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Root MSL Number!


Sep 27, 2014
I have David Dubz's Jellybean variant ROM. And, I've heard, that you cannot get your MSL number with a custom ROM. Wondering if this is true, I tried multiple ways to get my MSL, and they're right. I got what it was supposed to be, 909670, and put it in on ##3282#, and it says "excess SPC number, (then something about phone restarting)." Then, it reboots. I've looked on aLogCat, and didn't find anything, and I've tried MEID converter, and got the number up there, 909670, but it doesn't work. Has anyone gotten their MSL number, and knows how to on a custom ROM? Thanks!!!!

Edit: I also tried with MSL Utility, and got 909670, too. I tried enter it with ##DIAG# and my phone rebooted again. I think that 909670 is my MSL number, but something about having a custom ROM disrupts the hidden menu.


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