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zte warp sequent

  1. D

    Why cant I access my Androids /system folder in windows explorer.

    I have a rooted ZTE Warp and ROM ToolBox on my device. I can access all files in ROM Toolbox but I cant if I connect it to my PC.
  2. D

    Backing up ROMs

    Im trying to backup my android ZTE Warp using gooManager in Rom Installer. I was wondering is this will include every installed app. When I recover to my ROM Id like it to include every apk file ive installed on my phone. When I try to back it up I have to reboot into recovery but theres no...
  3. ladyybugg

    Help ROMS

    I'm a little bit lost here :$ I have the N861. It was with public mobile, although right now its disconnected. I'm looking for ROMS! I prefer cyanogenmod, but of course they don't have one for my phone. All I'm trying to do is put lollipop 5.1 on the phone! Running CWM recovery program!
  4. grouchyhugz

    Help I can't connect to my home wifi

    I have read every thread I can find on these forums and I can't seem to find anything that helps. When I try to connect to my wifi, It goes into this scanning, connecting and disconnecting loop. Then it tells me the network is not in range, then that the connection is disabled 3 or 4 times and...
  5. Z

    Root Need help to find latest custom rom for zte warp sequent

    Whats the latest custom rom for the zte warp sequent? I am running on a 4.1.2 OS now need something better. Please help..
  6. pope15

    Root Color Emojis on Android 4.1.2 Help

    Does anyone know how can we do this using unicode or whatever we need to do this thanks.
  7. pope15

    Root Phone Rebooting Randomly

    Does anyone has this problem? Everything was fine until the last couple days, my phone started to do random reboots when battery is low and when I charge it it would reboot and my battery appear low and then reboot again and battery is in like 65% then stays stuck there and reboots and goes down...
  8. SamizA


    Hello everyone, i own a ZTE n861 (Warp Sequent) . the phone does boot to recovery mode, but keeps getting stuck to Android Front Logo. I've done all the Basic options wiped cache, data and factory reset ect.... but when i REBOOT SYSTEM NOW, it returns and freezes on the Green LOGO. plz help AT...
  9. M

    Root why cant i ffigure out how toroot my zte n861

    ive tried all methods what am i doing wrong? how to root zte n861?>?
  10. K

    Help Notification tone no longer works

    I've had my ZTE Warp Sequent for almost a year now and this has never happened. My phone got turned off while I had it set to silent because I had it in a really tight pocket, and when I turned it back on and put it back on full sound, the text/alert/notification tone would only vibrate. When I...
  11. D

    Help Speaker Phone Volume Only is low

    The volume of my phone when on speaker only is very low and tinny. The zte technician told me to reset the phone. I did but no difference, it's as if it's lacking base. Is there something I can do to get back a normal volume? ZTE WARP sequent phone.
  12. R

    New Update b18?

    I just got a zte warp sequent. Force updated it last night to b11 with root access. After update it, Phone pop up with another ota update to b18. The question I have is if I update it to b18, what is new with the update and would i still have root access.
  13. L

    Root Adding Asynchronous Scripting to a ROM

    For some of the ROMS that don't have init.d support follow this guide. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2711680 And after you've created the init.d folder, You repeat the process just add another code that will now be busybox run-parts /system/etc/init.d2/ Make...
  14. K

    Help N861 Warp Sequent LCD/Digitizer Replacement Quick How To

    I recently replaced this screen for a friend of mine and wanted to share the how to. Hope this helps someone else! Youtube video tl7l_6IzOQg New user status will not allow me to post link but if you search for that vid on you tube you will get the video. James AKA kermit
  15. C

    digitalizer replacement video

    Does anyone have a link to digitalizer replacement video . cause I cant find one
  16. H

    Help Flashing red around the border of the screen

    My zte warp sequent keeps Flashing red around the border of the screen. How do I stop this
  17. D

    Help How do I add otg support to the kernal

    I really need otg support on this phone
  18. K

    Help HELP!! ZTE Warp Sequent turns on with BLACK screen.

    I have had this phone for almost a year now and have never had any problems. Last night the phone decided to go black on me. I tried removing the battery and turning it back on multiple times to no avail. The phone is working, I hear the alerts going off but the screen remains black. I have done...
  19. B

    Help my boost mobile phone is disconnected can i activate it at a local boost store if its rooted

    my boost mobile phone is disconnected can i activate it at a local boost mobile store even though its been rooted
  20. D

    Help So, I somehow actived my disabled # through hidden menu???

    Nvm. Found out what happened. :P
  21. D

    Root [Rom] JellyWiz v1.0

    WARNING! This is a custom ROM. I am not responsible for any damage that this may cause to your device (although I really doubt it will do any harm.) Features: It's based off of SuperR's SuperROM B13, so credits go to him for the Kernel Modifications and pretty much giving me the opportunity to...
  22. hsj777

    Root Warp Sequent bricked situation

    I'm trying to find out how to restore my bricked zte warp sequent. Has anyone successfully unbricked a sequent? I can't get anything to work...not adb, qpst, or anything and the device is stuck in download mode. ZTE diagnostics interface, Qualcomm diagnostics interface, or even as a...
  23. jfoley420

    Root ADB question

    Was wondering if anyvody knows what steps i do to restore adb shell on pc...it opens when i try to run adb shell and then closes immediatly..also if i have phone plugged into usb port on pc and reboot the phone it stays on the bootloader screen... thought it was the cm rom i installed so i went...
  24. Gldrz1

    Root Picasa folder on gallery

    Does anyone know how to delete this annoying Picasa folder from the gallery app? i don't even have a Picasa account, tried to clear the data it did delete it but it came right back really getting in my nerves, thanks
  25. S

    This phone hates me :(

    While transferring files from SD card to phone my stupid phone rebooted and *lost* 300mb of downloads. Is there any way to retrieve them from the nebula or must I re-download?