installed as a system app and its enabled. I also saw somewhere that they changed the settings.apk file to show face unlock...
  12. V

    Multiple texts and files

    I am receiving up to 4 duplicates of the same text, about 10 minutes after the original and then 10 minutes later and so on. Also, on my sd card there are multiples of every folder, most of them empty. I don't know if I should delete them or not. On my phone some of the ringtones have 6 of the...
  13. troy_cummings

    Root New SD Card Problem!

    I'm having lots of problems with this phone:D. A while ago, I tried partitioning my SD card through CWM, but I didn't notice any change. Yesterday, I received a new mini SD card (64gb) that I had ordered because I needed a new one as my old wasn't large enough (either 2 or 4gb, I don't...
  14. C

    Root Development?

    Just curious if there has been any development for the Supreme? I love the phone but thinking of moving on to the Desire 816 soon although I'm sure the development for it will be slow as well
  15. C

    Help WiFi Breaks on ZTE Supreme

    I just got a replacement phone a couple weeks ago and I ran the network update to B09. I also restored a majority of my apps using titanium. Now I seem to have Wifi connection issues fairly regularly. I get home and it cannot see my home wifi so I try turning it off but then the button grays...
  16. C

    Root Cannot Update

    It's been nagging me forever to update and it's quite annoying. When I try to update I get the assert failed for RealRacing3.apk I tried to put it back but I assume the timestamps are not he same so the checksums are not matching up now? Can anyone help me get the original on or have any...
  17. T

    Root Bluetooth Instability?

    I recently bought a Bluetooth speaker, and it works fine, but when Bluetooth is active and is paired, my data stops, but only on Wi-Fi. Like, I'm on spotify premium, and I can't use the radio function as it says I have no internet connection. Instagram, kik, and any other app using internet acts...
  18. T

    Root Stock ROM?

    So if anyone's read my previous post, it's obvious that I want my MSL number. I figured that I can probably get it with a stock ROM. So, does anyone have the stock ROM?;)
  19. T

    Root MSL Number!

    I have David Dubz's Jellybean variant ROM. And, I've heard, that you cannot get your MSL number with a custom ROM. Wondering if this is true, I tried multiple ways to get my MSL, and they're right. I got what it was supposed to be, 909670, and put it in on ##3282#, and it says "excess SPC...
  20. T

    Wallet Phone Case w/ Camera Abilities

    Hey guys! Just wondering, but has anyone found a case for the N9810 with wallet abilities, preferably slots for money, but credit card slots aren't needed. And, I'd love it to be able to take pictures! Thanks!
  21. K

    Help zte supreme camera not focusing

    Ive loved the phone but a few days ago i went to take a photo and noticed the bottom half of the screen was in focus but not the top half. The top half is all blury. Like i try to get it to focus but nothing. Only the bottom portion of the screen is in focus. I tried deleting catche and closing...
  22. C

    Root Recovery issues

    I just had to get a replacement Supreme and am having some issues. The old one I rooted with motochpper and then installed CWM recovery easily. The replacement didn't root with Moto and had to go a separate route and now CWM won't install either. I'm stumped. I type the commands correctly...
  23. A

    Help [HELP] Can't Factory Reset.Can't connect to PC.SD Cards not mounted.

    Rooted phone last night. Accidently deleted "vold. fstab" from system/etc. Unrooted this morning,so I could factory reset. Can't Factory reset.Can't Connect to PC.Internal & external SD cards can't mount.Can't download anything. NOT BRICKED.Have "vold. fstab file.Can boot to FTM mode.FTM...
  24. T

    Root Stock Recovery?

    I recieve a replacement phone from virgin mobile and I think i need a stock recovery to send this phone to them, does anyone have a flashable stock recovery?
  25. A

    ZTE Vital + Google Cardboard

    Hey there folks. I just recently got Google Cardboard and this doesn't seem to work properly with the ZTE Supreme (Virgin Mobile). The head tracking seems to only work for 2 seconds and the 3d menu system doesn't line up at all. The app also seems to crash quite a bit. I forced GPU rendering and...