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160+ character Texts not working?


Dec 8, 2009
Hey everyone,

Having an odd problem here. I'm aware of Verizon's limit on text messaging characters but this is odd.

I can send texts going beyond 160 characters but when I receive them, that's when the trouble starts. I'll get the text broken up into 2-3 separate texts, but always followed up by another message stating "Media Objects were removed...". Then, the person sending the text receives a message stating their text may have not been received. This is all between Verizon to Verizon customers.

Anyone know what's going on? or how to fix it? Did not have this problem with other Verizon phones so I'm guessing it's only applying to the Droid/Eris?

I'm using Handcent if that's any help?

did you call Verizon for help? If so, what did they say?

I have not had this problem. If someone sends me a text longer than 160 chars, it splits it up into more than 1 message. However, I have not had problems receiving messages/pictures/etc.

Have you tried uninstalling Handcent and reinstalling?
I also have the same problem as the OP and I'm using handcent. I haven't tried using the default messaging system. I'll try that. I called Verizon on this issue and they said they hadn't heard of it and would call me back if they found anything out after researching it. They also told me they would send out an email to HTC to see if there were any possible solutions.
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