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1 click WiFi broadcasting

... so you want to turn the ethernet connection into 802.11 right? If so, windows vista could do that, I have never tried it with XP or 7 though, but I imagine the technology is still there, especially for 7.

I haven't heard of an app that does that or anything like that, but if you know your way around batch, you could probably configure something to get it working that way, and it'd be one click.

Now, if you just want a wlan that she can use, you could just pick up a consumer AP or wireless router, pretty cheap, easy to use...

Hope that helps a bit.
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Hey, I was just thinking, I know that cisco has a newer line of product, called Cisco Valet or something like that. I think it just plug in a usb and it will auto configure the PC to match up with the included Wireless router. I have never used this device, but I believe that is how it works.

That should meet these requirements.
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