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zte zmax

  1. dfuse06

    TWRP 3.0.3

    install via twrp. Click on the install image ,find the recovery.img and install it into the recovery. Download link https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=385035244224413295
  2. dfuse06

    Android 7.1.1 in the works

    device tree https://github.com/dfuse06/android_device_zte_draconis https://github.com/dfuse06/android_kernel_zte_draconis https://github.com/dfuse06/android_vendor_zte_draconis
  3. DanC101

    ZTE Zmax2 Unlocked - Mobile Hotspot Doesn't work ?

    I got a AT&T Go Phone and got an unlock code and all seems well until I try to enable the WiFi Hotspot and it appears to try and then errors out. It says: There is a Temporary Network problem that prevents the enablement of the mobile hotspot function, please retry later. Phone is a Z958...
  4. Android News

    T-Mobile ZTE ZMAX gets November security updates

    The ZTE ZMAX released on T-Mobile back in 2014 and runs Android KitKat, but it hasn't stopped receiving security updates. T-Mobile just pushed out the November security updates for the handset.
  5. Relyt2012

    [Unofficial] Cyanogen Mod 12.1

    Welcome to CM12.1 (5.1.1) This is an updated version of @hroark13 cm12.1 I used his github, (Device tree, vendor, kernel) so many thanks to Him! Well to the info now! Be careful, it is on you not me. If something happens to you're phones. Well here is a needed thank you @hroark13...
  6. arkansawdave74

    Root New PAC-ROM 5.1.1 (Unofficial) Zmax Z970

    I completed my 1st port. It seems to be working great and it's a definite improvement on our old PAC. I owe a huge thanks to @hroark13 for the device, vendor, and kernel trees, without which I couldn't have done it. I also owe a huge thanks to @Relyt2012 for showing me what a manifest was...
  7. gerald leach

    Root Zte zmax bootloop on initial powered by Android screen.

    What I am trying to find out if it, by key combinations, be put into fastboot/download mode. Otherwise I'm stuck having tried many different options following too many threads to count. Anybody????
  8. Relyt2012

    Root <Support> ~This is how to fix black screen during call~

    Okay so i have to say it took some thinking and i couldn't have done it without the slimroms google plus page. Look at this As you can see the tempered glass covers the proximity sensor So to fix this i removed my tempered glass and i will e ordering one of these soon As you can tell with this...
  9. desinovak

    Help ZTE Max Duo stuck on power on screen

    My phone won't do anything, it's literally stuck on the power on/off (im not sure which) screen. I've tried googling and all I found was advice for 'boot loops'. it's not stuck in a loop. See, the phone restarts itself at least 4 times a day, and i have no idea why(if anyone has advice there, id...
  10. Turtle Wrangler

    ZTE Max Duo. In-app menu problems.

    Hello! I'm new to this site and only joined just to ask this question. This question will most likely be a life changer for my phone. I have a couple apps the don't have menu options on screen and require the use of an in app menu. I had a ZTE Majesty before I "upgraded" to the ZTE Max Duo and...
  11. t12b25

    Root Cm 13

    Hi everybody . I did read or else I wouldn't . I have another issue I am only getting h+ not that huge of a deal, but my signal constantly drops from 3 or 4 bars to red meaning it completely dropped signal no other phone I have has this issue . Is that all a rom issue or is there a fix to it...
  12. Relyt2012

    Root Buttery_b14_Z970_v3.0

    ~Welcome to Buttery B14~ This is a fully deodexed rom, With support for many tweaks. I have been using Xposed with Gravitybox and so many tweaks for a while now. No issues occurred so I can say it works! Please enjoy and keep your comments clean. If i made a mistake please let me know as you...
  13. SpilledInk

    ZTE Zmax Not Charging Properly

    Recently my phone has not been charging properly. When I plug it up to my charger it will rapidly connects and disconnects from the charger despite still being plugged in. Sometimes I'll get the charger in a good position where it'll charge but in a matter of seconds it starts rapidly...
  14. t12b25

    Root Gaining full root

    Hi everybody I have my zmax on cm 13 I rooted with king root. However I need to gain full root how do I go about doing this? Please help. Thank you. Anthony.
  15. Relyt2012

    Root Best mods

    Hey guys I wanted to ask what everyone's favorite mods are for the zmax Any rom and port mod whatever, I just want to know I am however wondering can we get galaxy edge swipe for this phone? I found something on it before but can't find it again
  16. emofox

    Root Interesting Root Issues?

    Grabbed a used zte Imax from a local store after my last one being stolen. I'm having many issues rooting it that did not have before. Here's what it is. MetroPCS ZTE Zmax 4.4.4 Issues I've had? I've ran kingroot 43 Times (counted) and have not gotten temp root, but I have gotten something...
  17. bfldworker

    Root Finding out what company made which part

    This isn't just for the ZMAX, it is actually for every single phone. Is there a way to find out which company made which part? For example, broadcom made the Bluetooth radio and Nokia made the cellular receiver.
  18. Relyt2012

    Root Question about butternoob

    Alright I'm loving butter noon however I am wondering can I use the b13 modem on butternoob v2 I have the metro PCs z970 (zmax), however I flashed the b06 modem onto it and I can't connect to the 5ghz WiFi band anymore. Any help?
  19. bfldworker

    Root Technical question about radio firmware

    As we all know for you to use a custom ROM on this phone you need to downgrade the radio firmware. That kills off all hope with using LTE band 12. My question is this. Why can't custom Roms use the B13 radio firmware. Is it a line of code with the Roms or does it have to do with the radio...
  20. Xenooooon

    Root Help Needed Unlocking Carrier

    Hello AndroidForums :3 So a couple days ago I moved to Israel, bought a new SIM card from Cellcom but it doesnt work :o Found out that carriers lock their phones.... Most stupid thing in the world.... literately (pun intended ). I found some ways around it for OTHER PHONES, gee gosh Metro, why...
  21. Relyt2012

    Root Whats the best rom?

    Alright I've tried many ROMs so far, my favorite ROM so far is ButterNoob v2 This ROM works by far the best, just make sure you use fotakill.apk and also turn off the system enhancement notification :) Thanks for helping me decide and I recommend this to all
  22. biledigger

    Root Dalvik Turbo

    Does anyone know if Dalvik Turbo would be beneficial for our stock roms or whether or not we already have it or something similar?
  23. Taken Aback

    Root ZTE Z970 ZMAX - Tether/Hotspot killed by OTA b33 and/or b34 Updates? [TMO, Unlocked, Using H2O]

    The subject really says it all. I grabbed my $45 Walmart Family Plan/T-Mobile one last year, and unlocked it for use on H2O. All was well on 4.4.2. for a long time, but I did have some dropouts and 3G downspeeds at times, and thought the VOLTE and Band 12 upgrade might solve things. I didn't...
  24. Relyt2012

    Root Cm13 no lte

    I have a zte zmax z970 metropcs, I then flashed cm13 beta 2. Qfterbthat I was able to actually get LTE however I recommend using broken os 4.9 (6.0.1) just look through the form under (brokenos landfill the oddballs) look draconis :) Other than that I suggest if you must use cm13 reflash it!
  25. bfldworker

    Root Any luck with radios?

    Any luck getting B13 radios working with custom Roms for the MetroPCS ZMAX?